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Haunted House

October 31 2008

October 30, the day of memory of victims of political repression, an Orthodox body movement Nashi held a rally at house number 23 on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow, where previously housed the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court, claiming to protect "the memory of the thousands of people dead and sentenced to death within its walls. "

"In early 1930 there was placed the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court. She endured years of sentences. Artists, scientists, soldiers, clergymen, engineers, managers and many others - said in a statement Nashi. - Total Military College has been convicted 47,549 people, of whom shot 31 456 people. Many of these people have been killed here in the basement of this house. At the gate drove cars with doomed. Here, at the door, day and night were relatives of the prisoners, hoping to rescue friends and relatives or at would learn something about them. Another of the house with such a tragic fate, in Moscow there is no "- say the patriots, paying attention to the city authorities on the fate of the house, which" may soon become a shopping and entertainment center, or simply demolished.

According to one of the activists of the Orthodox body movement Nashi Sergei Mikaeva, "these tragic pages of history must not be forgotten. I believe that if we do not remember the mistakes of the past, we are doomed to their inevitable repetition. We must preserve the house, open the museum. Let everyone who walks past stops and honor the memory of those who never came out of these walls. Let descendants know and remember, "he said.

Meanwhile, the history of this house is shrouded in a truly mystical mystery. To which, however, put his hand quite real people.

October 3, 2007 workers, to renovate buildings "Sheremetevsky monastery on Nikolskaya Street discovered during the deepening of the basement houses the remains of number 8 34 people. Near the ground was found a pistol.

Of course, that news agencies have been quick to link these two facts, and broadcast messages flew the remains with gunshot wounds. After a day representative of the Investigative Division of the Investigation Committee under the Russian Prosecutor's Office in Moscow said that the preliminary Legal Medicine No signs of violent death, especially with a firearm, the remains of those same 34 people did not find.

But who in will renounce untwisting sensational themes. And to "investigate" human rights experts have joined the Memorial Society and their friendly media.

The radio station Ekho Moskvy reported that "they were all shot in the head, and, at close range, and hunt for sensations edition serves this message as a fait accompli:" ... Judging from the characteristic holes in the skull, discovered one of the so-called shootings rooms of the NKVD, which in mid-1930's shot of the repressed "- write" Izvestia ".

Officer Memorial Nikita Petrov says that the 30-ies of more "typical massive repression and a kind of technology is buried in suburban area or cremation at the cemetery of the Don", but does not rule out that the "sporadic burrowing right there and then could be" and surely it is not the only place in Moscow, where more will be discovered victims of Soviet totalitarianism. "

Chairman Memorial Arseny Roginsky goes further and discloses before public terrible secrets Stalinist casemates.According to him, in this very house number 8, where the bones were found, located spetsvoysk political department of the NKVD, and in the building across the street (in the house N 23) was the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR, where the sentences imposed "enemies of the people." Moreover, the main focus of terror - the NKVD building on Lubyanka Square - from the monastery Sheremetevsky separates a few hundred yards, and he kept the evidence that the Military Collegium and the building on Lubyanka Square were joined by a tunnel, to ensure the smooth flow of "Public Enemies" from space " Corollary "to the point" of the court. "

"Rumors that the sentences are executed somewhere in the middle, went to Moscow a long time. - Now we've got their confirmation," - said Arseny Roginsky. With reference to certain unidentified persons told that the brick vaults are traces of bullets that were shot. In this case, killed, of course, not only in the basement - the flow of casualties was so enormous that we had to use the ancient cellars of other nearby houses, declared human rights. Granted a snack slaughter numbers: for two years - from 1936 to 1938, the Military Collegium made more than thirty thousand death sentences. In general, the circle.

But it was only the first act of the play acted out. In the "Memorial" believe "this is a terrible place" should not be forgotten. And therefore you must pass this building human rights defenders who are ready at their own expense to turn it into a museum. Problem only that y building there owner - in 2004 mansion at Nikolskaya, 23 was bought LLC Prominstrument "- subsidiary structure Bank Moscow. After the reconstruction it is planned to accommodate entertainment complex.

Human rights activists have appealed to that suit dancing on the bones, have fun in the basement, where thousands of innocent people were shot - a crime against their own consciences and all mankind together. Something unexpected Heritage Committee, assigning the status of the mansion once again identified the object of cultural heritage. But human rights activists want a mansion, not cultural heritage with a sign.

And nobody paid attention to the words of real, not imaginary experts: "The age of the remains of several dozen people, discovered a month ago when reconstructing" Sheremetevsky monastery in the center of Moscow, more than 100 years. This is the head of the investigative department of the Tver district of Moscow, the Investigative Committee under the Russian Prosecutor Sergei Buluchevsky. "How to install examination, age of the remains of more than 100 years, ie they belong to the XIX and XVIII century - said Buluchevsky. - How to install the experts, they belong to 74 adults and 9 teenagers and children. It is likely that there could be one of the graveyards, or they were buried during the famine or pestilence. "

So in dry residue obtain following. Workers found at home № 8 certain human remains and pistol. Media speculate that killed them from this very pistol. Human rights activists will synchronize it with the events of 30-ies of XX-th century on the grounds that in the aforesaid house of the political department spetsvoysk NKVD, and then point to the presence near the house number 23, which has a military board of the USSR Armed Forces, allegedly connected by underground corridors with cellars of Lubyanka. At the same time about the house number 8, all have well forgotten and the citadel of evil moves in house number 23, around which begins an information war.

Arina Semenova


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