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By Swiss poisoned Russian vodka?

January 31 2007

Former President of the European Court of Human Rights, Luzius Wildhaber Swiss judge may be one of the heroes of the book "Guinness World Records as the person suffering the longest hangover. Nearly three months Honourable elder was in nirvana, noting his retirement, then made a sensational statement.

October 18 uncompromising fighter for the rights of homosexuals in Russia in connection with the achievement of the age of 70 was forced to cede the presidency of the European Court of Human Rights, his colleague, the French judge Jean-Paul Costa. Speaking on Radio Ekho Moskvy, October 28, 2006, Mr. Wildhaber all my thoughts were already retired. "I had already reached old age, and it was understood that after a certain age should have to resign - he says. - I will teach, write and communicate more with their children and grandchildren, playing the piano and rock climbing do. Of course, much will ride . I have always regarded with great curiosity to everything, wanted to learn as much as possible, none of this will not change. Will I have to deal with judicial career or not, it will depend on whether I will appoint an arbitration tribunal or not. " In the arbitration court of human rights defender is not appointed, and he could not stand the agony of seclusion, a week after the resignation told newspaper NZZ am Sonntag on how miraculously survived after a visit to friendly Russia.

According to the Swiss defender, he tried to poison him. And, as suggested by an innocent victim, poisoned his Putin personally. Narrating the attempts to pressure and blackmail on the part of President Vladimir Putin, Wildhaber even thought about, to appeal to the prosecutor, "but decided that it is futile. Apparently, the Swiss had been poisoned by some hard drugs because he was very pleased with visit to Russia and, according to Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Russia Valery Zorkin personally send off the European guest, upon arrival to his home sent his Russian friend Zorkin letter of thanks.

However, three months later, Mr. Wildhaber decided it was time to tell the truth. Of course, some truth in the words of a former judge, is. How can greet and escort its guests in Russia - they know everything. It is possible that a human rights activist and became another victim of Russian cordiality. But, as often happens in such situations, has not calculated the dose taken at the chest of hospitality.

It tells Luzius Wildhaber, on arrival in Basle, he felt so bad that he was forced to go to the hospital. Honour argues that the Basel hospital had revealed a blood infection, the nature of which at that time was not detected. Well, the Russian drug experts admit the possibility that their European counterparts, when confronted with alcohol toxicity, often do not realize that a person can own drink so much alcohol. Of course, in order not to compromise the distinguished judge, decided to keep silent about the incident, and the test results destroyed. Any other versions, especially when it comes to suspected poisoning of unknown substance, has no right to exist.

The fact is that just at the moment when Luzius Wildhaber treatment took place in Basel hospital became aware of the poisoning in London of former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko. Panic of detection in public places traces of polonium have covered not only Britain but also all European countries. It is unlikely that all residents of Switzerland, including a former judge were not aware of "polonium" stories to cover this sensational fact. Unless, of course, doctors of the hospital were not undercover agents of the FSB, hiding from Mr. Wildhaber the true cause of his ailment. Yes, and Wildhaber was to compare his poor health with the London incidentBut he, for some reason, did not come to his great idea to become the second Litvinenko.

Apparently, after a history with an apparent poisoning bad propiarilsya Yegor Gaidar, and the widow of Alexander Litvinenko, a couple with a friend of her late husband Alexander Goldfarb has already managed to sell the rights to yet unwritten book about the death of a Hollywood spy movie company, a former judge could easily offer their services of a publishing firm. As a rule of retirements by senior officials specialize in memoirs, but only a few of them succeed. So the role of a miracle survivor of the victim of Russian special services may generate interest in the person of former judges and, consequently, raise the circulation of the future bestseller. What, Mr Wildhaber, and would like to wish good luck!

Igor Kulagin


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