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Year of the Pig: What Dreams May Come?

December 30 2006

In the New Year all dream of miracles. Hopefully, with the latest, 12th hour strike will begin a new life in which there would be no upsets, and all the wishes and aspirations will come true. For children this state of affairs - a fact immutable and not impeachable. Adults in this respect are more skeptical and understand that all miracles have a price list, without which, alas, nothing happens. Still, the most notorious policy no-no, but allow yourself to mark the fact that all of them will be good.

What policies can dream New Year's Eve? Of course, their personal success or the success of their political parties, which have to be to get their quota of seats in the State Duma of Russia. And any changes in legislation, a fivefold increase in the minimum rate of the number of political groupings claiming to represent the views of all people, did not affect the willingness of some individuals play in the electoral field. And now more and more party members, leering glances at his beckoning soft light windows of the building at Hunter's Row, with new forces to the attack of the Ministry of Justice. Someone already lucky - they were re-qualifying round and begin to prepare for major battles in December 2007. On the other its luck, but also those set up in a militant, in unison chanting "Justice for soap. Others still are preparing to join the fight and did not hesitate to failures of rivals, hoping that they have more luck.

Frankly, those who do survive until January 1, 2007, very lucky. Oh, how something so happens that the last months of the year stood out yield on the human tragedy. There was no war, no other major conflicts, just when someone decided that the value of human life is measured by its usefulness in the implementation of these goals. That and the death of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and the former Russian secret service officer Alexander Litvinenko was not so much a tragedy as yet another excuse for political action.

"Black" turned out this year and for those who are called dictators. But is that the former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet, accused "a crime against humanity, and financial fraud," has died without help - he died on December 10 in a military hospital in Santiago on 92 th year of life. The death of Slobodan Milosevic and the same Saparmurat Niyazov does not seem quite so harmless.

Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was found dead in his prison cell Hague Tribunal March 11, 2006. And although the medical commission confirmed that Mr Milosevic died of natural causes, his sudden death has given rise to rumors of a violent death of Yugoslav president. Especially since the demise of the dictator and war criminal "came after he began to show strong desire to travel for treatment in Moscow.

No less enigmatic looks and the death of Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov. Niyazov was 66 years, he served as president of the republic since 1990 and nothing presaged tragedy. Nevertheless, 21 December, Turkmenbashi sudden cardiac arrest, and after a few days it became clear that the death of Niyazov, Turkmenistan, or rather its fuel resources, are a tasty morsel for the few world powers that had long been dreaming to move Russia from Turkmenistan


And finally, the execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was hanged this morning in Baghdad on charges of killing 148 Shiite residents of the village of Dujail in 1982. As predicted by Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, who considers the sentence passed on Saddam measure "fully adequate", but of late, "a court's decision has caused mixed feelings in the world."And in the first place, followed by a mixed reaction from Russia. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry execution of Saddam Hussein could lead to increasing political and military situation in Iraq, the growth of ethnic and religious tensions. Visitors to Russian Internet forums more relaxed in terms: "A man killed

less than a reform of Gaidar and his hung ... I suggest everyone who does not put up with the global domination of American new order to come today to the Embassy of Iraq and put a fence flowers in memory of Saddam, and to show those pigs that we do not recognize the puppet government ...".

But, no matter how tragic was the outgoing year, no one wants to carry his black page in the coming. So that politicians, despite their ideological multi-directional, nothing human is alien. Leader of the Democratic Party of Russia Andrei Bogdanov, for example, is not going to retreat from a longstanding tradition: "31 th we are heading into the nearby forest and violating the law on cutting down trees ... the chimes we open the champagne, but at 6 am All men are fish. But the State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein more law-abiding. According to "Elektorat.Info" because around his village to cut down a Christmas tree - is a crime, the deputy limited to artificial beauty.

In general, however, celebrating the feast of the New Year away from the bustle of the city has become a tradition. One of the leaders of the People's Democratic Union, Ivan Starikov, although it has long been located in the repertoire of leading Russian politicians, do not forget about their peasant past. And so the holiday will meet in the village, in the bath, where does it go with their friends-hockey players. Ivan Starikov already prepared and gifts: each of the friends of Ivan V. give the living pig. "Piglet - it's very good-natured ungulate. I love Ukraine, and we can say that the next year of the pig will be the year of Ukraine, as a pig - it is a religious animal for lard," - said he wrote "Elektorat.Info.

Yes there peasant Starikov, when one of the most glamorous figures in Russian politics, Boris Nemtsov, who prefer luxury vacations abroad his small home - Sochi. "In Courchevel, too, do not go, because I believe that this matter" - he explained. And Boris Nemtsov loves to celebrate New Year in some of the Russian cities. "Last year was new in Krasnoyarsk, the year before - in Norilsk, is now going to Sochi, the following may be a meeting in Vladivostok," - said Nemtsov, but did not seem to tempt fate and anticipate the New Year, for example, in Krasnokamensk.

It is said that both celebrate the New Year, so it and spend. Someone found him in company with salad "Olivier", someone like a professional revolutionary and visionary Eduard Limonov, a meditation on the fate of the "Other Russia" and plans to transform the office of the Federal Security Service on Lubyanka Square in a tenement house, and somebody just have to get away with a tree from foresters. But it will take two weeks, will end a magical series of fairy tales, a popular holiday hangover is over and everything will return to business as usual. Even Santa Claus, an exciting New Year's Eve offices opposition media, there are only in the imagination of those who have made an imaginary policy of his profession. And in the tale, as you know, adults believe only once a year. Happy holiday "

Igor Kulagin


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