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International terrorists destroyed in Moscow militia Mironov

November 30 2006

November 18 in Moscow on Leninsky Prospekt, during the arrest, was killed a former commander of the detachment of "Highlander" Movladi Baisarov, suspected of involvement in the kidnapping and murder of a family Musayevs and is in federal search warrant. Located in Russia on an official visit Minister of the interim government of Kosovo, Agim Ceku, also for his crimes has been declared by Serbia on the international wanted back in 2001. It is not impossible that he will repeat the sad fate of Baysarova.

This is now the leader of the youth movement "For the Motherland" (party Fair Russia), Sergei Shargunov, speaking at a rally against the visit to Moscow, Agim Ceku. "Ceku travels to Moscow. Of course, it would be right somewhere to block his motorcade and, as happened recently with one figure on Leninsky Prospekt, a friendly against the Serbs a special operation to eliminate this man. If he came to us, We have an opportunity to make an act of retribution in relation to this international criminals ", - said Sergey Shargunov. However, the leader of the former youth "homeland" and suggested other options on how to proceed with Ceku.

For example, an option for a bucket of shit, which could be put on his head, Agim Ceku. However, as lamented Sergei Shargunov, such an opportunity for young activists of Fair Russia, was not there. What was the reason for this bright and non-violent action, Shargunov not reported. It is possible that kids are just not able to get a bucket of shit. And therefore, the discussion suggested the following versions:

- Put in a cage Ceku;

- Send Ceku into the furnace;

- Send Ceku Cheka (Previously, this abbreviation belonged to the prototype of modern FSB - "Extraordinary Commission". - Approx. Aut.). "I think that Ceku should be sent to the KGB. This is a normal, healthy, domestic, patriotic KGB, where he will talk as a terrorist", - said Sergey Shargunov.

The only problem, besides the lack of the required number of feces, which can negate all the efforts of patriotic young people, will be protecting the foreign guest. "We have met this Ceku and told him what he's cool thug - a sinister smile strained Sergei Shargunov. - And if Ceku will not surround himself with chain dogs, then we'll get to him and revealed his attitude to the international assassin and a criminal."

Meanwhile, scouts Myronivska Youth (Sergei Mironov - the leader of a political party "Fair Russia". - Approx. Aut.) Looking for approaches to a war criminal, Sergei Shargunov comrades besieged the building of the Russian Foreign Ministry, expressing all that they think about the invitation Ceku to Moscow. But "besieged", not quite the correct definition of what is happening today in the Haymarket area. "Maybe we should go straight to the door of the Foreign Ministry? - Shargunov asked his friends have settled down with flags and posters on the opposite side of the road from the building of the Foreign Ministry. But then he answered his own question. - No. We turned to asses the Foreign Ministry, because the we are ashamed of the position of the Foreign Ministry. We understand that for diplomats conscience - a concept somewhat secondary, but your wisdom is very important

for your reputation, your credibility, "- addressed to Russian diplomats young politician. According Shargunova, the goal of coming Ceku to Moscow obvious - he wants to negotiate with Russia to recognize independence of Kosovo, and Russia, in turn, plans to obtain a precedent that use the example of Kosovo in relation to Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria republic. politicized, however, young people do not consider it possible to arrange people, guilty of murdering civilians."Russia's foreign policy should be transparent and based solely on the public interest", - said Shargunov, considering that even if Kosovo's independence will be given, then no one would Abkhazia or Transnistria bloodless become part of Russia.

With Sergei Shargunovym, however, was not quite agree his senior comrade, representing the Moscow South-Eastern Division of the Just Russia party. "We understand political expediency, which is guided by the Foreign Ministry, which invites the bandit Ceku, - he said. - But this does not mean that criminals and terrorists, whose hands up to his elbows in blood must be taken at official level. If there was a need to organize such a meeting, it should have been done at the level of intelligence, secretly, so as not to disgrace the image of their country. "


Agim Ceku, was born in 1961. He graduated from military school. In 1991, as an officer of the Yugoslav People's Army, deserted and joined the so-called "Croatian Guard, in whose ranks he fought against Yugoslavia. In 1995, he participated in the organization and implementation of "Operation Oluya, which resulted in the destruction of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. In 1998, Ceku was deployed to Kosovo, where he became "chief of staff" so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army" - the Albanian terrorist organization.

Group under the command of Agim Ceku, in the period from 1999 and 2000 with particular cruelty dealt not only with local Serbs, but also with the ethnic Albanians who helped the Serbs to the same shelter and food. Ceku himself "famous" of having personally participated in the murder of 669 Serb civilians. He himself in interviews with Western journalists, accredited in the region, proudly referred to himself as "field commander" - in the manner of Shamil Basayev. In 2001, for his crimes, he was declared by Serbia in the international search. In March 2006, Ceku was appointed prime minister of "independent Kosovo".

Ceku has already visited Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro. In the near future is preparing to visit Spain to Romania. Ceku sure that the independence of Kosovo will be a factor of stability on the Balkans. According to him, over the loss of Kosovo would be experiencing a "nationalist Serbs", because "moderate Serbs" allegedly "had long since lost interest in its southern province.


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