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Andrei Saveliev: "In DPNI'll get exposure CPRF"

September 29 2006

The charges, thrown in his face the leader of the Rodina party Babakov his colleague, a State Duma deputy, member of the Rodina party Andrei Saveliev, can severely affect the further evolution of the party. In particular, the occurrence of "homeland" coalition arrayed leader of the Party of Life Sergei Mironov. More recently, in an interview Andrei Saveliev admitted the possibility of its withdrawal from the party . However, recent developments show that the State Duma deputy, it seems, was not so easy to abandon one of the largest party in Russia, actually announced his decision to organize a coup at the forthcoming congress of the Motherland. " But his entry into the ranks of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration "only strengthened the intrigue. That did make Andrei Saveliev openly against the leadership of the country "he told the Yoki. ru.

- How likely is that Babakov "merge" the party, because by all accounts "Homeland" is a more powerful party than life, and a pensioners' party?

"I can not say anything for sure. All information is closed, but judging by the fact that it is closed, we should expect the most unpleasant things. I at least expect that the "homeland" can not be the basic organization, but most likely it will be the Party of Life, which as a leader will not dictate Mironov. "Homeland" it disappears and organizationally and ideologically - it will be a completely different party. Our position has always been tough opposition, now in the wake behind the speaker, we will have to confess your love to the President on any occasion.

- Alexander Babakov for mass "rodintsa" alien face?

- No. Babakov has significant merit in the party, since he financed the organization and is establishing its structure, was a member of executive committee. That is why the delegates have agreed to elect a temporary chairman until until calm the situation, while the Kremlin will not stop the pressure on the party. He apparently peretsenil their merits and abilities and decided to convert his post of chairman in a post closer to the power to create a completely different structure from where he will provide an entrance to the Kremlin. This is not a party of citizens, and the union officials, which is very convenient to do without the citizens, but have access to the administrative structure and there to solve all problems.

- You, as I understand, has always sympathized DPNI. However, the mere sympathy and the decision to join the organization must agree, a little bit different things. Does it mean that you entrust certain political hopes on DPNI?

- Movement Against Illegal Immigration - an organization that deals with topics range of issues, which I have devoted many years, even starting from AOC. Migration Legislation for me one of the main themes of the State Duma, and in law making, and analytical. Now, a new program DPNI, it includes many elements that are extremely close to me. Many hung on DPNI label of extremism. But I am thoroughly acquainted with the leadership of the organization, spoke to the activists who looked like they act. And believe me, I did not see there are no skinheads, no Nazis, no "Heil Hitler", no swastikas.

- Head DPNI Alexander Belov knows relatively narrow range of people, you know the whole country. Can you talk about what your parish to change something in the Movement Against Illegal Immigration: the ideological, political, structural, organizational plan ...?

- No, I think that this organization to become party will not. Become a party - it means to substitute itself under many different laws. Therefore DPNI I would never recommend to turn into a party.I think that my visit absolutely nothing will change, except for some symbolic step, showing that it is possible. It is a worthy choice and those who respect this choice, can join me .

I have repeatedly said that recommend to the Congress not to leave "home" to end fight over the shape and strategy, which was founded in the formation of the party. The Congress decision to merge is more likely than waived. And if the union were to occur, we can say that the party "Rodina" will disappear and the party activists will have to recognize that leadership had betrayed them and create another organization. Perhaps the first move, and then, judging by the situation, and the other party.

- You mean the Movement Against Illegal Immigration?

- It is everyone's business. DPNI captures a fairly narrow topic, although very important for the country. Someone will come, probably. I, at least, such a call does not speak and associates do not intend to press them to come to the Movement Against Illegal Immigration.

- There is much talk of a possible massive outflow of party members in the Communist Party ...

- I think at the grassroots level is possible because the destruction of "the Motherland" there is such an illusion that the only decent opposition party, able to participate in elections - is the Communist Party. I have this anecdote will decrypt and expose. Communists have long prisidelas in opposition and fighting for seats in parliaments of different levels, and not for power.

Communist Party - the party dying, despite the fact that the leaders of the party tuzhatsya to show that everything is in order that there are still staunch Marxist party, etc., but we have nothing. The ideology of this party had long been dead, there were only symbols of the Soviet period and the brand. Nothing else. CPRF die: there is no romanticism, no heroes, but there are endless tediousness, talk about anti-people regime, the party becomes more and more alien to the majority. In the Duma, the Communists are no longer talking about revolution, about the working class, forget all the settings of Marxism. When they stand on current issues of life, they are very close "to the Motherland" as saying, for example, about the problems of conservation and development of the nation, they turn into normal Russian nationalists. And when they need to urge their supporters to vote, they expect a very mature segments, for which the symbols of the Soviet period is a strong excitation, so that they can come to the elections and support the Communist Party. Thus, there is a contradiction between the symbolic capital and the content side of the real position of the Communist Party in the Duma. This position is not a matter of respect, and action against voter fraud like.

- But not only the Communist Party and the "Motherland" limited range of opposition forces. Is ATP is the "Apple", in July this year, began to form associations coalition The Other Russia ", which includes both liberals and leftist movements ...

- I think that now, among the liberal groups are fighting for leadership in the election campaign of 2007-2008, so their opposition is reduced to the struggle for the liberal electorate. Who will be the leader in the future will lead, probably a fairly strong liberal party. This person will be released in the second, maybe third place in the election campaign, immediately acquire all the features of a political leader. Now those in liberal circles claim to leadership, they are in people's memory erased, including those who support liberal dogmas, but now the struggle is over who is yet to form a liberal party in postputinsky period.

- While the Liberals about their presidential ambitions, said Mikhail Kasyanov only ...

But he is yet to become the undisputed leader. I think, and will not until until after the vote. Moreover, I have the impression that the presidential race going to join Garry Kasparov.

- Well, it's all in the future, and what you intend to do in the near future?

- I would be together with Dmitry Rogozin in St. Petersburg at a meeting of the historical club. And on Saturday will hold the parliamentary reception in Kondopoga, there will appoint a representative, will return to Moscow and consider what steps to take to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens.

- You have to Dmitry Olegovich already have some kind of mini-faction within the "homeland".

- No, just our relationship with Rogozin is not dependent on any squabbles in the party. Our acquaintance was held in 1992, so that you can imagine - 15 years ago. In this case, we have a joint interest in the topic and we'll sell. On the formation of any structure we can not speak up unless the situation is not resolved with the "motherland", while with Rogozin not be taboo. Now he personally can not any organization to create, as it will be immediately slain. Therefore, we do limit ourselves to the creation in Moscow Human Rights Information Centre.


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