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The wedding: how, where and how much

May 5 2010

Wedding with festivities and painting in the registry office - a tradition of trouble weight, but what to do - is clear. But the wedding ceremony - not just a beautiful ceremony, a sacrament, and, before you decide, you need to understand that this is a serious thing. all the details will tell you about who can marry and how to organize it, and that the need to wear to church, and who choose the best man.

The wedding - is one of the sacraments, and can only be done over the believers. It is therefore unacceptable to put his future wife an ultimatum: "If you love me, he must get married or try to convince a loved one, that" in the end, it's a very beautiful ceremony, just next to me stand up. " If one spouse against, do not drag him into the church by force.

At the same time, we should not think that the church is crowned with only very pious couple, who never misses a Sunday or holiday service and strictly observe all the fasts. For some, it is the church blessing of marriage may be the first step on the path to faith. In many churches are preparing for the wedding is now offering to pass one or several conversations, read the literature of Christian marriage. All of these can be used to better understand what is happening.

How much does a wedding?

If you come to the temple and see it near the candle box "price list" followed by a fixed amount per sacraments, or requires, it is best to leave this house immediately and find another, of course, if your local one church does not separate from the other distance 500 km.

"Price-lists - it ugly phenomenon that has emerged in the years of persecution against the Church because of the destruction of a healthy parish and community life. Now the Russian Orthodox Church is struggling with "trafficking in spiritual services, but, unfortunately, not always successfully. Donation for the sacrament - the conscience of each, it can not be the same for a couple of students who came to get married in my grandmother's dress and foot, and for those who have spent several thousand dollars just to decorate the cars with flowers and bridal bouquet.

But if you want to during your wedding singing no ordinary parish choir grandmothers, and, for example, a quartet from the conservatory, be prepared for the fact that the singers would be called a specific amount, and it will be justified.

Wedding dress

Bridal dress can be any color. White dresses - the European tradition, which symbolizes purity and chastity of the bride. Russian traditional wedding dress - red sundress.

Of course, the decollete in the church was inappropriate. Arms, shoulders, back and chest bride should be closed. Headgear can serve as a veil covering the face, and a normal shawl, a light and elegant. When selecting veils should pay attention to what is comfortable to wear over her head a crown, will not prevent there any decorations. On too long or fluffy veil should be abandoned - likely singe her candles.

On the face of the bride should not be bright makeup, you should also avoid the fanciful and unnatural colors of nail polish and perfumes with a sharp odor. Both spouses are required a cross.

Wedding Rings

Ring, according to ancient custom, a sign of the possession of power, stamp on the property. Mutual exchange of rings indicates the mutual exchange of rights.From the moment of betrothal the wife shall have the right to dispose of all household and the home of her husband, and her husband - his wife's affairs. The shape of the Rings tells of the combination for eternity.

As in the ring - a circle without end, and the conjugal union must be eternal, nerazryven. The groom in the testimony of his love and willingness to care for future family gives his bride a ring, and she, as a sign of his devotion to her husband and a willingness to accept help from him, his ring one gives to the groom.

There is a tradition that is rarely observed today, but has a deeper meaning. According to her, his wife's ring, which bears the husband should be made of silver, and the ring her husband, who is the wife - of gold. Male - Head, he sun the marriage, the wife - assistant, her symbol - the moon shining with reflected light.

Set for wedding

When you arrive at the temple for the wedding with you will need to have:

1. Certificate of registration of marriage

2. Two Rings

3. Two icons (the Saviour and the Virgin)

4. Two candles (wedding, usually painted)

5. Towel (preferably light)

6. Wine (Cahors)

Immediately before the wedding certificate of registration of marriage will need to pass a candle box, where you will be discharged certificate of the wedding, and the rest refer to the altar for the consecration and preparation for the sacrament. It should be borne in mind that the wedding-towel will stay in the temple, and will be used for church needs. Wedding candles you will keep the house in the holy corner of the icons.

Whom to choose the best man

Require two witnesses, which is also called the best man - they will keep the crowns during the sacrament. Typically, this role newlyweds withdrawn his best friends. But be merciful to them - must take into account their growth and physical endurance. Keep at arm's length a heavy metal crown for quite a long time - no easy task. Once had to watch this picture: petite, fragile bridesmaid growth not higher than five feet, standing on tiptoe, holding in his outstretched hands the crown over a very stalwart bride, still wrapped in high heel shoes.

After the wedding of a poor girl's best man for another week trembling hands and aching muscles. It remains only to thank God that during the wedding ceremony the bride's best friend fainted and not marred by a young festival. But this one might have thought beforehand.

Better if the best man and groom and the bride will be men, as was customary in pre-revolutionary Russia. But this relates to personal preference, mandatory as is the condition that the witnesses should be baptized Orthodox Christians.

Forget about superstitions

During the wedding can happen one or another unpleasant surprise: drop the ring, goes out the candle. All of these incidents enmeshed in many people's superstitions and will: say, unfortunately. Do not listen to all these myths, do not give in, do not let infect themselves with fear and anxiety. You're under grace the Sacraments, under God's protection. And because it does not matter who first set foot on the mat, or whose candle will be shorter. Once you have decided to build a Christian family, the primacy of the Apostle it is already owned by the husband, not the one who was quick.

What to do with gifts

After the wedding the young couple used to stand before the royal doors, and the guests one by one to approach them, congratulate and receives flowers and gifts. About the place for gifts and bouquets also need to think in advance. Charge acceptance of gifts to anyone of your friends or relatives. Let him zapasetsya pair of large cardboard boxes and plastic buckets with water for flowers. Will be convenient if, during greetings young "postmaster" will arise from them on the right and slightly to the side - he will send gifts, and he carefully add them up. When greeting the guests are over, the box with gifts and buckets of flowers can be immediately pick up and carry in the car.

Author: Olga Gumanova


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