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Notes of a bloody revolutionary

April 28 2006

In those ancient times, when the Soviet Union has instilled fear and respect a neighboring state, and in the Union, fought for peace all over the world, in these days are Pre and atmosphere reigned appropriate. The country is preparing to meet Mayday shock labor, and mothers with their dads shock scoured the bazaars and shops, buying the necessary products for the holiday feast. No more shocks the Soviet people had not experienced. How different now! When before the Day of International Solidarity of Workers, there is very little time, the main topics of conversation are to be or not be a person with different sexual orientations held a march through Red ploaschadi are right or not those who are trying to pushing the tragedy and what they think about each other activists of the NBP and Young Russia

Inflict a gay retaliate?

Before the May Day as something of itself surfaced a few almost forgotten issue with domestic gay movement. Fans soriginalnichat in matters of sex education intend to put Russia on a par with enlightened European countries, where gay tusovka long ceased to have problems, and its representatives, even in senior government positions. That's v. netraditsionalov "and decided to make April 30 the national-patriotic organizations, calling for a rally against ... uh ... Well, ever. LJ user evgen_v wrote: "at this meeting will be one Orthodox and national-patriotic organizations. This is not a rally against the gay parade, and increasingly, against this phenomenon in general. If the Russian people - pi ... with, it is natural that He loses so proud title as the Russian. " What vele_ss wondered what the Protestants are going to do with gays. "You have something to do with them going? Calculate Yes gazenvagen? Me here personally as some disgust in someone's sex life to climb, zapadlo that if (but gay parade else - there I am with fittings ready to go). And you?" Apparently such morbid interest - a consequence of sexually zashorenoy religion. "

International Scandal

happened in Tomsk, where the local branch of the United Civil Front "in conjunction with NBP activists attempted to overlap the road on which was supposed to pass a tuple of the two heads of states - Russia and Germany - but the next day managed to give Angela Merkel a leaflet NBP in German. On this occasion, LiveJournal community has already started to giggle. Poor nazbols! Compose a letter to German Chancellor, and could not find 5 bucks on the interpreter, "- wrote stirlitz76 , noting the many grammatical and spelling errors in the text of the letter. "And in my opinion very good INTO errors. From the plow, from the bottom write Angela ...", - believes mcparker . But it became clear that mistakes were made deliberately and everything to ensure that no one figured it out. "Conspiracy, my friend ...", - excuses for ignorance NBP NBP spokesman Alexander Averin .


It is so appreciated eternity_ns leaflets signed by the motion of "Defense", which appeared in the main building of Moscow State University. "On April 21 GBs MSU fire occurred, which resulted in two people died from choking on the smoke. During that nobody brought to justice.For those who care, come to the monument Governors 27 April to 14.30 "- read the text leaflets." These leaflets from about 14.00 people were distributed before the club entrance to the main building. At the monument to Lomonosov 14.30 organizers gathered people 5 college-age with a "Defense", "journalist", which, however, very vigorously defended the organizers, and 15-20 MSU students, most of whom were outraged by the ads and most of the action! Snider PR is difficult to even imagine! - Resents it. - And if it was just a moment of silence, would not they Your political organization, then no questions would have arisen ... It is worth noting that among the organizers had only 1 person relevant to MSU, but he was afraid to introduce myself. The questions the organizers were unable to answer, thus showing a complete ignorance of the topic actions and incompetence of the organization. So I want to say "defencists" that organize themselves from the misery of people share - is more than just mean! ".

Unknown girl supported the infamous "bloody revolutionary, leader of the Human Rights Movement," Left Turn "and a member of the" Youth Yabloko Andrew Gardens : "The main goal of the opposition - this chamber PR. Everything more they do not need anything. I have already spent on its there - in opposition - the time realized. On the ideas they do not care - they are not. Current cover ideas that are used for promotion and public relations people or traffic. At Barabanov sued - Vorobyov happy! " In such a PR tough he staged. Court - filthy business. But here's the PR, damn it! Important! Main Learn your pictures from the rally to hang and show - how cool you are. Ideas do not. Political lifestyle! This is not politics, friends, and - a farce, profonatsiya.

However, the informal leader of Defence " Oleg Kozlovsky refutes the above theses. "The action was devised MSU students who have asked us to help with the organization. Naturally, we could not refuse. No leaflets or anywhere else," Defence "is not mentioned. On her first to speak was provocateurs who tried to create a scandal," - he writes.

In the footsteps of past actions

Discussions are continuing yesterday's action movement "Young Russia" in Savelovski court. However, fresh ideas to score. Continues to accuse supporters of the NBP "Young Russia" in that they paid the Kremlin, while those to turn National Bolsheviks has been criticized for their venality Nevzlin.

"Limonovtsa too dohera think you are" - refers to his opponents is one of the protesters . - If it were not for the NBP, the others more involved in it were not for politics and public affairs. Or do you really think that choking Limonov bestowed such an honor? "." Do not tell my slippers! - Responds to him irokez-1942 - Today, the opposition-minded youth, all kinds of skins, the National Bolsheviks, members of the Komsomol, etc. estimated already at least many tens of thousands, and the various opposition sympathizers organizations - the millions. "

But the outcome of the whole discussion led unberillii : "Yes, got you all already," policies "crappy. Go on, sing on Forests to the guitar, if you do nothing, or has been working somewhere as people, rather than engage in useless crap!All of you from the NBP and punk-Street Fighter to the blue of the yuppie "Defense" and the frostbitten Yakimenko of giving up on the ruble going along Kitties-cookie from the "Young Russia" in Russia five to ten thousand people. And the stink on you, unfinished Komsomol, as of got out of the sewer March Cat.

In LiveJournal looked around Elena Boyko

(Spelling, punctuation and style of the authors of quotations almost saved)

Oleg Artyukov

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