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Communist heppining or four toasts for the Victory

May 30 2006

In summer it is almost Sunday communists engaged by a Theatre - Commonwealth Taganka Actors. The benefit of his head is well-known Communist and director Nikolai Gubenko. The truth here is not to survive the corporate catharsis and attend a performance in order to increase the general level of culture among party members, but in order to arrange their own representation. And I must say, the Communist Party on Sunday benefit the well-known theater scene was a success.

Within the walls of the Commonwealth, almost a full house, was report-back election conference of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party . Incidentally, the event was conceived not only as "Congress of Victors." Apparently, so the event was held in a frame so pretentious props for the play "The Four toast for the victory."

At times it even seemed that the hall has turned into a kind of revolutionary headquarters. With a giant portrait at all with a charming, as always, looked squint Ilyich. From the ceiling to the presidium table, behind which sat the leaders of the Communist Party headed by Gennady Andreyevich unchanged, prostrate multimeter red flag. The table was covered with red-eye cutting red calico. Even the leaders seemed to sit is not shaped in twos and threes, and revolutionary leather jackets during the Civil War.

Soloed the first Party Secretary Vladimir Ulas . He is almost two hours without a break to hold the attention of the hall. Told the audience about how the city committee, of course, under its administration, has finally won a much-needed victory of the Party and the Motherland - overcame the effects of party split (come upon the Communist Party in the summer of 2004) and won the Moscow City Duma elections.

"The events unfolding in the world, suggest - the crisis of the world communist movement, which began with the death of Soviet Union ends - Broadcasting from the podium Ulas. - In dire 90 years, having lost the support of the Soviet Union, has withstood a severe siege of fraternal Cuba . Manifested by Cubans courage inspired all of Latin America ... (Hall measurement) show the huge success of the Republic of Belarus, the socialist Vietnam and China. Even today, the volume of production in China is 20% higher than the U.S. output and is approaching the volume of production in the U.S. and Europe combined. ... The wind of history is inexorable, it unfolds, and increasingly fills our sails. " Roar of applause.

All this time, Gennady Andreyevich almost lovingly looked at Ulas, apparently, thinking to myself who is better: Ulas or Melnikov Melnikov or Ulas ... sitting right there on the podium deputy chairman Ivan Melnikov, Zyuganov, visibly nervous and kept looking with envy at his colleague, who in comparison with him, looked much more impressive (Vladimir Zhukov, on the occasion of his trip to the theater, dressed in uniform).

All day, "not sparing his stomach, the capital Communists held accountable for their victories in an incredible combat mode" Russian apartheid, "" state machine "," splitters "and" sectionalism "and, as usual, mentally preparing for the new heroic victories in this difficult field of revolutionary struggle.

However, there were fly in the ointment. As usual, the sad string on the agenda was the issue of staffing. Generation of old Communists, alas, not forever, and the ranks of the old guard are thinning with each passing day. "One of them died during the pasting leaflets. So they found him with a leaflet in their hands," - said Ulas. Elderly people observed a minute's silence.

But when it came to the party piggy bank in a speaker's voice rang iron notes.So, the question of membership fees CPRF leadership demanded more actively to help the party financially and offered to increase the amount of contribution up to $ 100 for every member.

Did not spoil the festive mood even Yegor Ligachev, which with difficulty clambered onto the stage and a faltering voice, told the audience about how the national bourgeoisie ruthlessly drinks the blood of the proletariat, and with the full connivance of the authorities!

Tired of the fiery speeches, the Communists from time to time airing out the hall, where they were warmly greeted theatrical buffet, delighted the audience "chegevar" and "Clara Zetkin," liberal prices for sandwiches with salami and "Soviet champagne".

Leader as Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov has bloomed right before our eyes. Sitting on the podium, all the time he sent someone SMSki, joking, and looked like a human being happy. And going out to the press, almost kissed all journalists. Right and left, signing autographs to his associates. Something about myself humming, apparently recalling his youth in fighting Orlovschine when still only just beginning ...

Unable to cool the mood of the general secretary even a question from reporters about the passing of those moments in the heart of the capital of the gay parade. Terming the initiative of sexual minorities' alluvial and unhealthy, "Zyuganov called for the" natural reproduction of kind. " Apparently following the instructions of their leader, the youth wing of the Communist Party - the Union of Communist Youth (SKM) in conjunction with activists from the Movement Against Illegal Immigration ( DPNI ), "Slavic Union", RONS, and others involved in the dispersal of the gay parade.

Closer to lunch in the hall, accompanied by bodigardov appeared and another aging leader - a glamorous hero and a pipe dream for all centerfold Eduard Limonov . Leader of the National Bolsheviks, as the guest of honor, immediately issued a voucher for dinner. But, apparently, decided not to spend valuable time on food, decided to retire from the revolutionary Melnikov behind the curtain, to discuss further plans for joint struggle against the hated regime.

In short, the communist party was a success. Is that not enough tachanok and sailors, relish puffing tobacco at the entrance to the theater.

Peter Alexeev


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