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Life and Death "Max Madness"

March 28 2007

- I do not want to die! Please let me go on parole to ensure that I could ensure its security. I flew to Ukraine voluntarily ... I was preparing a meeting with Putin, five Ukrainian politicians who were supposed to ensure my safety ... - Pleaded with the Russian businessman and crime boss, Maxim Kurochkin, better known by his nickname "Mad Max" workers Sviatoshynskyi Court of Kiev, where his case was tried on extortion 10,000 dollars and an apartment with plasma TV from a certain Alexander Lemeshko.

The defendant tried in vain to convince the judges that accuse him, the owner of the five oblenergos, three hotels, seven gorgazami and total monthly income of half a million dollars in petty extortion is just stupid. And at that moment he was no longer Kurochkin, and Max Mad, experienced, but the animal's feelings bring danger. He tried to, if not escape from this trap, then at least to save his life. He wanted to tell something. ... But the Court was adamant in his requests.

The guards brought Kurochkin courtyard of the court that on the special car to take him to prison. Mad Max for a moment stood in the doorway, to breathe the air of freedom, and in that instant shot was heard. The bullet went right through him in the heart, pierced belly of one of the guards and the inner door of the court. As it became known later, a bullet fired from a sniper rifle, was "of NATO," because it disintegrated in the room. But Max Madness was already anyway. He was dead.

Official biography of Maxim Kurochkin unlikely to be interested in the ordinary reader. Born June 4, 1969 in Moscow. In 1989, after demobilization from the army entered the evening division of the law faculty of Moscow State University, graduating in 1994. Actively involved in judo. In recent years he lived in luxury estate near Zhukovka, which is recorded in the Guinness book as the world's only village in the center of which, in addition to salon Mazeratti "and many other shops and boutiques that make up the basic infrastructure of villages, there is a boutique" Cartier. "

But much more interesting to look biography of Max Madness. As the site says "URA-Inform" , even before a Max Mad, our hero headed Izmailovsky Brigade "organized criminal group" Luzhnikovskaya "and called respectively" Max Luzhnikovskim. "The first money is really with it (the market" Luzhniki "- Ed.) Appeared. Together with Babakov (one of the leaders of the party" Fair Russia ".- approx. Ed.) Have been shareholder of the firm" Bavas, which first took to the management market in the Luzhniki. Good money is earned. And what's wrong? "Someone on oil makes someone - on the markets" - recalled Kurochkin.

Renaming Max Luzhnikovskogo in Raging likely linked to his "mad", violent temper. We know, for example, about how a birthday present he ordered about 100 girls, forcing the pre-tests done and then taken to the ship to the criminal authority. The holiday was a success - some ladies in the deranged state later caught behind. They go about the history and orgies in the right wing of the 6 th floor of Kiev hotel Premier Palace, where he, along with "Over the Hedge" lived from 2002 to 2005. Still, Kurochkin was not by the average "bull", sharpened only minor manipulations. Criminal authority from Moscow, as well as his colleague, Alexander Babakov, Ukraine has managed to create its own, quite a big business.

In Ukraine, the former "luzhnikovtsy" transformed into "the Slovak business group. The main goal - oblenergo that they acquire a Slovak company VS Energy International, to the owners of which also appear Yevgeny Giner and Alexander Babakov.Through SE Energy International and the Swiss firm "SOFISU SA" "luzhnikovskie" get the privatization tender six Ukrainian electricity distribution companies, namely: "Cherkasyoblenergo", "Zhitomiroblenergo", "Khersonoblenergo", "Kirovogradoblenergo", "Sevastopoloblenergo", "Odessaoblenergo and etc.

An interesting method of doing business by Moscow newcomers. Thus, according to the publication "Subject", Chairman of the Board "Poltavaoblenergo" wrote a letter of resignation after a half hour confidential communication with Kurochkin. A similar, less tractable chairman of the power company OAO Zhitomiroblenergo Peter Starovoytov was the victim of an accident - his car "Audi crashed into a truck with a trailer KrAZ.

