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How to make the Russian bear children?

June 29 2006

"Homeland" remembered the children. Small and large. Born and still only preparing to be born. And also those who are no plans to prospective parents. Rather recalled last year, when first heard the phrase about the upcoming installment in the bowels of the project "Saving the Nation". However, the "Motherland" had to pass through the crucible of a few inner-scandals thwart a series of regional elections, to replace the party leader, before the new party chairman, Alexander Babakov supported the call by President Putin and with the other deputies of the faction of the party "Rodina" in the State Duma, introduced in the commission of the State Duma on preparation of legislative initiatives to implement the presidential address two bills aimed at improving the demographic situation in Russia, explaining that, by and large, in their initiatives, they did not invent anything new, only developed position articulated by the president in his message. " On what kind of situation on the demographic front, and what should be done to improve it, we talked with the political scientist, doctor of economics, chairman of the Board of ideological Rodina Mikhail G. Delyagin .

- How should we solve the demographic situation in the country?

- The President outlined the problem in 2000, when it had a rapid response in the society and it was about 6 years before he bothered to implement concrete measures to this problem, which has since become even more severe than anticipated. Only from 2003 to 2005. natural decline in population was 2.4 million, and from 2000 to 2002 I do not watch. Accordingly, we can assume that it is more than 4 million people during this time was spent until the president to think about specific mechanisms. But better late than never.

Measures which he proposed - the good, but totally inadequate. First, the increased benefits - well, great. The most sonorous - is the mother's capital. The idea is correct. But what is proposed Zurabov for execution, this right idea turns into a travesty, because these 250,000 will be given 3 years after birth. I can say from personal experience that the first 2 years of the most difficult because you have not sleep for several months. That is the most difficult time the family receives the money, but gets a vague promise. When finally the time came three years later, this money is not enough either for treatment or to buy baby food, no matter what, to send him to kindergarten. And the money goes to a pension of 3-year old child obrazovanie3-year-old child (God forbid, if this category can include kindergarten) and the purchase of real estate.

- And what can this money to buy, for example, in Moscow?

- In Moscow, you can not buy anything. 8000 dollars - this is at today's prices, less than three square meters. Assuming that a person needs 2 square meters. meter, as the LN Tolstoy, of course, is already in excess.

- It's blasphemous to say you have a child.

- It's not I said, this state is. I admit that in the countryside, perhaps you can buy any house in a small town you can buy something. Then let's tie this amount to appropriate conditions. There are still families, forty percent in Russia, for whom improved living space is not a critical issue. It turns out they can not spend it on anything, not to mention the fact that this is a vague promise to "3 years", ie from 2010 I assume that will be in time warning in advance, and for elections to fix everything. But this is still not enough.

In addition, the procedure should be that people are not vulgar drunk. In the United States issued stamps to the poor - full benefits that have been canceled. Why not give full privilege family: diapers, medicine, rent? And we have many families who do not what to have a baby can not, and even create a normal family, because there is no housing.

Comrade Babakov press conference held, and even wrote an entire work "Saving the Nation". There are spelled out in sufficient detail and carefully enough (previously the author of "Saving the Nation" hiding behind the phrase "working group for the project, included in the buyout, Dmitry Rogozin, Alexander Chuyev, Andrei Saveliev and others. - Ed.).

Next on the promotion of birth control. We ask: Where pro-birth? We have regions with an excess of population. If we stimulate the birth rate there, without mechanisms for transfer of this population to other regions and social adaptation, we will encourage social tensions. There should be a regional policy in different regions in different ways.

Each child must improve the welfare of the family. Now we have every next child - a step into destitution. Should be the opposite, ie if a family of two unemployed gives birth to four children, then they can live a normal life.

But the birth of a child - is only part of the demographic problem. We have a huge problem: what to do with children who have already been born? We have above half a million homeless. This is not comparable to what happened after the Civil War and World War II. In those years, this problem was solved quickly, albeit not very well. People need to get education and training, and they must be preserved health, because 12-year-old child on the street and 18 healthy person does not dorastet, even if he does not become an addict.

Of course, as Maria Arbatov said, should foster home should be a program, funding for family children's homes, monitoring them, so there are not sects arose and abuse. But if the family's homes in all will not be enough, do the usual children's homes, but children must be removed from the streets. Why is "atrocious" Stalin solved this problem, and white and fluffy the current leadership to solve this problem is not even going? These have all the Democrats and humanity!

- We have a lot of children come from Central Asia, begging ...

- Yes, well, they're here on the street, homeless, abandoned by all. Take you to the orphanage, to grow out of their normal Russian citizens, not criminals future or the future of raw materials for traders bodies. Children on the street - it's monstrous! This drug addiction and juvenile prostitution and everything else.

The next sphere - supermortality. We have a huge drop in fertility, but the main problem - is to overcome an insane death. From moonshine from counterfeit vodka ... They took 500 people, gave away equipment, drove them to the shops and markets under the guise of riot police, and so 50 times in a row. Nothing terrible will happen. Why, when you need to squeeze Moldova and Georgia, you can check the quality of Moldovan and Georgian wines, but when it comes to how to reduce the mortality of its own population, for some reason you can not check the quality.

Main health problem - a problem of disease prevention. When a person is sick, it is hard to cure, and it is very expensive. If you engage in prevention, all this is cheaper and more efficiently.

- Domestic violence is a risk of mortality?

- Sure. But the death rate from this is much less than from incorrect diagnoses or failure in treatment. When a person knows that it will not heal, he has come to the doctor does not go, because not for nothing.

of the most important problem is that we are deprived of meaning in life, so they kill themselves and find for this are many different ways. We have an abnormally high suicide rate. What is alcoholism, drug addiction? This is a hidden form of suicide. And when there is no meaning to life, then lost the will to live. This psychological change happened just one year. Therefore it is necessary to return the meaning of life. And when people see what is really going rehabilitation of the country that the government is doing something - then there will be a desire to live.

- How many children do you have?

- One. Boy.

- Planning more children?

- It's a complicated question. It would be desirable, of course.

- I believe that people with good genetics - ideal for the Russian nation.

- Man - a being not only a biological but also social, and the problem with genetics is compensated by raising and vice versa. But in general, very sorry that I can not introduce the girls who think so, with the reporter, who I at different times and drove in which I yelled. And that the reporter would say to your readers enthusiastic about my intellectual, emotional, mental qualities - I can imagine.

- But, in general, you do not mind the second, third, tenth Delyagin?

- Well, the tenth is unlikely to succeed, you need to look at things realistically. Come on, let's not talk, touch wood. Certainly not against it. My wife's mom gave birth in November 1941 in Chita. And if then her parents have speculated that they will eat, there will be enough for ourselves, whether to grow out of this child scientist - I would have just left without a wife, because in terms of common sense to the consumer, it is impossible to give birth in winter 1941 at a time Station Chita. Here, consumer behavior is wrong. This does not mean that it is necessary to eliminate consumer values, but the birth of a child - is the primary thing. And when people ask me how to secure their old age, I say that it is necessary to bear children, raise them properly, and when the time comes - they will provide you.

Interviewed by Elena Leonkova


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