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High Court has crept unnoticed

August 31 2006

The new political season starts early. Yet all the Russian establishment is packed holiday suitcases on the return trip from Antalya to the Caribbean and the Seychelles, and in the capital-mother, not waiting for September, already in full zaburlil this information maelstrom. Every day, the news a downhole another. This update, in fact, not propaganda dishes ever known. But the sharp little sauce, with a noticeable touch of kosher. Greetings from Leonid B. Nevzlin from the shores of Sinai?

Summarizing the events of recent days in August. Trinity Nedoroslev, having read the nationalist fantasies, homemade bombs sent to the light ten alien aliens on the Cherkizovsky market. Conclusion - the anti-people regime condones the growth of xenophobic sentiments among the youth.

"Rodinets" Saveliev, pundit, publicly disagreed with the conclusions of the parliamentary investigation into the Beslan tragedy. Conclusion - government ignores the criminal intent FSB generals, provoked massive loss of child hostages.

And finally, the deputy head of presidential administration Surkov, VY has committed an unprecedented crime, expressing support for the party a parliamentary majority. Two respected jurist, Professor Helen Lukyanov and lawyer Vadim Prokhorov General Prosecutor Chaika questioning it - is it really Surkov, "used in the past or is going to use in the future benefits of its official status for Russian political party" United Russia "? If the prosecutor's check will reveal that use of official powers in this way in those same powers of this officer is not included, bring a criminal case against him on four articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. What the prosecutors did not consider the administration of President imperious authority? The message is clear - this is not a democratic country.

For the answer, someone on a hand shake this political atmosphere, one of their prodyussiruet, walking away is not necessary. It is no secret that Nevzlin particular relevance to Vladislav Surkov, whom he considers the source of all their misfortunes. But the last move indication of the total disaster of powerlessness. And yet - a pale creative weakness. Not too long masters of jurisprudence qualified "conduct" - a statement Surkov without five days for two months. Going with the spirit? Okay - Prokhorov, if someone does not know, he was the lawyer of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. For a fee, therefore, have Nevzlin. But why was vysokoostepenennuyu Communist Lukyanov substitute? "The pace of principles" which was worth it ... or Nevzlin?

Accusation absurd. "United Russia" ruling party. With the same success can be blamed for our overseas "teachers" of democracy that the ministerial office there planted the Republicans, and angry as to why George Bush does not prepare his successor Democrat.

In Nevzlin state to put it mildly, nervously. September fly by quickly, and in October, brought him before the Supreme Court justice in Israel. If the High Court determines that Nevzlin had concealed the fact of calling in for questioning to the Prosecutor General of Russia and fled Russia as a person involved in the criminal case, the revocation of his rapidly acquired Israeli citizenship is likely. Will not help any context, his patron Natan Sharansky, no more than the generous sponsorship of the Museum of Jewish Diaspora, which this cartridge as the Minister responsible. And somersault tycoon on the run could end extradition to his homeland is unhistorical. With a very serious prospect of a lifetime his release. As the customer a series of contract killings. Once this qualification Nevzlin in absentia sentence inscribed in a criminal group of performers, headed by Aleksei Pichugin, the executor of the deceased in the bankruptcy of Yukos markedly diminished former bravado persecuted for righteousness' sake. More accurate to say that it disappeared altogether, and began a feverish throwing.

it actually achieves Nevzlin? The first and foremost to soften the High Court of Justice - look, what they are doing these goyim! In Russia, the rampant terror, the supreme power is hiding from the people of their bloody crimes against humanity that violates democratic values and permissiveness indulges policymakers. And is such a country you want to give a true Jew?!

It seems a little more, and controlled by Mr. fugitive media, we read, as the Kremlin kitchen grill Jewish babies.

Michael Ascension


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