Subsequently, according to media reports, Maksim Kurochkin was considered a "dog" in Ukraine over the activities of the Slovak company VS Energy International. However, during the last presidential election, Kurochkin leaves the holding and sever relations with its Russian partner Babakov. According to the most Kurochkin, the main cause of the conflict was "different visions of the business." But it is possible that the breakup was caused by political differences ex-partners.

Political base Kurochkin in Ukraine before 2004 is considered to be SDPU (o), in particular, its leader, Viktor Medvedchuk. And in the midst of presidential elections in Ukraine Kurochkin considered to be one of the main financiers of the Yanukovich campaign. At the same time Babakov repeatedly seen in the headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko with an orange scarf. "Babakov, who was an observer at the election of the President of Ukraine from the Russian State Duma, in every way showed their commitment to an alternative candidate, and even appeared on television in an orange scarf. That he even provoked a parliamentary interpellation Zhirinovsky of impropriety of his behavior. Politsimpatii Given his former surroundings in early 2005, Kurochkin resigned from the "Slovakian team," wrote "URA-Inform.

After parting with Babakov Kurochkin was excessively talkative, telling in detail about his former partner , and even preparing to write a book. "I describe in detail my life, Babakova, our partners - from 1989 to today - he said the information portal compatriots . - And all I can say that Sasha - a good man. He has his strengths, but there is weakness " .

At the same time, he became an undesirable person in Ukraine. Began the hunt for him and his people. There was an unsuccessful attempt on the very Kurochkin, when unknown mined his car and a businessman only narrowly escaped death. But his closest friends is much less fortunate: December 16, 2006 in Dnepropetrovsk, was killed CEO and owner of "Dnipropetrovsk Central Market (Ozerka) Vladimir Vorobiev, and March 16, 2007 at Obukhovskoy track in the Kiev region was discovered by car Toyota Land Cruiser with lots of bullet holes and three corpses. One of the victims - the former chief of Maxim Kurochkin Andrew Harchishen.

In February 2005, Maksim Kurochkin was wanted by the Central Bureau of Interpol in Ukraine on suspicion of involvement in the commission of two crimes under part 2 st.189 (extortion) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. According to the investigation MIA, the first such fact took place in Simeize, the second - in the Kiev region. The total amount of funds Extortion - 10 thousand dollars.

Blaming the millionaire in extortion 10,000 dollars was so funny that it became clear - for the arrest Kurochkin are third forces."In fact, the importance of Maxim Kurochkin for Russia too exaggerated. He has enemies here too short supply. And most important of them - Alexander Babakov, head of Duma's Rodina faction, and in combination - the owner of several major energy companies in Ukraine and Russia - commented Newspaper in Kiev "arrest Kurochkin known Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky . - There is a version that it was behind the arrest Babakov Kurochkin, allegedly because of business conflicts. "

And now, after the death of Kurochkin at the hands of hired killers, again at the forefront of the Russian version of the traces of the crime. "Whoever carried out this order, held a special highly trained in extreme situations, for actions to defeat - says Lieutenant-General Vasily Krutov , during 1994-1998, who led anti-terrorist Special Forces of the Security Service of Ukraine "Alpha". - It is possible that color is still a Russian, because Russian interests are involved, and he (Maxim Kurochkin), still a citizen of Russia.

At the same time, Ukrainian politicians are not inclined to attribute the killing of a Russian businessman Maksim Kurochkin to the political. "They were gangsters, they are not linked to political squabbles. There is a redistribution of spheres. The trouble is that business in Russia is linked to the business of Ukraine, and that the shooting is in our territory. It is, so to speak, no colors", - noted MP of the Socialist Party faction Alexander Baranivsky. This is also the opinion of First Deputy Interior Minister Igor white teeth , stating, inter Version Kurochkin murder police is considering, in particular relating to his activities in the Russian Federation. There is no reason to suspect a than a former partner who was killed Babakov. Most likely, the version of gangsters, not affecting any of the persons concerned in the Ukraine, will prevail. And then another political mystery becomes more.

Arina Semenova

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