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Deputy Kuryanovich promised to deal with unscrupulous assistants

January 31 2007

The story of petty provocation , which attempted to inflict Assistant State Duma deputy Nikolai Kuryanovich, received its license - a parliamentarian in an interview denied made ostensibly on behalf of the application and promised to "deal" with the actions of their subordinates.

Recall that the conflict arose after published comments Nikolai Kuryanovich up last January 28 in Moscow rally against political repression. However, one of the episodes , which drew the attention has caused negative reactions from the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and its leader, Alexander Potkina (Belova). In particular, they talked about that kordinator DPNI left the meeting before its end. As a result, several protesters were detained by police.

Nikolai Kuryanovich, giving his assessment of this episode, did not dwell on the personalities, noting that "at the event, organizers must stay until the end and see that none of the crowd was not snatched away, as it was for the" Russian march. "And they should perform not only a purely public relations and promotional functions, but including, and conservative. And to save their skins, people screwed, and then escape from the rally - it's not our way, "- said in a telephone interview Nikolai Kuryanovich, noting that if" if you spotted him (the leader of Movement Against Illegal Immigration. - Note . ed.) earlier compared to other organizers, leaving the rally, then gave him a reprimand subordinated to you by the media. Give the public outrage and condemnation. "

However, it soon appeared on the site DPNI statement, stating that there are a number of media who aim to defame DPNI and all rights movement in general. Then, on the official site Kuryanovich published a statement allegedly already very Kuryanovich, in which he expressed solidarity with the position of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and denied his words earlier. The next day, on behalf of the State Duma deputy has been extended a further statement, which recognizes the existence of the interview (do not admit it was impossible, since it was published audizapis conversation with a reporter MP), but argued that "Kuryanovich not give any comments from the journalist This journalist by deception (introduced journalists from other media - CNN) interviewed the deputy. "

We decided not to rely on the authenticity of questionable comments on the official website of the State Duma Deputy and asked for explanations from Nicholas himself Kuryanovich. It turned out that Nikolai not only does not make claims to the information posted on this site, but has no idea about their statements posted on its same site.

- I'm not offended. What tweak? The fact that you as journalists, you can make its public reprimand. I remember that. Express public criticism in relation to the speakers - to all participants, including me, if you have any claims. I said that I would not give any estimates on this subject. Let the journalists themselves look and draw conclusions.

I am fundamentally opposed to engage in petty squabbles, convictions, because it is objectively brings discord into our common work, and undermines our ranks, so why would our political opponents.

- We just did not quite understand, what have proved to be "Herald"?

- "CNN". They, too, I have interviewed, or so it seemed to me - I did not hear. Pro Yockey.y "I did hear that there is such a young site, but remotely. I did not understand a bit, I thought this" CNN ", and then you say" Yoki.Ru. "Well, I've decided that you work and a friendly exchange of information . Let's take it a misunderstanding. I did not hear the little that is "Yoki.Ru.

- Then we did write that it was a misunderstanding.

- Yes! I am as previously said, so now I repeat that you are free to have there own - and public opinion, and journalists-reporters give their interpretation. Notice who is there before had gone, who's like standing sideways or face to the people.

- The same, in principle, it does not matter, as long as we denounce the information!

- Yes, of course!

- The incident has been exhausted?

- Yes, of course! We are for a constructive dialogue, rather than to search for some incidents. That we absolutely do not need.

- And you have read?

- Naturally! Sometimes he read, and it happens that my assistants from the computer caught, watch, and decanted to information dissect.

- It happens that sometimes the helpers themselves are activated ...

- You've always directly call. And there will be misunderstandings. You see, it happens that people are sensitive to the kind of nuances. I'm not a supporter to dwell on it. We must see the point.

- This story became rather strange. We were surprised that at first appeared the material that you do not give such a comment.

- This is where is it?

- On your personal site!

- Yes, there are pads. The fact that I am now far away - not in Moscow. Now I'll deal with assistants. Let so. We assume that the incident is over. Now I'll call and say that they gave other information. Understand and have done. And in the future in every way we try to avoid such overlap.

Dot the i, Nikolai Kuryanovich shared with the correspondent plans for the future. Thus, according to deputies. soon will be a presentation of his book "The MP, who was not expected." "There will be my speeches, articles, interviews, as voted and my records on request. It has not yet been printed, only to be released. There will be a presentation and then we extend it to everyone, including journalists," - said Nikolai Kuryanovich.

Thus, the conflict seemed to be exhausted, but there are substantial grounds for believing that such acts of provocation on the part of some representatives of the opposition movement will continue. If you're a State Duma deputy assistants, into the hands of unscrupulous pseudo, secretly from his head, make on behalf of the deputy hasty and frankly false statements. What is the basis of these provocations: lack of professionalism, a desire to earn some money on the implementation of the "left" the order, or conscious efforts to discredit the State Duma deputies? This has yet to understand.


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