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Zhiropen, impotence, and party building

October 31 2006

October 28 in Moscow, through the merger of the Party of Life, Party of Pensioners and Rodina was created a new party - "Fair Russia" . His opinion of the triple alliance, called the people "Zhiropnyami," the site "Yoki.Ru" shared Duma deputy, secretary of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin. Communist emphasized that Putin, Mironov and Gryzlov - it's all one team, which divides each administrative resource. But the most bright, brazen and smell the money, according to the MP, be sure to try to cross in Zhiropen as this - a new feeder with all the attendant opportunities.

- Valery Fedorovich, afraid that the "Fair Russia" will compete with the Communists?

- What they want - that's their business. To work something on the left field since 1991, was very much interested. All of them reveal their true face is literally half a year. Party Mironov - one of them. I think that this union will show itself in all its glory in a month - as soon begins to register regional offices.

The project is absolutely the Kremlin. The Kremlin does not sleep and think how in the next elections to the Duma to move the CPRF and get on the field of the Communist Party. But they still will not work. It is excluded. The people have already eaten and drunk and the old left and the new left. These spikes have long been in the icy conditions did not hold.

New Education was created in the Kremlin. They are there for the money get to create. But the real opposition party, as time has shown, it is - the Communist Party. And it is not removed from the consciousness of the population. Communist Party - a clear, unambiguous, software.

Mironov is the right hand of Putin, Gryzlov, a left-handed Putin. Or conversely, that, in principle, it does not matter. These are the hands of the same person, and among themselves they are not enforced. For them, the ring is another contender - the Communist Party. Therefore, opposition to the new association - is a real bluff.

"Zhiropen, it is zhiropen. (Life, Rodina, pensioners - Ed.) As soon as its leaders publish their income and show their property, once all becomes clear. A Mironov should publish a list of laws, for which he personally voted, including the Labour Code and the infamous 122-th law. That's when everything will fall into place. In words, he has one, but in reality it is a consistent representative of the team "United Russia".

Administrative resource alone. Only now, it will divide the two parties. How they will share it - absolutely no value. All the same.

I quote from the poet's work of one of Krasnodar, which is very clearly described the fight against such parties as the "United Russia" and Zhiropen: "Often thick on a pile of manure, where the bushes grass, grass, take Fighting poses two warring beings. At each other they are approaching not to butt, so bite strive, and kopnesh there head and ass, the same worm. Here on this pile of manure is the same worm that bites ass, then crown. Very similar to "ER" and Zhiropen.

- Gennady Zyuganov, at a press conference offered exile Mironov Kolyma as dangerous for the country of the subject. In response, the speaker Sovfeda very sarcastically responded - said that "obviously, the nerves pass from Gennady Andreyevich, when he realizes what a great power is born."

- You know, for some genera Mironov already too old. In this environment, an impotent party headed by him will not be born. The Federation Council - the person he is, but if from under his chair to dislodge it, apart from an unshaven face nothing left. And he will forget in six months.

there is no real party builder, has never been and never can be. He was not given to engage in party-building. He did not even know what it is. While he was working in the field of construction of the Kremlin. As for the links to the Kolyma, it already had its "reference" in Lipetsk. But for some reason he deceived voters and ran away. If they send it to the Kolyma, he too would run away, when this power. But when other power it may be there and was caught on a number of years. I hope so.

- Speaking of Mironov and his party, Gennady Andreyevich also noted that "at Sverdlovschine almost the whole list - uralmashevskoy members of a criminal gang" and the like as it turns out that the head Sovfeda - their leader. That is the party Mironov - criminal?

- I'm going to deal with this issue in more detail. He told me very interesting. I think that if we solve this issue, it's still in the state will bring some elementary order about bribes, corruption and crime.

I work a lot on the "United Russia" on its members, who have fallen in corruption scandals. We must remember that the trend went rushes from the "United Russia" in Zhiropen. I think I've got statistics about the party functionaries Mironov. I will definitely zadamsya such purpose - to collect statistics and prove who is who among the "zhiropney. I am sure that there use the same corrupt machinery, that in the "United Russia".

While I have not conducted the analysis, but do not rule out that the new Kremlin party can be far more criminalized than the old. The most outspoken criminal elements may well go over there. It is clear that the budget trough becomes less and less. It is fairly carried off, since 1991. Yes, and they can not all this trough and slurp seize! Here's someone from the approximate and not enough. But when a new party in power, which has administrative roof, people are beginning to quickly run there.

The new trough are always very quick. And the most nimble - are those who intuitively feel which can be more profit. Yes, and for a longer time, as the party is on its feet and can be much more in time. Including plundered property and budget. So, the most active and bold, of course, try to cross straight into Zhiropen.


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