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"Solidarity" is not enough advertising ATP

June 29 2009

In Moscow, announced the creation of a new organization, the primary purpose of which will be lobbying the interests of former members of the party "Union of Right Forces and other liberal-minded citizens in the democratic movement Solidarity.

The Constituent Assembly "formally of the new organization was held last weekend. As explained to the organizers, the organization in fact there is a long time and today was just re-formatted - it IHO ATP. However, an abbreviation of "new" organization does not deciphered as "a brand" with which former members of the IHO ATP (some of which are now part of the "Solidarity" movement) "fought for the party at the last Congress." But not in the name of the essence, since the very emergence of this organization could cause yet another split in the "Solidarity".

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The ideology of the new organization - the liberal-democratic and "no different from the ideology of the PCA." Moreover, as noted by the initiators of the "IHO ATP" Now, this fields are empty, "because" Solidarity "is not, because it is a coalition, and the" right things "no." Moreover, rocked in its time the public statement that that he was "truly .. Neh evy Democrat" viking_nord believes that the program of Solidarity, "300 Steps to Freedom" in many ways not just illiberal and anti-liberal, " photographs of shares, where the flag of "Solidarity" hovers near natsbolnymi rags, "his lead in the tremulous dread , and there are calls of some members of "Solidarity" to vote for a list of the CPRF in Moscow City Duma elections, and did cast serious thinking about the correctness of the chosen "Solidarity" way.

Reason swing to the Left of "Solidarity" in his view is that the interests of the supporters of liberalism in the democratic movement in no way protected. "There are a FMG, the organization is more left than the right. They lobbied for everything - from social democracy to communism. There are lots of small organizations do not, and groups of community activists, for whom politics is - rallies, pickets out of ten people in support of Maskhadov or running from the police with the National Bolsheviks. But the liberals of his organization was not, so they were fragmented and largely lost, "- he writes.

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Solve the problem would be in two ways: either to dismiss all members of the Solidarity movement, or create their own liberal faction. Was chosen the second option, and it seems not the best for the "Solidarity". Firstly, a prerequisite for a unified democratic movement was supposed to be uniting all its members liberal ideology, which, incidentally, was one of the reasons for the split opposition front in the "Left" and "right" activities which do not overlap even at the "march Dissenters 'farmed out' limonovtsa. Secondly, thrown against Garry Kasparov's accusations of corruption and lack of FMG any independent ideology can be most unpleasant impact on the relationship between supporters and opponents of the ex-chess player.Third, the fact that "IHO ATP was headed by Vladimir Milov, once again confirms the thesis of the emergence of the democratic movement of several centers of gravity - on one flank is Garry Kasparov, on the other - Vladimir Milov and Boris Nemtsov, Ilya Yashin and several other politicians, dissatisfied with the manners of Bonapartist leader UCF. Especially in those moments when it comes to the allocation of funding.

In addition, at the first meeting of the IHO ATP decided to support the elections to the Moscow City Duma Vladimir Milov. "We will support several candidates, including our president. And furthermore, will render all necessary assistance. Moscow - a liberal city, and liberals will be in its Legislative Assembly. And this is only the beginning of the organization. Then there will be more," - emphasizes viking_nord.

Arina Semenova

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