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Blue thieves, or how to make money for charity

November 27 2007

Rumor has it that some representatives of the governing bodies of the party "Fair Russia" if they have for someone tender feelings, because it is the stones, which, resembling the hero of a television advertisement, even occasionally talking. But this is nothing more than rumors. With the cold kamenyug little help, but on the children and other representatives of socially vulnerable strata of the population can be quite a decent kapitalets. And not just political.

When in 2005 the current leader of Just Russia in the State Council of the Republic of Komi Sergei Katunin announced a fundraiser to build in Syktyvkar hospice for people with cancer responded to his call-profit organizations, businesses and individuals are listed on the well-meaning about 16 million rubles. However, after two years of construction was never completed. Together with the unfinished hospice disappeared and money.

Imbued with high hopes turned entrepreneurs, as they seemed the last resort - the leader of Just Russia's Sergei Mironov. However, he did Bole than simply redirecting the request of State Duma deputy from the Komi Republic, Yuri Spiridonov with accompanying text, "Please understand." The latter, however, understand nothing planned. Maybe Sergey did not know that businessmen have turned to Yuri Spiridonov, paying attention to the last that "time has passed, but the hospice and has not been opened, assembled at its facility sponsorship money disappeared in an unknown direction. Reports of their use as required by law, we still have not seen. " But the deputy's ear was deaf to the sighing of people demanding justice.

It took several months. The fall of 2007, the auction for the sale of receivables bankrupt Syktyvkar "Bank Savings and Development" (BSR) Building Hospice, indebted to the bank 2.2 million rubles, went under the hammer. Sergei and Yuri Spiridonov Katunin participate in the elections of deputies of the State Duma of the fifth convocation, paying no attention to questions about hospice and the missing money.

In general, "Fair Russia" increasingly resembles a kind of Bermuda Triangle, which irreversibly absorb any funds.

In the spring of this year's Republican office, "Socialist-Revolutionaries" attacked not only interested in the fate of 16 million, but a few dozen retirees, requiring them to pay all amounts of money for campaigning. Posters protesters speak for themselves: "Spiridonov, we'll Mironov," "We want to pay!". The rally attracted great public attention, because this day is one of the leaders of the "Socialist" Faith Skorobogatova during the televised debates are not denied the information that the party went to the polls with a strong enough financial resources and debt, but it all came to nothing.

Even more outrageous story takes place in the Oryol region. As usual, it all began more than pompous. As a result of competition for the best journalistic work on the problems of childhood, the jury, headed by Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov and consisting of representatives of the upper house of parliament and the Russian Union for the healthy development of children, "noted several works of journalist of the newspaper" Oryol news "Tatiana Filev, bestowing its not just the title of "Winner", but also awarding a cash prize of 20 thousand rubles. Diplomas of the All-Russian competition were also chief editor of "Oryol news Tatyana Kuzmina and journalist of" City of Eagle Andrew Gryadunov. The competition results were announced back in September and winners of living in other regions of the country have already received well-deserved awards.But in the Orel region in the unforeseen happened.

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov instructed the regional offices of the party "Fair Russia", was presented with prizes and awards to journalists in their regions. The same order is received and Orel branch of the party. However, the cash received has traditionally gone to an unknown destination.

The desire to arrogate to itself what is bad is manifested in the sphere of intellectual property. already talked about the "pirated" antics "Socialist-Revolutionaries" , earning himself the capital on the symbols of the Soviet past. As it turned out, it was not an isolated case. All the same Orlov, "Socialist-Revolutionaries" used in his campaign commercials song David Tukhmanov "Pure ponds". All attempts by the legal representative of the composer to achieve the leadership of the Party of explanations have failed, and he had to seek the truth in court. David Tukhmanov required to recover from the "Just Russia" 250 thousand rubles for copyright infringement and another 50,000 - in compensation for moral damage.

As a postscript let me quote the classics, which is better, as you know, do not say: "Building Superintendent 2 nd home Starsobesa was shy thief. All the substance of his protest against the theft, but do not steal, he could not. He stole, and he was ashamed. Kral, he is constantly, constantly ashamed, and therefore it is always well-shaved cheeks were burning blush of embarrassment, shame, shyness and embarrassment. "

Arina Semenova


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