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Today we have a gay pride parade

May 28 2007

It stood near the subway and, impatiently shifting from foot to foot nervously smoked. Bad manicure, somehow superimposed cosmetics, women's trouser suit and battered hat with a rose could not hide the tired face and figure of a 40-year old man with a bear's grace defile on thin heels. One and all passers-by looked at the miracle of miracles, and some did not believe the first time, specially came back to pass again and contemptuously spit. The appearance of this gay-proletarian in a residential area of Moscow - is a feat. But once a year, the day of the Pride, you can take a risk and health. The more so that high-ranking European gays seem to have especially come to Moscow to enter into close contact with the Orthodox community and other homophobes with all the ensuing consequences.

As in the past year, the Moscow mayor's office rejected all claims of organizers gay pirsherstva - and march Myasnitskoi street, and the ritual of laying flowers at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexander Garden, and on picket lines in support of sexual minorities in front of City Hall and in Novopushkinsky park. As a result, the organizing committee Pride rose to position us a little, but we Thong, decided to go all the authorities out of spite to the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky that in front of the Moscow government to pass an angry petition and say what they think about it .

Gay domestic spill, incidentally, turned out to be quite a bit. Most of the delegates from the "blue" and "pink" movements were directly themselves the leaders of these organizations, of which nebeznosnovatelno suspect that no they are not gay, but simply doing business on the "blue" theme, as well as several foreign visitors, protect the right to use their own ass like a free person likes, and condemn Putin's regime, under which persons with different sexual orientations do not give plaguing.

Russian human rights activists, who hoped to help "free gay" at the last moment refused to support the gay parade, citing the fact that the organizers of the event began to collaborate with member-brawler from the LDPR Alexei Mitrofanov. Moreover, representatives of human rights and anti-fascist organizations, previously refused to cooperate with the Organizing Committee, "Gay Pride", launched at a press conference constriction "MitrofanOFF NO PASARAN", then "were immediately expelled from the hall." and their address accusations of "fascism and extremism."

But the real extreme gay parade participants waited in the center of Moscow. More precisely, they waited for SWAT, journalists and Orthodox community, eagerly stretch their fists to meet our dear guests. Needless to say that the welcoming was at times more than the result of lost in the crowd of gay protesters. Police, honestly, got in unusual conditions - whether to suppress the standing organizing an unsanctioned rally, or to protect gays, lesbians and transgender people from the public, in unison chanting "Death to the PID races ..!". As a result, it was decided a Solomonic solution: hold the gay community, so that, God forbid, something worse has happened.

One of the first in the hands of police officers hit the deputy of the State Assembly of Bashkortostan (Kurultai), a member of the Yabloko party, Edvard Murzin - one of the most famous fighters for the rights of sexual minorities, convinced that his efforts simply obliged to support my own party. "Unnecessary 5-10 percent of the vote would not want" - says Murzin. Behind him followed and the rest of the organizers of the gay parade, headed by Nikolai Alexeyev.

But the real action was observed at this time on the opposite side Tversoky at a monument to the founder of Moscow.Chernoformennye Orthodox gonfalon, Cossacks, Youth T-shirt with the image of the imperial flag and the inscription "USSR" eagerly strolled down the sidewalk.

Revival has come after a poster on "gay rights" have appeared are the same. "So, dear citizens, please release the roadway, you are preventing the movement" - affectionately called on the demonstrators by policemen. Those obviously would not go anywhere without first having communicated with their opponents. Recent did not disappoint foreign guests' taste for Russian exotica, and gave them some weighty blows.

"The police, why did you protect them? - Shouted in perfect English people in a good suit, which is immediately surrounded by journalists. To express their position, the person witnessing the approach of strong guys, immediately rushed to pass into the hands of law enforcement." These perverts that have gathered here something to hold and even give an interview. We came to support the militia and support the Russian people who oppose it - explaining the foreign correspondent is one of gonfalon. - Because the police hesitantly operates, it can be something to miss. "

Foreigners, by the way, or pretend, or do not really understand why you beat them. "You're normal guys, we are ready to accept any guests but not sodomite," - explained patiently overseas gay one Muscovite. Foreigner did surprise-stupid face: "I don't understand", - he said. But this place has taken a tolerant negotiator spunky young man shouted "Beat by a fag" - and blunt foreigner hastened to escape.

Once more it was no one to beat, the opponents met in a verbal debate. Appeared in the epicenter of events left activists of youth organizations demanded the return of the Criminal Code of the Russian 121-th article, being punished for consensual sexual relations between men. "Get the Stalinist penal code!" - They demanded, adding that "it is better to blush with shame than of shamelessness turn blue." But here's the French Communists, actively supported the gay pride parade in Moscow seems to have had fairly "pogolubet" for its "shameless" Russian colleagues.

Inherited and some journalists, too active to express their positions. "But the pi ... s I still gave a bit. I remember those suspenders and intercepted on the other side. Earrings have noticed, the cube on the microphone Ehovsky, fitted shirt ... Well, all the signs, in short, of homosexuality. And here's what happened next, I'll be long remembered - says the correspondent of radio "Echo Moskvy" RTVi television and Roman Super. - Hales mudachok me somewhere, comes a young policeman and bristly. bustles about what is happening here. I Grew that I have now beat will give at least a club once themselves can not do anything. And I lift interrupts and says that he's my bodyguard, and now, pulls me - young and poor - from the crowd. At that bristly he replied: "Well, then takes it Rather, now a civil war will break out. "And I'm so winks homosexually-pregomoseksualno, adding in a whisper:" You, boy, you have two minutes to dissolve the guard in the crowd. ... bnul me a couple times a grudak fat bastard and dissolved in the crowd, promising to kill as something like the mood will be. For some reason remembered Nikolai Alexeyev with a bouquet of flowers. All of this charismatic, nice, European ".

However, the next day, the ratio of Roma to Alexei has changed dramatically and he publicly called him an indecent word. "Nikolai Alexeyev, you're not a gay activist, you're a real fag. And do not even fag and fag! The second year in a row you are substitutes for girls and boys who, for whatever reason is not driven me right circling around you in a rainbow flag, as enchanted.You substitutes journalists who spits in the second year in a homophobic person bydlyatina. Spits, and then beats his Orthodox limbs, where necessary. Second consecutive year, you coward arrested in early pride, to avoid what happened again today with me. Someone calls you a pioneer. In my opinion, you are a provocateur, "- wrote he in his diary in the "Live Journal".

Journalists opposition media are just beginning to understand the essence of provocateurs, organizing unauthorized rallies, substituted young boys and girls under the OMON batons, and themselves under the pretext navrode what happened recently with the leaders of The Other Russia, which allegedly was not allowed in the aircraft flying in Samara, a cowardly yielding police early action to good English give interviews to foreign journalists, complaining about how bad they live in a "police state".

Arina Semenova


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