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How to set up their own religion?

May 17 2011

And suddenly one day you will be a vision, and you firmly entrenched in our resolve to establish their own religion and become a spiritual mentor? Here are some tips on how to spread your gospel around the world and to comfort all who suffer. Who knows, maybe five hundred years of your teaching is the most popular on the planet.

First of all, we should remember: you are unlikely to achieve anything, if you go counter to human nature. Of course, religion aims to make people better, or at least lived in anticipation of the Second Coming. Therefore, all people in varying degrees, are already prepared to accept your ideas. The only thing required on your part - to overcome hostility to the scientist-atheists and listen to their advice: it ensures the success of your business.

How to set up their own religion?. 16601.jpeg The congregation as a state, so your main concern should be to strengthen cooperation between the parishioners. In the long run in groups, where development cooperation, there is a distinct advantage to the community of individualists: truants, both actual and potential, becomes smaller. Laziness in some of the human race seems to be in the blood, but you can re-loafers with simple trick.

Firstly, it is better to tell his parishioners about their personal God, not about some abstract higher intelligence. Studies show that people professing belief in "personal" gods tougher judge moral transgressions, which makes them more disciplined. In their understanding of any act immediately entered into the heavenly books, and behind him is always an invisible observer.

Speaking of the observer: it is expedient to provide a symbolic doglyad every parishioner. This implies the "second": take care of certain signals, giving to understand your flock that looked after her. Do not stare unabashedly, no - people do not usually thrilled when constantly felt by someone's opinion. By the way, a secular state understand this principle has long been: do not accidentally denominations imprinted on historical figures who are constantly looking for consumers and merchants. And the U.S. can be seen and the seeing eye, a refinement of a triangle.

Next you need to think about the rituals. Few options: either the bloody rites of Aboriginal or traditional service. In the first case of traumatic experience, of course, leave a lasting impression, but if they are repeated often, people get tired of suffering physically and psychologically and will start to grumble. If you do not overdo, service will contribute to strengthening ties within the community. Therefore, your principle - "rare, but neatly.

The Rites of newcomers, such as practiced by the rebel groups, which ensures the readiness of any member of this group to sacrifice themselves for others - such a force have these rituals.

Here, however, there is one significant "but": this unity automatically transforms those who are not part of a group of enemies. So if your goal is to increase the supporters of your religion, you need to think of a more benign rituals. And remember that the rituals are remembered less abstract, and therefore we must try to rituals were bright. This will be an added advantage of being members of your faith.

In the event that the rite of effort on the psyche (or directly on the body), a person can interpret it as a well-deserved punishment.Since sharing their thoughts about how to justify this senseless terror, seemingly as indecent, the believer in virtue of its nature is to think that the rest feel the same way. Thus, the internal communication among parishioners only get stronger.

To the congregation was not bored, you should give it a relative freedom of thought, avoiding, however, the confluence of dissent. Without some splitters you in any way will not do: they serve, paradoxically, confirms the correctness of your religion. That they do not have a pernicious influence on the most susceptible parishioners, create rituals that are guaranteed to vrezhutsya in memory, but not be associated with injuries - let the believers will feel euphoria. Repeat these rituals should not too often that they do not become boring. Sly scientists say that once a year would be sufficient.

Another option - is to allow a small group of believers have fun in their own way. At this point you tell them no authority. For example, in the Philippines zealous Catholics each year repeats the last day in the life of Christ carrying the cross and crucifying himself on it. Through such "representations" and dissenters will be happy, and the congregation will get bread and circuses.

Keep in mind all these tips will only work if you are ready to take his word for people and sincerely believe in him. This pseudo-cults prey on human gullibility, promising guaranteed salvation during the Day of Judgement and prosperity until his death, and if it works (in particular with regard to welfare), then only in respect of the founders of these sects. But, like all pyramids, one day these sects disappear. A religion that meet the aspirations of inner man will flourish forever. Who knows, maybe five hundred years of your teaching is the most popular on the planet.

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