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The theater of terror Carabas-Barabas

August 28 2006

A sense of causation of the residual. Detainees organizers explosion in the market "Eurasia" suppressed to a greater or lesser extent all. It's quite clear all the recorded television cameras filmed the judicial procedures of the detention. Inexperienced terrorists panic fear jail, begging me to let go, swear that they do not flee from justice. Naivety or stupidity? Hard to escape the impression that they were unaware until the end of terror act committed by them.

Internet littered with all sorts of recipes for self-made explosives (up to the use of Analgin!). Perhaps the students felt that operate the only cracker in order to properly scare "uzkoplenochnyh? Specialists vzryvotehniki skeptical about the possibility to cook in the kitchen that a kilogram of TNT equivalent. The question is - themselves whether studiozusy bungled revolutionary "Jelly"? And if not - then who?

The most absurd in shares - 55 seconds delay detonator. Who and why is programmed so miserable time? Its too little to take away his legs. They were just lucky. There will they hurry on your shoelace each other - and themselves would remain forever in the market cafe in Cherkizovo. Maybe that's the way it was conceived?

Perhaps one of them and to the senior year of high school and had not grown out of skinhedovskih camouflage pants "City Hunters 38." Perhaps someone belonged organization that broke up an attempt to Gay Pride in Moscow ... The political face of student suicide silyatsya under a magnifying glass to consider analysts of different manifestations, but all of the image until emerges cloudy. There is much talk about the phenomenon of the digital society - say, illegal gatherings Social Democrats last century successfully replaces the "flash mob" and the incendiary chats National Socialists. And yet formal membership or even simple empathy extremist youth groups in this case is not determinative.

It's one thing when, picked up a little Nazi fantasies RNE noobs-skins with beer all kagalom people marked black in the night street. It's quite another - the preparation of a terrorist act, which by calculating cold-blooded nature of effort and simply can not be a spontaneous outburst. In the bloody sabbath on the Cherkizovsky have to be a puppeteer. Who is it, we may soon find out. Psychophysical state captured at the crime scene perpetrators of terrorist acts is that they cover the customer will not last long. Themselves - do not take exactly. Especially in view of the incriminated article, "Murder", where each of the 13 points up to life imprisonment.

This undeniable sign of power - with the liberal bombers did not intend. Historical experience and techniques to curb terrorism, thank God, are available. In the end, Pyotr Stolypin went down in history not only as the founder of the liberal economic reforms.

Unknown - who. But it is clear - q uid prodest .. Something quite a while no hearing nor the spirit of Boris Abramitch. Not whether he was going to forcibly capture the power? Does not Mr. Yelenin, by his own admission, worked to overthrow the government in Russia? It is ridiculous, of course, provide Berezovsky cooking something TNT-equivalent in his castle near London, in the family sauceboat some British landlord. He, of course, will not cook. BAB even pay for it will not be on the "grandmother" once again divorced Nevzlin. Israeli recluse get away nowhere - even heat, even the rain, though the "Grad" from "Hezbollah." Its own animal, he hoped to sow fear in the homeland, which he now no longer historical.

And the performers there.Regular obolvanennye young ignoramus - with Hitler in the head and explosives in his hand. Whose money, though? Several thousand leaflets with nationalistic appeals scattered in Tomsk, also require a budget. We want to assure you that this is a coincidence?

Michael Ascension


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