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Swan, the crayfish and pike Russian Liberalism

September 30 2008

The leader of the unregistered Russian People's Democratic Union Mikhail Kasyanov said of a possible merger with the Democratic Party "Yabloko". According to him, currently being negotiated with the leader of Yabloko, Sergei Mitrokhin. The latter, in turn, explained that consultations on a number of issues really are, but to talk about the upcoming merger is premature.

The possibility of establishing, with the participation of Yabloko and RNDS new democratic coalition, told the Kommersant RNDS leader himself. According to Mikhail Kasyanov, now actually were three groups - the VAT, Yabloko and the emerging movement on December 13. "And if until recently by the" Yabloko "still had some doubts about joining the coalition, now, According to Kasyanov, all obstacles removed. "apple" does not join us due to the fact that ATP did not want to confess - now that there is no reason in connection with the disappearance of ATP, "- said Kasyanov.

Sergei Mitrokhin, in turn hastened to slightly improve his counterpart on the opposition front, saying that to talk about creating what would be a no coalition was "highly premature and unjustified at this time." "If we talk about a possible merger with someone, you now need to understand the new situation in connection with the departure of White, because just from the white, we were consulted more realistic than with anyone else yet because he still behind them was a party, and it was serious, but not a lot of PR variant associations - not just to talk, but real, when it was possible to merge the two parties. With him were real negotiations, but unfortunately, it is now all have stop. Therefore, in this situation it is necessary to understand and to go further along this path, "- said Mitrokhin.

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The situation is really not easy.

First, Sergei Mitrokhin, in connection with the release of ATP Belykh, who is believed to head the new coalition, and on December 13, really have to define its sympathies to the former leader of the right. The fact that the leadership of the Yabloko opposes all contacts with the founders of a new democratic coalition, and a number of Yabloko almost paid with their membership card for the unauthorized participation in the project "National Assembly" and served as a prototype for a coalition on December 13, "Democratic Conference in St. Petersburg in April of this year. So that any contact with representatives of the Mitrokhin kasparovskogo movement will cause the relevant questions to the leader of Yabloko, relative to its changing moods.

Secondly, it is not clear about what kind of coalition says Mikhail Kasyanov. Former Prime Minister confirmed the creation of the new association on the basis of RNDS and Yabloko. "I think it possible to combine RNDS and Yabloko - the leader RNDS reporters on Tuesday during his visit to Strasbourg. - The first step in this direction should be to create a coalition of our two organizations", - said Kasyanov. Accenting Kasyanov attention to the coalition "of our two organizations" can only mean one thing: RNDS may not be in the coalition on December 13. " This assumption is the fact that most Kasyanov also not in the list of founders of the new movement, and RNDS claimed only as an observer.

Also on the horizon there was another possible coalition with the liberal all the same color.On the eve of the establishment of the Independent Democratic Party of Russia, "said co-owners of" Novaya Gazeta ": the first Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and banker Alexander Lebedev. Needless to say, and they did not fail to declare the establishment on the basis of their as yet non-existent party new democratic platform. In this case, Lebedev named as potential partners Nikita White and the leader of the unregistered Republican Party Vladimir Ryzhkov. Oddly, but neither of them did not abandon the proposal made by him. White stated his willingness to cooperate, although expressed doubt that the new party registered. But Vladimir Ryzhkov, without hesitation joined the supporters of Gorbachev firmly distanced themselves from Kasparov's companions. "Neither I nor the Republicans (members of the unregistered Republican Party, which he led) did not participate in this" - he said, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

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Thus, the idea of a democratic coalition, "December 13" could fail. In the absence of the Union of Right Forces, Yabloko, RNDS, RPR and other new non-partisan association of a Political appear Belykh (unless, of course, it does not change his mind and not crossing the Gorbachev), Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov, the United Civil Front Garry Kasparov and several smaller organizations navrode "Defense". In short, highly truncated part of the "Other Russia" or the "National Assembly".

On the other hand, the emergence of three (or more) democratic coalitions equalizes the chances of players in the field of liberal opposition. Henceforth, none of the leaders of the above parties and movements will not salute the presence of what would be something any coalition. So speaking of the united democratic forces of their representatives will now have to produce more compelling arguments to convince fellow contestants in the right. Political life will only gain.

Arina Semenova


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