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The combination of the three parties

August 29 2006

Combining the three Russian political parties have passed since, as expected in such cases: with great noise, strong statements, long-term promises and hope for love and understanding. And it is now clear that we will get a new one, artistically composed a combination of three fingers ... sorry, the three parties, each of which has nothing to lose. As one well-known television hero: "steal nothing, everything is stolen before you."

The fact that the leader of Russian Party of Life Sergei Mironov, set out to bring back to life its just it was already deceased in a Bose politproekt - talked a long time. Most likely, it is unlikely even the speaker of the Federation Council believed that his party, once amused Russians in their desire to at all costs to keep the population of muskrats has any chance of a successful political future. The fate of muskrats in Russia, nothing is known, and prostate cancer could well repeat the fate of his client, if not suddenly fallen on his head happiness of two fairly strong parties thrown for sale rigid hand of the political conjuncture - "Motherland" and the Pensioners Party.

With the "homeland" it all became clear long ago. After he was sent to a technical knockout charismatic leader of the Motherland, "Dmitry Rogozin, and his place was taken by the project sponsor, Alexander Babakov, the party changed. Instead unmanageable, plagued by internal contradictions, but a living organization, the bewildered voters watched goggle-eyed fish out of water, the fate of which was easily predictable: either to rot on the shore, or get in your ear to the fishermen.

Something similar happened with the "retired". Fierce struggle for leadership, which won its current chairman Igor Zotov, like, totally exhausted winners. Not to say that the former leadership of "pensioners" moved the party forward. Rather, Valery Karlovich Hartung simply does not interfere with developing the most successful regional offices, receiving dividends. With the advent of the new board situation has not undergone any fundamental change, except that in the cold regions of the left, whose position is more than eloquently expresses the well-known anecdote about the military, to go fishing. Remember, what brought them thinking? Fishing Poles not to take the bus did not come out.

Speaking about the electoral prospects of all three parties - is sad. Party not only has long reached its peak, but could not resist it, having gone down. Prostate cancer in all its existence has not received an average of more than a half percent of the vote. Sensational result, "Homeland" in the parliamentary elections in 2003 was quickly forgotten after a series of regional elections showed that not everything is smooth in the kingdom, and patriotic, "Motherland" will have much work to do to win the trust of voters, and not only local businessmen, who decided against patriotic rhetoric to enter into power. A little more real chances were at the Pensioners' Party, in some regions, not only to compete with United Russia, but often exceeds it. But, unfortunately, an exception to the rule only confirms it.

But candidates for elimination from the political game, all united by one thing: the party confirms its readiness for constructive cooperation with authorities, agreeing to try on a dress palace opposition. And Mercury is removed.

At a press conference in the "Arguments and Facts" leaders of three parties in one voice declared himself as oppositionists. Oppose it, of course, going to the "United Russia", which they in many positions very strongly disagree.What exactly are manifested differences with the new opposition "party of power" could not figure out, except that an update of prostate cancer (namely, so it will sound like an abbreviation of a new party - Motherland, Pensioners, Life) dissatisfied with the monopoly of "United Russia" and is confident that the political field must remain a place for her. While "zhiropensov" happy confident passage to the Duma. But even in this case, voters will not receive from the party any intelligible action. As explained to reporters, Sergey Mironov, at the moment in the Federation Council of Twenty zhiznentsam "confronts more than 10 senators, members of United Russia. And in the State Duma, from more than 400 MPs, only 29 took the oath of allegiance to the "Motherland". In such a situation, according to Mironov, fight with an opponent can not. So that the new party will be seriously pobodatsya with its opponents in parliamentary elections, to get at least a decent percentage of the vote, rather than talk about the possibility of overcoming the seven percent barrier in principle.

Are coming and serious fights within the party. Not all regional offices in delight from the accomplished union. In the Sverdlovsk region's leaders of local branches of the Party of Life and "homeland", they say, in one field need not sit down to celebrate, not something that will tolerate each other within a single structure. Will be fighting for places and in the apparatus of the new party. Thus, the head of "pensioners" Igor Zotov, made it clear that he agrees to enter into a coalition only if the preservation of the structure of more than half of its regional offices, that is, simply put, claiming to be a controlling stake in the project, which has so far decided to name the "Union Trust" . Agree whether to issue such a statement the chief negotiator with the Kremlin, Sergei Mironov? Very doubtful.

Not excluded, and cleaning series. Hardly "constructive opposition" will be thrilled compromised in the eyes of the Kremlin Sergei Glazyev and Dmitry Rogozin. "No party should fight for the people, and people should fight for the party" - said the leader of the Motherland "Alexander Babakov fate in the draft of such outstanding personalities as the eye. However, much more likely that people like Rogozin or Glaziev themselves would leave such a party. The subsequent fate of the "pocket opposition" is also not in doubt. They not only have to agree even among themselves, but also to withstand competition from the Communist Party, SPS and Yabloko, who also want to get into parliament and become the second largest party in the country.

Igor Kulagin


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