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Point of Deception: Russian opposition equated to the Bronze Soldier "Russian geek"

April 30 2007

Day after day on the streets of the capital of Estonia and bloodshed. Kill and beat those who still remember the story, who does not remain indifferent to the abuse of people's minds, to free the world from fascism. Even Estonia's EU partners were surprised and condemned the cynicism of the authorities of this small state, have ordered the destruction of history. Uproar caused these actions and in Russia. But not all. Someone calling themselves "the Russian opposition, at best, keep silent, at worst, openly on the side of the Estonian government, who had abandoned the armed police against the" Russian geeks. "

Nowadays in Russia there is hardly a person who does not react to the events in Tallinn. Even the most that neither is apolitical people speak about Estonians, how about "The Dukes, who did not understand that you can not spit on the story." But there are still those who consciously avoids issue with the Bronze Soldier. Under the canopy of the opposition coalition The Other Russia has brought together those for whom all good things that are bad for Russia.

Even a Democrat from Democrat leader of the Yabloko party, Grigory Yavlinsky, almost withdrew from active political life, said that the actions of the Estonian authorities in respect of the monument to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator have no excuses. "Whoever made the direct instigator of the riots, the primary responsibility for such events is power and we are confident that when passions cool, and the people of Estonia, and the international community will act by the Estonian authorities a fair and uncompromising assessment," - said the leader of Yabloko , adding that "the place memorable for many people the mass grave may not be used in any utilitarian purpose."

In contrast, those who blames the same Yavlinsky, in cooperation with "the bloody regime of Putin" in a pseudo-oppozitsioznosti, ready to fasten the icons with the Estonian flag and calls for an end antiestonskuyu hysteria. "The Estonian flag - this is my protest against this entiestonskoy, nationalist, Soviet-imperial, and indeed, it is fascist hysteria, which is pumped right now about this story in my own country, in Russia. This is - my outrage stupid actions and attitudes of the ruling class. This - my disgust throwing a bunch of shit in the literal and figurative senses, bought up in bulk on the cheap even by the Kremlin and its lackeys, politpiarschikami, and abandoned on the sidewalk at the Estonian embassy in Moscow. This is - my bitterness from the fact that even some quite good, kind, decent and nice to me, girls and boys of my friends to not have protected the brains of zasiraniya imperial and nationalistic propaganda. And this - my apologies for the Estonians of mine, alas, fellow, "- wrote an active participant in the "March of Dissent", a champion non-traditional sexual relationships, the leader of "Free Radicals" Nicholas Temples. This, in fact, is the whole domestic liberal radicalism - to name all the Russian (and not only Russian) by shit.

Themselves as leaders of The Other Russia coalition to comment abstained. That, in general, it is logical. Repeat the "feat" Nikolai Khramov, as if they did not want, then forever oppose all that live in Russia. Make the same protest at the actions of the Estonian authorities, therefore, by their logic, siding with the Kremlin and betray the interests of their overseas masters. However, "drugorossy" of lower rank than Garry Kasparov and Mikhail Kasyanov, who can afford not to conceal thought.So, according to one of the companions of Garry Kasparov, the founder of the "2008 Committee" and the traditional party of "March of Dissent" satirist Viktor Shenderovich, "we must give the report itself that the soldier-liberator of Estonians is both a warrior-conqueror and that the Soviet soldiers for Estonians - not only those who freed them from the Nazis, but also one who had previously won this country. " "In this sense, the Soviet soldier from a German soldier in Estonia is no different, and he and the other - the invaders. We must understand this if we are called not the Soviet Union and Russia - Empire, to name a democracy, we must understand it's a given. And we have, respectively, to this and treated, "- he said. In general, followed by Nikolai Khramov, called the Russian not only by shit, but likened to the Nazis.

But what is right and temples, and Shenderovich, so it is that Estonia scrambles to rewrite history, putting the Soviet Union an invader. And in their hatred of all things Soviet, of all things Russian, Estonian leaders adopt a law banning the use of "the official symbols of the occupation regime," ie, the Soviet Union, the Union of Soviet republics by Nazi Germany, National Socialist Workers Party and the SS. In this case, however, with the approval of the Estonian authorities in the country established sites who fought in the Nazi SS divisions, held marches SS veterans and monuments are demolished, "inciting hatred and uplifting countries occupied Estonia" . Of course, that under the "occupiers" means not Hitler's Germany.

Mandated by government anti-Russian hysteria and picked up newspapers. "Because of bronze masks looked completely new face, or rather say, have forgotten the old. And it was not a soldier, and no other civilized man - it was a real Russian geek. We've had almost forgotten about its existence," - wrote the popular "Postimees" . Comment I think this makes no sense.

Having taken on the breast cup of liberalism and political tolerance can be assumed as the inhabitants of the occupied country to dismantle monuments to symbolize the Soviet era. At this point, as they say, and Russia is far removed from the demolition of the monument to Stalin, Lenin, Dzerzhinsky ... But the situation with the Tallinn Bronze Soldier is quite different. This is not a symbol of the Soviet past and a symbol of victory over fascism, the Soviet people.

"No matter how evolved after the collapse of the Soviet Union made up the story of his country, while Europe is liberating Soviet soldiers. This historical fact to remember and cherish the memory of those who helped to destroy the most loathsome authoritarian regime," - says a prominent Belgian politician, Minister of State , a former mayor of Brussels and a former Minister of National Defence, François Xavier de Donne, who, he said, was "shocked by the irresponsible actions of the Estonian authorities." Expressed its outrage vandilizmom Estonian authorities, and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. "The way in Estonia dispense with the memory of young Russian soldiers who gave their lives in the struggle against fascism, disrespectful and does not fit into any framework" - he said, recalling that in Germany pledged to keep memories memorials and war graves and take care of them . Indeed, the monuments to Soviet soldiers still standing on German soil. And even at the Reichstag building preserved fragments of the wall from the distant 1945, with inscriptions in Russian.

Igor Kulagin


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