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Sherlock Holmes against the CIA and Scotland Yard

November 28 2006

Among the many versions on the causes of poisoning ex-FSB colonel Alexander Litvinenko, as well as customers and the perpetrators of the crime added another. Former Russian secret service suggest that the operation to eliminate Litvinenko has not been without their participation the West, including, perhaps, our American colleagues.

The story of the poisoning of former FSB officer, Colonel Alexander Litvinenko could well become one of the reasons for that its investigation took up the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Again, as a century ago, Scotland Yard detectives are at an impasse, the audience freezes in anticipation, but a couple of private detectives gracefully and easily unravel a sinister tangle.

It is difficult to say whether the direct investigation into the death of Russian spy modern Lestrade, but London police is really in disarray. What is the approximate Berezovsky former FSB agent was poisoned - no doubt from anyone. Enigma only, who, where, when and what poisoned refugee from Russia? And here the result of a deadlock.

Nearly three weeks from receipt of Mr Litvinenko in hospital, all were convinced that the cause of poisoning was thallium. But despite the fact that under appropriate procedures, even poisoned by a lethal dose of the radioactive substance the person can be saved, none of this was not done. But a few days before the sudden death of Litvinenko was also another, eventually became a principal, a version of the poisoning by polonium-210 .... Moreover, it should suddenly surfaced everywhere visited Litvinenko in the final days before admission to hospital: his home, in cafes, in the office of Berezovsky, etc. Constantly emerge and other puzzles-winding result in a deadlock. Why dying message of Litvinenko, bad-speaking foggy Albion, suddenly was presented to the public in the form of a document on a fine literary English with facsimiles Litvinenko instead of a handwritten signature? There are many other moments, forcing the British police just shrug their shoulders and to develop the story of ... suicide.

Veterans of the Russian secret service, of course, does not claim to be an English gentleman-detective, but in no way inferior to him nor wit, nor in his ability to unravel the secrets of which in their practice fell no less than Sherlock Holmes.

Nicholas Buhovets, a veteran foreign intelligence, General Director of TV "telephoto":

- Everyone understands that this is not the handiwork of the Russian secret service, because for us, Litvinenko little interest. All that is possible, he said. Anyway in the last 50 years, similar actions against those who betrayed the interests of the Fatherland, has been undertaken. Even more important figure lowered their anti-Russian activities. And here - too small a figure. I think that Litvinenko just started playing, got involved in this relationship with Berezovsky and his entourage.

If the Russian security services were somehow involved in this story, it could only have access to Mr Litvinenko and probing his ability or intent to cooperate with us in relation to Mr Berezovsky. And kill him was pointless.

In this case, Berezovsky, or someone from his entourage were interested in Litvinenko's death. Because if he knew something, it is no longer Russia's secrets, and "birch kitchen. Moreover, the participation of Mr Litvinenko in the work of Berezovsky and the Russian side could not but arouse the wrath of the fugitive tycoon. So, getting rid of Litvinenko, Berezovsky, on the one hand, gets rid of the suitcase without a handle - and that is hard to pull, and throw a pity.

I have no confidence that it "killed" it is polonium-210, but something like it just happened.Once poisoned, Litvinenko was no longer able to perceive what is happening around them. The man, who suffered internal bleeding, which has denied all the bodies that actually can not perceive the real situation. Moreover, something to analyze and make any statements.

I think that Americans surely had a hand in his assassination. They could hire someone through a third or fourth hand - if anything at all ends not find. About this operation the British could simply not know. The game here is serious. I am sure that American intelligence agencies knew, and perhaps even help terrorists in their atrocity on September 11. Probably, they also had a hand to the Litvinenko case. This is comparable to the handwriting thing.

Leonid Ivashov, vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems:

Our intelligence services did not make sense to kill Litvinenko. You can certainly assume that this occurs only someone of his former colleagues, but it is unlikely that they began to carry out such operations. What actually happened - will result. I think that he was of no use to those who used it and they decided to remove him as an extra burden - financial, human, etc. The other option, I do not see.

Similar technology has already become commonplace in the criminal community and some non-Russian security services. Man forced to make a sensational statement, promising him money, and when he makes this statement, it is removed to the same time for someone to specify. In this case - to the Kremlin.

The story of Litvinenko acceptance of Islam, including a request to consider him a shahid, shows that he was confused in his actions, ready to accept any religion and to make any statement. It is said that he was totally independent, was already in a state of disorientation in life. And someone had manipulated - that he was offered, then he did.

It is possible that Litvinenko could and make special preparations, affecting the psyche. But even without such effects, he was in a very difficult psychological state. This kind of people who are somewhere someone will betray and then hope to earn fame and a lot of money, then necessarily become hostages of their own destiny. To have the means to survive in a foreign country, they are ready to sign anything, and to ascribe to. For example, it was necessary to slander the Soviet Union - they slandered. Litvinenko also became such a hostage.

You can, of course, to make examination of his statements, including psychological and psychiatric. Moreover, both written and video. After all, our modern technology allows even a video spoof. However, I do not think that this will be a special sense. Well, make examination, and then what? Who will treat her? Press Make noise, who can talk about - and all.

It's very complicated situation. Even Berezovsky completely slavish people hostage several structures: the intelligence and political establishment, and transnational corporations. It can kill and the same Chechen fighters, if he will not serve them, may remove the same British intelligence, and can and does give Russia - if storguyutsya. Therefore, Berezovsky pulling the strings, and it represents that he has his own structure, and he, in turn, pulls on his own.


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