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Zyuganov, the Communist Party had buried

October 31 2009

On Saturday, in the Moscow suburb of Moscow passed IV Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. And the delegates and journalists have become accustomed to the protocol nature of such events. But this time, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has decided to break with tradition. And after his speech, many might well kill herself. Of hopelessness and ultimate frustration.

Talked about the fact that Russia is heading to a national catastrophe, "the current model is inefficient and does not meet the needs of the people," but because "the country needs not spell, and a new strategy for modernizing the economy." Of course, keep a consistent struggle for the salvation of Russia "should be exactly the Communist Party because the other political forces," which would have been able to put the country on a new track, "Russia does not and is not expected.

But looking at the enlightened person associates, Gennady Andreyevich did not fail to add in a barrel of honey ideological impressive portion of tar.

"But that does not fall into the trap of illusions, we must honestly and critically assess the situation of the party, its readiness to implement the goals," - said Zyuganov. And away we go.

According to Zyuganov, for the last ten months the party had taken 9,500 people, up from last year nearly 500 people. But absolutely nothing to rejoice, because "despite the rise in admission, the number of parties has decreased by 1,477 people." "This is a very alarming symptom - said Zyuganov. - We have a few years does not overcome this negative trend. The main reason for the decline is still a natural decline associated with the passing away of veterans. In second place - an unhealthy situation in a number of regional offices. There as Voronezh (- 475), Moscow City (- 267), Altai Krai (- 225), Kemerovo (- 223), Krasnodar (- 197) and several others. Altogether it is about 15 regional offices. "

Altogether, as the leader of the party, is not working with youth. First, about the statistics: Member of the CPRF in the age of 30 - 14 thousand (of a total of more than 150 party people), while the number of SCM (the youth organization under the Communist Party) - almost 30 thousand. In other words, it turns out that in the age of most of the members of the Union of Communist Youth totally Komsomol. "That's how we have an average age of party members has not decreased, but increased by one year", - stated the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

To blame, according to Zyuganov, the elderly partfunktsionery. "However, many of our organizations remain" pensioner "in nature, with a number of heads knowingly" freeze "them in order to avoid inflow of young and middle aged people with their own vision of the situation, with their energy and innovative ideas. There was even an expression that justifies the desire to prevent the influx of a lot of new forces: that an attempt is made "raider capture" the party organization. This was often rooted compromise with local authorities, "- fell on his colleagues Zyuganov.

However, the problem size and talent is not just of young people, but the entire party as a whole. For example, never showed himself created in 2005 Institute of party organizers. The main objective of partorganizatora - the creation of primary care in the village, usually distant. According to reports, the number of partorganizatorov increased over that time in half, to 11.5 thousand, and the number of primary cells was reduced by almost a thousand. This is not the case! "- Outraged the speaker.

here also got to nuts "passive" managers "of a number of party organizations, who do not want" to form a reliable reserve, did not contribute to "strengthening the authority of our party" and, in general, grossly violate the bylaws.

Zyuganov called the poor and of the party in the regional legislatures. To date, CPRF deputies has 9,600 people, along with supporters - about 14 thousand people. "However, from 4 thousand seats in the regional bodies of the members of the Communist Party belongs only to the mandate of 391 (9.5%). Even worse position at the local level. Of the 213,000 members of municipal bodies of the members of the Communist Party belongs to only 9,000 seats (4,3%) - do not bode well vote stated Zyuganov.

More - more. In the party organizations are not under constant control over the activities of factions and each deputy Communist, does not give a principled assessment of violations of constitutional and moral standards of individual MPs, which leads to cases of "a direct betrayal of the interests of the party's MPs, elected on the lists of the Communist Party", etc. "Actually, you should check out the reluctance of some comrades to pay partmaksimum. We must ruthlessly expel them from the party, like putting the ambitions and his personal welfare above the interests of the party" - said Zyuganov, citing fear of regional representatives, visualize myself coming conversation with "ideological," sponsored .

Is it any wonder the results of the Communist Party after the last regional elections. The Communists were so upset that the scandal left the plenary meeting of the State Duma, claiming "monstrous" fraud and "stolen vote". As it turns out, neither the CEC nor the regional authorities had nothing to do with it, and blame the Communist Party has only themselves. More precisely, for negligent leaders in the field.

But how will the party come out of this impasse is not very clear. According to Zyuganov, the need to "significantly expand the membership of our allies," "work with the new social strata." "Along with workers, farmers, engineers and technical workers, teachers, doctors, scientists, before the party is not mastered the new social space" - said Zyuganov. In particular, they talked about the so-called "Office plankton" with a "point of view of Lenin's teachings" being nothing more than "office-commercial proletariat", in numbers and social prospects of leaving far behind the industrial proletariat. "This group of workers still fall out of our sphere of influence. Moreover, for its there is some rejection, "- said Zyuganov.

In addition, certain hopes are pinned on "workers' trade and services sectors," dismiss which "bad," "developers, and adjusters of information systems that act as a benchmark for broad segments of society" and also "lumpen proletariat" and others " underclass Items.

All this, of course, is good. But the thing. "It can not satisfy us and the social composition of the party - complaining Zyuganov. - Today in the Communist Party workers - 17 000 (11,3%), farmers - 13,000 (8,5%). Given that the delegates had been placed top priority to work with office plankton and vagabonds, on the worker-peasant representation in the Communist Party put an end. And not only Orthodox.

Arina Semenova

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