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Car appeal has been exhausted. Duties - to be!

December 29 2008

Decision on increasing customs duties on foreign cars caused a great deal of controversy and debate. Across the country, even All-Russian protest of motorists who oppose such a government. Dot the i in this not-to-one tried to question members politdebatov organized project - State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein and leader of public movement "Automobile Union Sergei Kanaev.

Sergei Kanaeva argued that raising taxes and, consequently, the cost of cars will make them unaffordable for the majority of both held and novice motorists. Alexander Khinshtein argued that we should think not only of his pocket several dozen vendors, but also the interests of other Russian regions and the country as a whole.

"You said: 200 thousand people involved in this business directly - he said to his companion. - We face a choice: 200 thousand people who live on that car chase, not investing anything in the Russian economy, and five million people, due to which there are whole regions and through the work which formed the country's economy, "- he said.

Alexander Khinshtein sure that the region can not develop due to the banal speculation. "This is the same as if we said today:" that's 10-15 years ago we had a lot of people have lived through what they went shuttle, buying things and then they were sold in the markets. Due to this feed ". Let us say:" There's no need to increase the duty textiles! Let's not develop the domestic textile industry. "A lot of people in the Far East, including in Kaliningrad, lived through what they brought here is junk. Right?" No, wrong. It is impossible to develop the economy, we must not think about tomorrow this region, as the Far East, due to the banal resale "- he said.

State Duma deputy cited the example of China, where generally prohibited the import of used cars, and South Korea, where 100% duty on import of used cars. At the same time, Alexander Khinshtein explained that he did not consider the complete absence of competition a boon for domestic production. But today we must proceed from the current economic realities: "If the state does not take protectionist measures to protect the domestic auto industry, it will not" - he stressed.

"Why in the Kaluga began to build a Volkswagen?" Because the governor of Kaluga region has been actively working in this direction. If the part of local business in the Far East would have been a real initiative to build such an enterprise - be sure that this initiative would be heard and supported " , - A. Khinshtein.

Unfortunately, Sergey channel so and found that the objection to his companion, moving the conversation about the benefits of used cars with right-hand drive before the new machines with the left rudder of the national assembly if they are of equal value. In particular, he believes that people should be the right choice. Even with all its questionable.

Also on the topic: "Beer" debate "

Second, even more painful blow Sergei Kanayev suffered after being told that "we are - against the use of political parties in developing their political interest dividends from this stock, which is clearly contrary to reality.

Recall that the political slogans have appeared on all the actions of motorists on December 21, wherever they occur. Moreover, almost all oppositional political forces tried to announce their participation in these actions.This is particularly visible example of Moscow, where a rally on the Swamp area gathered almost all non-system of the political forces of the FMG to DPNI, who intend to raise its rating due to protests.

"Clearly, the political forces are trying and will try to exploit this situation to their advantage. It's obvious. Moreover, these acts are already using. People, I suppose, is really coming out from the standpoint of protecting the interests that they were allowed to overtake the car. They live on this it's their bread, their motivation is understandable. But when there appear signs of the "Gang Putin - on trial!" ... The political forces, including the opposition will use this position to swing. It is clear, and it's totally from their point of view is justified, because any opposition is interested in making the most to promote their ideas and beliefs on some issues and difficulties people "- said Alexander Khinshtein.

As a result of the debate of the jury two votes to one, awarded victory to Alexander Khinshtein. But if the vote was taken among the audience, then his results can not be too different from those of the jury.

Maxim Trishin:

- I would have sided with Khinshtein. He was more convincing and operated by the facts. My position is similar to the position of Alexander Evseevich.

Timur Melikov, a lawyer:

- Took to the direction Kanaeva. Because, despite a weak performance in the debate, he defended the right point of view. And he was extremely polite.

Maxim Klimov, a programmer, photographer:

- Khinshtein, no doubt. He bison in politics, and prepared carefully. Kanaeva have worked long and hard over the actual material.

This is the second debate, which organizes And, as noted by the participants, the initiative to conduct an absolutely correct and timely. Unfortunately, the once-popular genre of political debate, was somehow forgotten. But now, in a news vacuum, the problem of clarifying the truth in the dispute - is more than urgent. In addition, as previously noted by the participants first politdebatov Pavel Danilin, "if there is a debate, so is politics. When there is nothing to argue, then either the policy is over, or around - some idiots," - he said.

Olga Nekrasova

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