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Russian Communists are divided into "red" and "orange"

March 28 2007

In-fighting clans in the Communist Party, which until recently managed to hide the raging stream splashed on the heads of anything hitherto unsuspecting party activists.

As it was already reported , the subject of conflict was the so-called march "Defend Moscow, allegedly initiated by the Communist Party together with the United Civil Front, Garry Kasparov and the National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov. According to popular announcements, on March 31 above is said organizations are going to have to hold in Moscow protest "Defend Moscow!".

Organizers expect to start at 12 pm on March 31 on Pushkin Square and marched to go to Theatre Square, where, in turn, in 13 hours was to be another meeting, also organized by the Communist Party. The difference was only that the announcement of the meeting on the Theater Square, there was no mention of either on the march "Defend Moscow", or about Kasparov with Limonov.

"We are headquarters of protest actions across the country protest relating to the protection of our seniors. Kasparov And no, no other such figures would not be close podpuscheno our actions - categorically stated" Elektorat.Info "Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, Vladimir Kashin. - Someone came up with a provocation - with the "Other Russia" something to hold, and this attempt provocateurs condemned. "

It is also noteworthy that the error was introduced, even Secretary of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party, Vladimir Ulas, also confirmed that "about Kasparov and the" Other Russia "are not talking." Moreover, he was very surprised at the fact that the text of the Manifesto of the march and the banner of the event with a list of all participating parties and movements available on the website of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party. "But we did hang them? I, in general, take a look and ask to edit. I do not think anyone this abbreviation - FMG even the politically literate not decipher. And there, that their banner, is that it hangs? That I did not finish. No formal application was given it was the Communist Party - the Moscow City Committee and the Committee of protection of civil rights. FSI No in this application is not - a few puzzled Ulas said.

However, supporters of unification with the "Other Russia" in the Communist Party had no intention of giving up. With direct access to media resources of the Party, they are directly and unequivocally accused opponents of rapprochement with the "Other Russia" in collaboration ... with United Russia . In particular, the chief editor of the website Anatoly Baranov wrote: "... it is very difficult to understand what is going on with the march" Defend Moscow! ". It may give the impression that the ranks of the Communist Party reigns for some incomprehensible confusion, etc. Although nothing of the kind - the authorities banned the march, which the protesters asked the citizens to confine the rally at the Theater Square. Information about this is in the party media, more and seems comprehensive. "electorate-Info" refers to the category of "flush" the administration President, in fact life is completely controlled by political technologists "United Russia" ... Of course, the problem of the resource does not include objective coverage of the opposition, and especially - to assist the opposition. Nevertheless, the prominent Communist Party continued to give interviews that, a comment on this "toilet tank" United Russia ", in particular the internal state of affairs in the party, the relationship of its individual members and leaders ... I would like to warn his comrades about the undesirability of the Party's reputation for using such sources of information dissemination./ P>

In short, Anatoly Baranov, one shot kills several birds with one stone. First, once again legitimize march "Defend Moscow" in defiance of an official event of the Communist Party. Secondly, in fact openly accuses some members of the leadership of the Communist Party of sabotaging only for what they are enough that opposed cooperation with the "orange", and yes even made it to the round fellow Baranova, who have a strong suspicion, is unlikely to set himself would be to criticize the "Other Russia" and its constituent organizations.

But the problem is that Anatoly Baranov Yet so far is not the sole and absolute owner of the official online resource of the Communist Party, but because he had to publish "The statement of the patriotic forces of Russia , which on behalf of several organizations, among which, incidentally, no figures from the "Other Russia", explicitly states that they are not on the road with such revolutionaries as "architects and superintendents of Orange and nomenclatural revolutions - Kasyanov and Mironov.

This is not the first scandal, Anatoly Baranov, the last month . And this is hardly a shameful dismantling instrumental in improving ranking Communist Party, strengthen inner-discipline and bring together members of the party, internally torn between communist beliefs and insinuations of some party comrades, the leading Communist party to compromise with dubious allies.

Dmitry Nosov


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