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Rodina: The Story of Betrayal

August 30 2006

The union of the Rodina party with the Party of Pensioners and Party of Life, which was officially declared the day before, might not be as easy as this quick to say the leaders of these parties. The future of this triumvirate looks not so optimistic. Even support for the Russian president, who put their trust new party members, will not guarantee the success of the future party in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Yes, and the association itself would not mean automatic addition of the electorate. Already are discontented, ready to leave the "homeland" in the case presented the union still get legal clearance.

On the prospects of the newly formed coalition and the future of the party "Rodina" We talked to a State Duma deputy, member of the Rodina faction, Andrei Saveliev. The only member of the governing council of the party who opposed the merger.

- Andrei, is it true that you were the one who somehow tried to prevent union "Homeland" with a "retired" and "life"? In fact, many experts agree that this merger simply destroy "homeland" as an independent party with its own ideology.

- At the moment - yes. And then we'll see. I see that in the past two years, the systematic extermination of the entire political life in Russia, the substitution of dummy procedures. I can see on the activities of the parliament, where a parliamentary debate no longer exists and the lower chamber up to its name. There is no duel discussions between representatives of different concepts, there is only one rule: the backstage preparation of bills and a majority vote without debate, without penetration into the meaning of those bills that are introduced.

In the party environment is a substitute for actually operating the representatives of public sentiment fictitious. Here's what happened with the Party of Pensioners. It was a structure that reflects a particular public interest. But now it has actually destroyed. Party of Life - a purely fictitious administrative education, which has no ideology and program of action and political perspectives.

The project "Homeland" was formed by the Kremlin, as an attempt to nip off the CPRF ten percent, but give the union no more than 3-4%, so that he may in no case, the Duma can not be reached. It just so happened that the bloc leaders have guessed the popular mood in the public interest, which are in direct conflict with the oligarchic faction in power. That's why even try iznichtozhit "homeland" should be settled in her fictitious virus from the Party of Life and the Pensioners' Party to the Motherland "turned into the same fiction.

Here they found a weak point of our political leaders, which is present since the early 90-ies - sverhambitsioznost leaders who often buy into the horseshoe behind the scenes and prefer to not work with voters, and with officials. In this case, Alexander Babakov (leader of the Rodina party.. - Ed.) Was exactly the kind of person who went on a bad tradition.

Remember, when the first Glazyev threw the Rodina faction in the Duma threw their colleagues on the block to own run for the presidency. While all of his colleagues tried to dissuade him from direct confrontation with the authorities. At least for the moment that you first try to take root even in the Duma. It was certainly not the fact of transition in the enemy camp, but at least, the abandonment of obligations to colleagues.

Then Baburin, one hand greets his colleagues, and another - with representatives of the Presidential Administration. The second handshake was more convincing, and he decided to break the alliance.And now, using the administrative resource, formed his isolated faction in the Duma, depriving the "homeland" of what she put - a vice-speaker. Now that's a betrayal to the transition into the camp of the enemy. The only thing that was not an ideological betrayal, because the ideas that have so far expressed Baburin and his allies are absolutely identical to what is on the Motherland. "

And this union - the third betrayal. The most disgusting of all. Since it is not even a transition in the enemy camp, and actually destroying the party. Firstly, because the second two parties simply fictitious in nature. Second, because the union is supposed ideological opposites. There are many examples of the Rodina faction in the Duma and members of the Party of Life, who are members of the Federation Council, quite the opposite was assessed the same legislative initiatives. We were categorically against, they - totally in favor.

- There is someone who shares your opinion on this union?

- There are a few people from the group that shares my position, but prefer to act more carefully and not speak publicly until his ideas, preferring to prepare for combat and act according to circumstances. I just took the mission, saying things like this, but this does not mean that I am in absolute solitude. I am in consultation with the leadership of the regional offices of our party, I can see that if Babakova be able to collect the Congress, which voted for the unification of three parties, 80% of active members, "the Homeland" will come out of its membership and will be engaged in the construction of a new political organization.

- That is, at this point as such association does not happen?

- No action associated with the union, the authorities of the Party was not performed. Babakov on the Charter of the party has the right to negotiate without any powers of attorney - and he began to conduct these negotiations, without informing anyone of the party leadership. The result of these negotiations was the visit of Putin, where he received favorable attention from the president, which, however, does not oblige the latter to anything.

The very next day there was a meeting of the Presidium, where the process of unification and not discussed, but was simply a vote on the conduct of further consultations with the leadership of the Party Babakova Life. Such approval was given at one of my dissenting vote. But no more authority to the process of unification of Aleksandr Mikhailovich was not.

With regard to the Party of Pensioners, then it is generally in the process stray. Ie it's private talks, and private initiative Babakova, which, again, no one consulted.

The signing of a memorandum, which was held the day before - this is no longer his private business. I want to say that signing the protocol, he took on behalf of the parties certain obligations. But such authority does not grant him one. In this regard, I think that questions about the procedure for concluding the agreement will be delivered and the Presidium of the party. At the next meeting of the faction, we will hear, I think, what the arguments are in favor of spending whatever-it may join. Yes, and for the decision Babakova that the Rodina faction will be served and the Party of Life and the Pensioners Party. This is absolutely absurd statement, which shows that Alexander the policy completely naive: trying to act like a dictator, but looks like a fool.

Yes, that's even during the press conference, a reporter's question about the place and role in future coalition Glazyev, first word was taken by Sergei Mironov, and only then allowed to say a few words of Alexander Babakov ...

- It's another sign that the new association is preparing for Mironov. To drown all public initiatives have led to a unified party Mironov. More than one percent in the elections this association did not receive. Person Mironov is completely unacceptable for the voter, so I think for most of the political elite. His position in the political sphere is marked by only one - an unbending loyalty to the president, nothing else in Mironov is not there.

- How do you report a member of your faction Yuri Saveliev about the events in Beslan? To be more precise about how to interpret this report, what conclusions do, supporting their arguments with facts given in the report. For example, the explosions at the school were held hostage, were provoked by Russian troops.

- Honestly, I have not yet read the report by Yuri Saveliev. He spoke on the faction, and said that the rules of the parliamentary commission is that none of the materials before the official decision not published or made public, and therefore his dissenting opinion in the case of the publication would be just impossible to continue to be part of the parliamentary commission. What has been published, it is not a report yet, but some excerpts from previously made judgments that do not yet reflect the dissenting opinion. Individual statements, some hints of those key findings, which makes Yuri Petrovich, does not give anyone reason for him to express these opinions. That is to refer to his work as a source, today it is not possible, because it should be published only after publication of the official report of the commission.


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