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Generation MBH

November 27 2009

The course of modernization, proposed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, is seriously provoke liberal opposition, somehow, but engage in a discussion on this issue. In this case, the secret of success upgrading the opposition sees the immediate destruction of existing institutions of power and formation of a new, narrowly-social caste modernizers - Generation M.

In the role of leader of the national liberal mind was made ex-Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Described them in his article "Modernization: Generation M" Theses almost unreservedly adopted by the armed supporters of a liberal comeback. They are, in principle, not so much. First, says Khodorkovsky, modernization in Russia is impossible without giving up an authoritarian system, the "vertical power" of radical political reform, etc. Second - and most important thing! - To answer the question about who actually will perform this upgrade. According to the oligarch, "requires a whole social layer - a complete modernization class" for which the modernization of the country will become a condition of "progressive coming to power." In other words, MBH talking about creating a new elite, the total number of "not less than 3% of the population, that is, about 2 million people. "This community - sums Khodorkovsky - the ability to become a collective modernizing the subject, called conditional generation of modernization - the" generation of M ".

Do I need to clarify the alleged representatives of the "Generation M", which "by definition do not like the" vertical of power "? The answer is more than evident. Just look at the regulars' Marches of Dissent "to appreciate" the future elite. " However, it now is not about them, and Khodorkovsky's proposed system of social-Darwinian selection, previously tested by Yukos as part of "Open Russia".

From the perspective of the dictator, the creation of just such "modernization golem" and "innovative henchmen" is justified. However, the head of the Association of Citizens' Georgy Fedorov, "no major changes or upgrades are not carried out a minority." As a minimum, this model will lead to a stratification in society, widening the gap between rich and poor. "I would not say that it is a social racism in its pure form, but it's part of it," - said the analyst.

Formation of a "generation of modernizers" name MBH is impossible without breaking the existing political system. Namely - democracy in its classical sense. Instead it is intended caste democracy in which the new political elite will have a special, including voting rights. As a result of the election? Except in the event that 97 per cent of "second-class" population will be entitled to vote for the "elite".

Meanwhile, Dmitry Medvedev, in his article "Russia!" already answered the question who and how will the modernization. "We will encourage and promote scientific and technological creativity. First of all, support for young scientists and inventors. Secondary and high schools to prepare a sufficient number of specialists to prospective industries. Academic institutions focus their main efforts on the implementation of breakthrough projects. Legislators will take all possible solutions to complex support the spirit of innovation in all spheres of public life, creating a market of ideas, inventions, discoveries and new technologies. Public and private companies will receive full support in all endeavors to create a demand for the products of innovation. Foreign companies and research organizations will be provided the most favorable conditions for construction in the Russian research and design centers. We hired the best scientists and engineers from around the world.And most importantly, we will explain our youth that the most important competitive advantage is the knowledge that others do not, intellectual superiority, the ability to create things people need, "- wrote the president.

In other words, the modernizers - all citizens of Russia, the most democratic, most having the exclusive right to decide together how they continue to live. As for the three-percent "Generation M", which include Khodorkovsky, then as the deputy general director, Center for Political Technologies, Sergei Mikheyev, in the wake of perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union, they already have at their disposal all the power, but for all this time did nothing to promote Russia at least one step towards modernization. "They have not even been able to upgrade their own production, that really there to talk about the country," - says the analyst.

And it is about them saying in his article, Dmitry Medvedev: "They are well settled. They are" all there is. "They were all happy. They're going to the end of the century wring profits from the remnants of Soviet industry and squander the natural resources that belong to all of us. They do not create nothing new, do not want development, and fear him. But the future belongs not to them. It belongs to us. such as we have an absolute majority. We will act. Patiently, pragmatic, consistent, balanced. Act now. Act today and tomorrow. We overcome the crisis, underdevelopment and corruption. Create a new Russia. Russia - forward! ".

Mikhail Gritsman

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