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TV kills cockroaches

May 30 2006

Cockroaches - the beasts are extremely popular. In South-East Asia and Latin America they are considered a tasty delicacy. In Europe and the U.S. these insects have successfully lured into gambling entertainment industry by inventing the cockroach races and other equally bizarre attractions. They were useful and fortune-tellers, becoming a unique and impartial "working material". And in Colombia, small animals and did enlisted in the armed forces: in the seventies of last century, engineers and military zoopsychology trained insects for identification of mines.

In Russia, the cockroaches had the special relationship. In many ways - by saying, diagnosed with cockroaches in my head. " Citizens "tipsy" or "stoned" to deal with these small creatures are not only personally, but in the "hallucinatory mode.

Diversity of beetles is high time to compile and publish a full and "cockroaches encyclopedia. The more so because the biological, cultural, and mental health information is already possible to add information to the geopolitical. Moreover, it is not a joke and not a lottery.

A prominent politician and political strategist, a member of the Presidium of the Public Movement " People's Democratic Union " Ivan Starikov made an interesting scientific conclusions. He discovered the relationship ... cockroaches and political situation in Russia. Do not be surprised, do not laugh and do not rub your eyes. Have you read is absolutely correct. Also, do not assume read some nonsense or journalistic "duck." This is - the truth.

This conclusion is not a policy any another PR move, but has a quite a scientific justification. Moreover, professional. After Ivan Strick - Professional Agronomist, who has extensive experience in scientific and practical work.

Its unique scientific observations Ivan V. shared with the Internet edition of "Yoki.Ru".

- I recently spoke with biologists. We discussed the curious phenomenon: now greatly reduced the number of cockroaches in the kitchens. Previously, they were constantly hounded. Etched in the same apartment, so they ran into another. Now, in the flats just do not have cockroaches.

I suggest in this regard the following hypothesis: the number of cockroaches in Russian apartments has decreased due to Russian television, which is infinitely roll brains Russians "soap" serials or detective, or the love of the genre. It happens to people did not think (God forbid!) Anything about such a policy. All of this has touched even the poor cockroaches - they became extinct.

- And what about the Soviet era? Then, too, people are constantly rinsing the brains?

- But then there was an ideology, while the present regime there is no ideology.

- That is, from the Soviet ideology of cockroaches is not dying?

- No, cockroaches will still need an ideology. Even a cockroach need an ideology, a man even more so. Now the state has no ideology except a small group of people in power are not pursuing any serious political purposes ...

- And you are special scientific analysis was carried out, or an observation of political scientists? How is it correct to say?

- So to speak. Watching the political scientist Ivan Starikov: "Russian television helps to get rid of cockroaches." And the main thing. The smaller roaches in the kitchen, the more cockroaches in my head.Then increases the critical mass and there is a rapid collapse. I saw this in the Ukraine two years ago.

- And how in the Ukraine with cockroaches in the kitchen?

- In Ukraine, the same phenomenon was observed. There, too, as people tried to explain that the government - is sacred thing, it shall be inviolable and absolutely flawless. And when the number of cockroaches began to decrease, while the number of cockroaches in the minds of increase, in the end, this critical mass has led to the fact that people took to the streets. Came out and it all lies swept away standing on the Maidan, shouting slogans: "We're not rednecks, we are not goats, we donki Ukraine and the children."

- Now in Ukraine there are cockroaches?

- Now begin to reappear. Given the fact that all the problems of the current Ukrainian authorities and the pile of things that she admitted she did not depart from the principal. She still listens to the public. Therefore, many believe that there is still no Ukrainian government. Consider it a great misfortune that there is no stability. And it just says the responsibility of those people who are elected to the Verkhovna Rada, to form a government. This means that there will be a discussion, the atmosphere will discuss the most pressing problems facing the country.

- And who are more like cockroaches, Tymoshenko and Yushchenko?

- I think that, as cockroaches - creatures gravitate toward men, more like a beautiful woman - Yulia Vladimirovna.

- You will publish a popular book in which you tell people about your theory about the cockroaches?

- I'm thinking about it. Because cockroaches in the minds and cockroaches in the apartments - the theme is very gratifying and straightforward. The more so because the cockroaches - these are creatures that survive even in the midst of an atomic explosion. They all contemporaries of dinosaurs. When every living thing dies, cockroaches can withstand thousands of X-ray radiation. And the actions of Russian TV and Russian authorities cockroaches begin to breathe.

I'm happy to gather a seminar to discuss this topic. We will raise a glass of champagne - because politics should deal with a fun and unpretentious. And then people start to raise a person from the asphalt, from the floor and will not see these Derzhimorda that we see every day on television.

Elena Leonkova


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