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Call into the unknown

July 31 2009

Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov says that at least the last two weeks after it was carried out secret surveillance. The reason for such a statement was found under the bottom of his "Range Rover" mobile navigator, which determines the location of the car. However, neither the Moscow police nor the emergency call were unable to confirm the information available to them in this day calls of this kind.

The incident happened on Sunday evening on Malaya Ordynka. Nemtsov was visiting when he phoned the driver and said that he found primotanny taped to the underside of the car roll. Believing that the car can be mined, Nemtsov asked for help from law enforcement agencies, whose employees and dismantled a foreign object, in fact, turned out to mobile phones connected to the service, one of the operators to track the movements of the subscriber.

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As explained himself Nemtsov on Radio Liberty, a charger, which supplies power navigator, was there for two weeks at least "(The battery was almost exhausted, and it is charged enough for about such a term). According to the opposition, in his many years of political activity "is the first time that followed his car, and not for himself.

Do not really understand the meaning of what is happening and bloggers, noting that the "navigator" made from the phone not only the most primitive and least expensive option, but useless, because the positioning of the object using the phone is done with very high accuracy (up to hundreds of meters) and more accurate information can be obtained only with the presence of three bearing units in the radius of the cell, which is unlikely because of complexity of the process. The general opinion - this is a provocation. But whose? "Special Services, whose employees have decided therefore to save on more expensive equipment? Competitors, have arranged a psychological campaign in style at this point could be a bomb? Or the same Nemtsov, who decided to just such a simple way to raise interest in his own person?

The version with "crossbow" was a legitimate right to exist after it became known about the reaction to the incident by the Moscow police. According to the duty officer of the Department of Information Internal Affairs of Moscow Anatoly Lastavetski, he picked up all the reports in recent days, but the mention of this incident have not found anywhere else. "All calls that pass through the duty of the police department, - captured and executed, - he said.

Boris Nemtsov himself, however, said that calling from a mobile call to the number of emergency services, whose employees have themselves called the police. It is true that's exactly where he called himself the Germans had not exactly remember. In an interview Nemtsov spoke about the number "112". But the politician told us other information:

- We called on the phone to the duty part of 911. And they have themselves caused the police. Policemen arrive, they see that they themselves can not cope, causing engineers - said onn previously consulted with the driver.

However, neither in Moscow rescue service (short number 0911) or in MES (112) personal history with calling the police to Malaya Ordynka in connection with possible mining machines do not know.

- I looked at our database - and that record is not found, - the duty editor of the Moscow rescue service.- I have worked on Sunday and I do not remember such a case, although had to pay attention if he was. Perhaps the call was forwarded to the MOE, "he said.

In the MOE also could not recall anything like this, but refused to raise the record, citing their privacy. However, as explained by Anatoly Lastovetsky, even if the initial call was made in the service of emergency assistance, then they are in any case should call the city's duty unit or connect with the regional Department of Internal Affairs. In any case, the police representative explained, "was supposed to be a report, a summary of such occurrence," especially when "we are talking about a public person." However, he said it uncertainly. And later became clear reason unspoken doubts.

- Why do I have to tell you this information? - Very disobligingly asked the duty officer police department Zamoskvorechie "in response to a request to confirm or disprove the fact of departure police patrol in Malaya Ordynka. - Many want to know. No-em, girl, do not we drive around the fingers. We have privacy and so on. Information for each paid money - explain the principles of cooperation the police and the media law enforcement officer who introduced himself as Ivan. But he soon relented: "It's on Nemtsov what? Whom a car allegedly phone some planted do not know. I do not know, honestly. If we are at Petrovka do not know, but what they do not want to talk to you ... So I can not say anything ... I do not know, do not try me "- begged a policeman.

Circle. Boris Nemtsov, explains this paradox of a poor performance of the police, which "does not know where they go and why", or the fact that law enforcement officers "do not want to tell the truth." In the Moscow police to make any assumptions refused, explaining that only have facts and figures. "Now is not the time, so we can something to conceal, harbor. That, at least, it's silly, because sometimes the media everyone will know before us. However, this case is not recorded in reports of police", - said Anatoly Lastovetsky.

Olga Nekrasova

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