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"TV" for the "dissent"

April 30 2008

"Other Russia", so long said that the media controlled by the authorities, got himself a "TV" - the rock band Michael Borzykina. A little-known musician today is actively seeking the role of the singer the freedom of the Russian people.

I must say that Michael Borzykin - whether musician, or politician. In the media, he often referred to as the leader of the rock group, but that its very rock band known for longer songs, but the fact that the song is removed from the ether for they contain the word "dick" and "Ass". This happens, of course, for political reasons.

In addition, Borzykin frequenter "Marches of Dissent". At least this way represent him on Echo of Moscow: "Here be to tell our audiences that Mihail Borzykin takes an active part in political life. In any case, was seen as a participant in the Dissenters' March, including at the last march in St. Petersburg, relating to the election, which was, and Yuri Shevchuk.

There remains only to clarify that it was only until the "march", in which Borzykin and Shevchuk participated. And the leader of DDT seems to be the last time. Already at the May parade, he refused to go.

At the same time colleagues Borzykina bitterly say about his departure from the music. Oleg Garkusha in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda has mentioned: "Misha Borzykin was not in the field of music, the group is impossible to do, you need to start from scratch. I love the "TV" ... Unfortunately, many groups do not exist because there is no leader. "

Borzykin himself, however, tend to blame the censorship: "You can imagine some anti-Putin and anti-Kremlin track on our radio? Quite impossible. One can not imagine people are politically undecided on radio or television. According to these criteria are not many musicians, it's actually censor the fence, through which do not allow frustration to broadcast - dissatisfaction with theft, corruption among officials, "- he said at a press conference on the reconstruction of St. Petersburg rock-club.

Rock club, incidentally, need Borzykinu for "return" in rock music sound social protest. " That "there is the music of many young musicians, but anywhere on the Internet, these people can not move." Because censorship. "I have a full sense of frost early eighties, to me quite obvious similarity of the Brezhnev era to the present", - said Borzykin.

A revived Leningrad Rock Club, on the idea of the organizers, "is a form of protest against the stagnation in music and life."

"Following the statements Borzykina, it is easy to understand that we are talking about an opposition rally, and the music and the revival of Russian rock" has nothing to do with it. Especially because the leader of the "TV" and wandered to his Dissenters Yury Shevchuk can not understand: twice in the same river not go "- notes about it," Nezavisimaya Gazeta ".

It is clear that the "music of social protest, which was originally owned underground, made a rapid spurt in the early 90's on a wave of change in the country. "Best of the rockers of a generation still collect stadiums, but this is just an echo of perestroika succeed, - notes," The Independent ". - What can not be misleading. Tempted to raise a new wave of popularity of Russian rock is great than, seems happy to use force to rock music has nothing to do with. "

Indeed, it is difficult to imagine conditions that would ensure the "rebirth" of Russian rock, in the format of the 80's. And, most importantly, nobody needs it. There are many talented young group of new generation, which, unlike the rockers, 80's, which really must admit, they know how to play. How long to fill the airwaves and profile stations and concert halls.Which, incidentally, is also a very changed - to replace the squares came clubs.

By the way, and with the music of "social protest" according to Borzykina everything is not clear. "You can imagine some anti-Putin and anti-Kremlin track on our radio? Absolutely impossible, "- said the musician. Honestly, and without a radio to imagine such a rock-hard track. Something like "And so young, Lenin!", But with opposite sign? .

But already considered whether agitprop rock music ... Everyone decides for themselves.

Константин Дятлов

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