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Who buries the ATP?

September 29 2008

After Friday's meeting of the presidium of the political council of the Union of Right Forces, during which the chairman of the SPS Nikita White said about his / her resignation and the exit from the party that everyone talks about the death of liberal politproekta. In this case, the most zealous in the blossom of these rumors are those who only recently spoke of ATP as a possible platform to unite the opposition democratic forces.

In some confusion, even were the first persons of the Union of Right Forces. Nikita came out, it's his position, it is principled, it dalas it is not easy, it is associated with many difficulties with which he has personally experienced being the leader of the party. Crush on him the burden of responsibility, he saw no way out, and the burden was too heavy ... This I do not share the position, but I can at least understand a human being - wrote a member of the Presidium of the party's political council Maria Gaidar. - But all that followed his release - talk about the capture of the party, inspired by a roll call in the press, "unnamed sources" with the "anonymous "talks about a merger with its Kremlin considers a success provocation."

Maria Gaidar believes that the private opinions of a member of the Political Council can not express the position of all parties that there is no reason to link the demise of the party with the departure of its leader, the party with the state registration has no right samoraspuskatsya based on "rumors and speculation." "Why do we always consider ourselves to advance the losing side? What legal ignorance and defeatism? - Asks Maria Gaidar.

Apparently Mary just did not know that the most active in spreading rumors about the elimination of ATP is shown not any activists from the pro-Kremlin movement or hired those same Kremlin spin doctors, and colleagues Gaidar on the democratic opposition.

Also on the topic: "White" merges "ATP"

Direction of the blow he asked Nikita White, telling that he does not see a future for ATP except in cooperation with the authorities, but he himself is in such a project can not participate, and therefore leaves the party. And literally there and then "independent" experts said that all de, with ATP clear: Chubais agreed with the Kremlin, which plans to merge PCA into a single party with a "civil power" Michael Barshchevsky Democratic Party of Russia Andrei Bogdanov, and therefore, dear colleagues, stayed with you the only way - to leave the party after its former leader and send their foot in a truly democratic coalition and the opposition movement, whose leaders have long identified themselves White, Nemtsov, Kasparov, Kasyanov, Ryzhkov and others like them.

Something like that, incidentally, was already possible to watch this summer during the Congress party Yabloko. Then, the functionaries of the "Other Russia" is also planned to capture the Democratic Party. But the forces created by them in the face of Fronde Reznik, Yashin was not enough to dictate their terms. After that, under the control of "dissenting" The media poured into the tub of mud on the "Apple" and accused of conspiring with the Kremlin first Yavlinsky, and then elected at the congress chairman Sergei Mitrokhin. And just sung a song about the "rotten apple" who live there are very long.

It was not long and "dissent" has failed to ATP. Since the end of last year in the mature regions of the rebellion against the party leader, methodically pushing the party into the arms of Kasparov and Limonov.Fortunately, regional managed to defend their point of view, and Nikita Yurevich no choice but to accept his traitorous attitude towards the former is already party members. Humanly possible to understand it. Mr. White wanted to forget the ATP as a bad dream, that nothing and no one reminded him of the deed, which once led to the death of one of the twelve apostles.

Back in 2006, blogger Jaroslav Greeks asked the rhetorical question: "When Nikita White shoot himself?". Not lost, as can be seen, this question is relevant today. At least, it would be fair.

Sergei Makarov


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