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Pigeons and condoms

January 29 2007

From the sublime to the ridiculous - one step. This old world as truth reiterated Russian professional advocates who gathered in the Sunday, Jan. 28 on Triumph Square, once again to show the authorities, who are the real power in Russia. Demonstration of potential "Russian human rights activists" has passed, however, without much chic, online group of visiting guest artists, hurrying with the least expenditure of physical and moral forces quickly work out the number to catch a new halturku.

Props troupe "Movement against Illegal Immigration" was poor. acting skills, too, was no smell. Declare the Russian march-2 "peretaptyvanie place two hundred pairs of feet in worn boots, hoarse to shout" Glory to Russia ", drew attention to the need for the use of rubber products a la condom strictly domestic production, set free white doves, and announced the upcoming the victory of Russian people in the war for his rights, take a hike. That's all that happened within a half hours on Triumph Square in Russia on Sunday.

In other cities, where also announced the holding of "Russian March", was even worse. In Yekaterinburg, for example, organizers of the rally together enough to work two dozen Russian citizens consider themselves nationalists. In Nizhny Novgorod, the unit numbered about 40 people. And in general, Yakutsk was set attendance record - the "Russian March" came out three people.

Only two cities could boast of Moscow activity. About 300 protesters gathered in Novosibirsk, which now goes on trial over ex-minister of the State Committee, Boris Mironov, who is charged with inciting ethnic hatred, racial and religious hatred, but in St. Petersburg in the garden Chernyshevsky gathered about 150 nationalists yutyaschihsya around two flags DPNI.

Since the symbols in general was napryazhenka. In Moscow the best for the rally was ready to "Slavic Union" Dmitry Demushkin. Banners and flags of the organization were killed not only the relic NDPR and rare symbols of smaller organizations, but also, and - unheard of! - Banners DPNI. However, the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration presence at the meeting were given a burden. After several attempts to give his speech, meaningful tone, he gave it a useless exercise, and focused on the usual slogans and selectively Russian material. While recognizing the speech of a true leader, DPNI-ishniki happily buzzing, promising Mr. Potkin lay their heads, but to find in the Kremlin so necessary for the leader of condoms. At the same time, supporters clearly do not agree on the unity of gestures that express the full and unconditional agreement with party policy. While some pre-made sure that one around still and video cameras, triumphantly throwing his hand in the Roman salute, others to follow the agreement, raised fists in the style of "Rot-Front". The latter clearly relished arrived on the support of the "Russian March" representatives of the Communist Party, contentedly watching the transformation of Russian nationalists in the followers of workers and peasants party. At this time as a negotiator for Mr. Potkin had directed Secretary of the Western Regional Committee of the Communist Party in Moscow, a member of the Union of Soviet Officers Paul Basanets.

Supported nationalists and activists of the National Bolshevik Party. " But very strange. Offended that they not only not invited to the meeting, but not yet include NBP in the list of political prisoners, wards Limonov decided to assign a common merit. As soon as the platform was a call out for a rally for the right of citizens of Russia to acquire and store firearms at home, as nowhere now involved NBP surged to distribute leaflets with the exact date of the meeting.Leaflets dispersed perky, but some organizers of the rally still have not satisfied such a prompt colleagues on the opposition. "The idea permits the sale of firearms owned by me. Let the NBP it replicates. That's good. Just let it for the sake of decency at least do not forget to refer to the source" - lamented State Duma deputy and one of the leaders of the "Slavic Union" Nikolai Kuryanovich.

But the discontent of the protesters was extended not only to colleagues from the "Other Russia", but also on its own leaders. Thus, the puzzled looks followed Russian nationalist leader DPNI Potkina Alexander, who left the campaign long before its completion. "By the way, I also noticed - shared with us his observations Nikolai Kuryanovich. - I believe that the event organizers must stay until the end that none of the crowd was not snatched and taken away. And they need to perform not only a purely public relations advocacy role but including, and conservative. And save their skins, people screwed, and then escape from the rally - it's not our way, "- resented deputy, telling us to express the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration a public reprimand. "I think people can see and hear who is doing what. And whether the words uttered from the rostrum, specific cases of man. I think that people have noticed - who stood up to the end, who said what. The people we have - not crowd, not redneck. He begins to wake up and understand - who's who "- he added.

Still, light frost had done its dirty deed. Gradually, under specious pretexts, the protesters began to leave the Triumphal Square, putting millions of triumphal march to the Kremlin for another time. Some complained to the provocation of the authorities, who organized too late to broadcast the famous movie by Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List. As a result, the true nationalists were forced to sit in the morning watching television, being charged with hatred of the "Jewish fascism" and, of course, the most banal way missed the rally.

As a result, a shortage of participants had charged out of the mess on the media coverage of the action. All week, worked out the upcoming "Russian march" Ekho Moskvy ", Radio Liberty, Deutsche Welle", "", "" reads, "Kasparov.Ru", etc. were in disarray - at what figure to stay? As a result, if the "Echo of Moscow" has received the most honest, the voice to a figure of 300 participants, the rest relied on reports DPNI, noting the presence at a rally of more than 1000 people. Record attendance set a correspondent Kasparov.Ru, counted on an area of over two thousand protesters. If it goes on and on, then once the listeners or readers of online media will learn about the march of millions of columns on Tverskaya. As Napoleon said, in a joke: "Who would have learned of the defeat at Waterloo - whether the French newspaper" Pravda ". I Rogozin and Potkina also seem to be in the arsenal is not one, but several news guns, ready to announce the victory of Russian nationalism upon request. It would be an excuse.

Andrei Savchenko


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