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Chukotka Believer

June 28 2008

The events of church life rarely become the subject of public discussion. And not just because the church is trying not to wash dirty linen in public and privately resolve all disputes, but also because of the specificity of the subject of dispute. Rumors that Pugacheva Kirkorov divorces and marries Galkina, a hapless Fili ernicheskie writes songs about his spoernika - cause to worry the hearts of millions. Well, simply because the sign as a matter of conflict and its heroes. But look who was right in the dispute, the Bishop of Chukotka Diomede with the Patriarchate is much more difficult.

Actually, for the average consumer information, one thing is clear - the scandal erupted serious. And inflames all the rules of public relations - scandalous statements "forbidden" videobrascheniya the Internet, fights, etc. elements of PR designed to transform dull in terms of the average witness the spectacle in spectacular show.

And here I must say, Diomede and Co. were a cut above the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, removing the controversial bishop of the diocese for the activity, "contains in itself a violation of canonical norms and contributing to the temptation of church life." Well, denounced and condemned, who do not happen. And here is whether to deal with hundreds of old ladies Synod telling on the benches at the entrances and in subway cars, "for what actually pursue Diomede?

And the truth, for what? Surprisingly, in the appeals Diomede to lay their "truth" found everything - from the pious old ladies and Orthodox patriots to the young communists and the Russian "Orange". One liking abstracts for an immediate ban on mobile phones and the new electronic passports, since in this case the Americans will destroy their owners directly from space. Others were delighted by the accusations against the top leadership of the ROC's withdrawal from the Orthodox Faith, indulging "the heresy of ecumenism" (by which is meant the message of the church leadership of the leaders of other Christian denominations and joint prayers with "heterodox"), as well as a "tacit agreement instead of rebuke anti-people policies of the existing government. " Third melted at the words of a Jewish world conspiracy, the recognition of the Group of Eight world's body of Masonic government, preparing the coming of the Antichrist, the condemnation of "alien to the Russian spirit" of democracy and the need to elevate to the throne of a monarch. Fourth and fifth just sided with the rebel bishop after he acted against the movement Nashi.

To conduct scientific analysis of all program abstracts bishop of Chukotka no sense. First, it takes too much time. Secondly, entice the reader into the maze of historical, philosophical and religious hypotheses on the solution of which are still debated by the representatives of above mentioned areas.

Let us just sketch the picture of a new "Russia of Diomede." Thus, it is forbidden to use mobile phones and other "chipovannyh" devices. Aloud about this Diomede he does not say, but by analogy in a row with a mobile phone is easy to get up all kinds of communicators, computers, and, of course, "diabolical" the Internet. TIN, passport also outlawed, because they contain hidden "number of the beast" and thus "the state establishes the total control over the individual." That is, at this stage Diomede companions not only to cast Russia in a minimum of 19-th century, but also make the continued existence of the country and its citizens completely pointless - against the backdrop of world-level technology development, Russia is turning into some South American Indian tribe.Unless, of course, generally remains a country - it will be interesting to see the combat capability of lacking access to modern technology the Army. But this is only one of the requirements of Chukotka bishop!

Next Diomede suggested that all possible contacts of the Orthodox Church with other religions, to eliminate democracy and put its head of state of the monarch. We must assume that the elimination of democracy is unlikely to happen in a democratic way (at least by the bishop would be strange to call the people to vote for the restoration of the monarchy). Not to mention the fact on what basis will be elected monarch. As is known, the monarch - is anointed by God and not his right to renounce the cooperation with the church. If the church has no right to interfere in the sovereign, then we can imagine what a head of state, not bound by any obligations - either in front of the church, nor to the people.

In general, read the testimonies of Bishop Diomede as a fairy tale: more and more terrible. As rightly said Deacon Andrei Kuraev, Diomede "long and hopelessly lost touch with reality, and this is unlikely due to the remoteness of his department. The issue here is that it allows itself to see and what not. Passion total of suspicion over them has the upper hand and he is only obeying misinterpret this passion, "- says the priest.

It seems that the belief that the disgraced bishop honestly mistaken and the cause is so soft against him the sentence. "Bishop Diomede in itself presents no threat, they took him to turn anti-clerical forces and unwind under the name of his propaganda campaign," - said Metropolitan Filaret, referring just to a number of notorious individuals associated with foreign intelligence agencies. "Bishop Diomede himself until the end is not, what is involved," - said Filaret.

Diomede himself in Moscow did not come. According to rumors, he locked himself in the Chukotka region in the cell and pray. He really is something to think about. The fate of the disgraced bishop will be decided at the next meeting of the Synod to be held in mid-July. In case of refusal to repent Diomede until that time, he will be deprived of his episcopal rank.

Arina Semenova


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