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Face Zvereva, or "girls do not quarrel"

August 31 2007

Internet polls are becoming more popular not only among regular users of the web. According to Internet audience listened to politicians and political strategists at the highest level. Leader in the development of new election technology has become the party "Union of Right Forces, which forms its list of candidates for deputies of the Duma with the help of surveys on the Internet.

Initiated by the SPS leader Nikita Belykh the July poll , "Choose the first three of the" Union of Right Forces , done a lot of noise. You bet! Supported by the heads of regional branches of the party, Boris Nemtsov, not even close to getting to the top three. But the leaders decided on a vote immediately. These were Nikita White , daughter of the famous reformer Yegor Gaidar, Maria and independent State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov.

Independence of the latter, forcing Mr. Ryzhkov rush between the parties (the opposition coalition The Other Russia to ATP), do not inspire confidence in members of the federal political council of SPS. However, White himself was not too happy next to a controversial MP. But Maria Gaidar, everything turned out much harder. Do not miss the opportunity to throw mud at Masha regular internet killer Mikhail Tulsky, questioned the authenticity of the paternity of Yegor Gaidar and spoke about the difficult fate of the girl during her exile in Bolivia. "Her family was not rich. Masha is earned, including those that baked and sold cakes. A father at the time was Russia's prime minister, but for help from him had a dream," he writes.

Against the presence of Masha in the list of spoken and the head of the electoral headquarters of the ATP Anton tanks, put that name? the question bluntly: either I, or she is. "I have no complaints about Mary, but it's the same age as my daughter, and she has enough merit, besides the well-known names of the father to enter the top three, which should emerge from the influential people that can bring voice" - he said.

As a result, proposed a compromise: Boris Nemtsov, takes its rightful place in the top three, and the company he and Nikita Belykh were women. "SPS is not to blame in the male conceit. Since the inception of the party we had Irina Hakamada. So we Nikita (SPS leader N. White - approx. Aut.) Want to see the current" troika ", which has not yet been formed, was woman, "- said Boris Nemtsov , without specifying, however, about whom it is talking about. SPS leader Nikita White, in turn, spoke about what his party considers it possible to support and lobby for gender equality law and acts "against the quota of women in politics." "I believe that women in these parliamentary elections, yet manifest themselves. At the elections in several regions of the female lead in the ATP lists and pass to the authorities without quotas," - he added, also did not specify whom he actually has in mind.

The final decision on the "unknown woman" in the top three "right" would be taken after tabulation. According to Boris Nemtsov, a decision "to seek a compromise that will suit all." After the intra-party primaries in the short list of candidates included economist Irina Yassin, leader of the youth movement, "Yes," Maria Gaidar, director and screenwriter Dunya Smirnova. But in this case, it was obvious that neither Maria Gaidar, Irina nor Yassin did not know the electorate. Nevertheless, it seems that the "compromise" is still found.

Magic wand, as usual, was the Internet.a href = "" target = "_blank"> poll posted in one of the most famous political community "ru_politics", brought sensational results. As candidates have been suggested:

- Regina Dubovitskaya - Star TV, is able to increase the popularity of ATP among connoisseurs of humor;
- Oksana Robski - the famous writer, which promotes a mass values of capitalism;
- Dana Borisova - Star TV, an expert in the field of military reform;
- Ksenia Sobchak - a star, a symbol of the continuation of liberal reforms;
- Sergey Zverev - compromise figure with the slogan "girls do not quarrel."

Robsky, Borisova Sobchak and somehow did not cause sympathy from fans of ATP, so serious struggle broke out between Regina and Dubovitskaya stylist Sergei Zverev. Long time rivals were, as one of the votes, "head to head", but "compromise" eventually prevailed. Bursting forth, the famous stylist has not missed a leadership and (at the time of publication of the material) scored 46.9% of the vote against 21.9% at the host of "Full House, a full house."

"Voted Zvereva. If you choose" the muzzle, then let it be so, goat - in the hearts exclaims a prominent liberal journalist Rima Pole. - The ATP has a lot of women - members of the major parties and candidates who do not have a party or anything almost nothing in common, or just Cute attractive face on the poster - ashamed to offer. " But apparently, it is at this reaction and calculate the "right" - a man whose popularity rating is much higher than the same Belykh, which is able to attract additional voters, will not cause a split in the party and, most importantly, meets the approved ATP to the principles of gender equality. At least in the eyes of voters.

Arina Semenova


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