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Guerrillas of the XXI century

November 28 2008

"... The inhabitants of Pskov, the same as any other city nasty Rushka - is passive sad shit, is not capable of not only the expression of citizenship, but not at all capable of anything, except how to live his life in his ego, in its close mongrel little world in which they consider themselves above all things "... "... If I had the opportunity, I would have sent half the population of the country's gulags, and the other half would be let in consumption. Putin's" bloody regime "you seemed to be a stronghold of democracy and pacifism." It wrote natsbol from Podolsk. More precisely wrote former natsbol. On the eve of it became known that he hanged himself on the staircase of his house. In the suicide note, he asked for forgiveness from relatives and friends, explaining his action because he is tired. "So go on no longer, I'm tired. Tired of disease from this endless agony. Yes, and the meaning to be here no longer see," - said in a note.

Today, for many members of the banned National Bolshevik party life has lost meaning. Attempts to somehow change the world broke the concrete foreheads allies "Other Russia", "National Assembly" and other unions whose members were more preoccupied with issues of their own survival and the struggle for grants to foreign governments and private individuals. Who lead the, from, and rack. Today, the NBP is no different from the mass of other opposition structures whose livelihoods are entirely dependent on external financing. Increasingly involved in the National Bolsheviks proplachennyh promotions are increasingly organizing blown internal scandals, are increasingly looking to the "Other Russia" - the community of free people who have chosen a different path of development, separated from the world that they do not accept and to whom they feel a deep sense of animosity.

Former member of the NBP Alexander Berestov believes that the fight for the dream in the political field has become not bring results, because monopoly of power belongs to other people. "So why do you need power?" Why do you fight with people who do not go beyond the Moscow Ring Road? "Why do you want on your shoulders to carry the power of a handful of people who probably is not that important idea of the" Other Russia "and is important only their own ambition and greed? "- sets it is not a rhetorical question, and invites" to resolve the issue is much more simple, peaceful, and then most importantly - legally. "

"Within 5 years, we collect a predetermined community funds for the redemption of dense Siberian lands. In the coming 5 years, buying from the state this land and build settlements there, houses, roads, grow food, livestock - it paints a picture of the" Other Russia ". - forming community-based settlement, we will create a certain climate and base. We will create their tacit rules and principles, practices, radically change the model of human relations. When we all get there, you need to have more skill, which was you have to do so. It will be necessary to go to large centers and talk about the "Other Russia" that would be people who are able to join us, able and willing to do it. As the "Other Russia" will grow its fundamental part. Maybe it will take 50, 100, 200 years. But it's real. And without any conflict with federal authorities that you are constantly going on. Thus, we can give to our offspring, our grandchildren that operates a project called "Other Russia". How will our descendants will use it - it is another question. probably since the Second Russia simply swallow the first. I do not know how it will be, we will not live up to that time. But try to be "- he writes.

activities of the new "City of the Sun caused a real delight NBP tired of useless and meaningless performances direct actions, whose outcomes are measured with criminal cases and prison sentences. Maybe there, in the distant Siberian forests supporters Eduard Limonov find their happiness. New happiness and a new leader. Alas, the current leader of the National Bolsheviks firmly tightened quagmire of glamor. Want a young Passionate save his elderly leader? And if he wants to barter club parties and airs on the cold air of the taiga? The question that has yet to find the answer.

Arina Semenova


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