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Head Democrat Yashin

August 27 2009

12467.jpeg Members and supporters of the democratic movement "Solidarity" asked one of the leaders of the opposition group to stop engaging in political activities. Opposition members believe that Yashin professed suicidal methods of struggle for civil rights and freedoms is generally a far more harm than practical use.

"Ilya, my dear, I've been a long time for your political activities in Moscow. Frankly, you're attracted to exactly the same attention as the pug-dog, barking with all his forces on an elephant. Jump high, laesh loud and confusing zero. Therefore, the political sphere with the present heavyweights you not perceive it. You find yourself on the sidelines of life, playing the role edakogo marginal to which you can only experience a feeling of compassion "- wrote in a letter to young politician, one of his longtime fans. According to the author's message, in order to attract attention, Yashin performs extremely unwise and dangerous for living things.

"The first time you came into my field of vision after the action of hanging on the bridge." Bring back the people's choice, you bastards! "- The inscription on the banner that you Masha Gaidar hung under the bridge. I was struck by riskiness of the event, because the rope that keeps you above the water could easily break off. It could also be trite and quietly cut the cops arrived, and no helmet would have saved you from being hit by the abundance of all sorts and iron things armaturinami bottom of the Moskva River. But the cost ...

As well as the cost of self-immolation during a rally at the Sofia Embankment opposite the Kremlin. You are not burned and suffocated by carbon monoxide, fire extinguishers worked and you're still alive. Ilya, you understand, so can not continue indefinitely. Well, not fate at all times be gracious to you. You are young and full of strength, hope fully healthy. Why tempt fate on the strength? "- Exhorting young man's companion.

A few days ago, Yashin tried it on the strength of the door police car. The door was 12468.jpeg strong. Yashin's head, which he rammed the unexpected obstacle in front of him, - too. His act of opposition, however, proud, putting on public display so handy injured his head - the guy is going to take an active part in the elections to the Moscow city council and I am sure that the image of red commander Shorsa help boost his electoral rating. Offended by our love, and Yashin, appears poised to pass a bandage on his head until the end of the campaign. Unless, of course, will be confirmed the authenticity of the signatures he collected.

The letter's author advises Yashin "do business" as "your ally Masha Gaidar. She is now working in the Kirov region, and is useful to the state, people! And you only annoy Riot" - the message says. "Street protests - it is always the ugliest form of expressing their disagreement, especially in Russia. All outdoor outing ended in violence and murder. Is this what you want?" Sink the country in blood? "To not only you Bosko raspolosovali, but also to other people?" - Draws the attention of his interlocutor nordstan and such a scenario.

Ilya Yashin, however, is not prone to such explicit pessimism. "We were beaten and dispersed, while on the street goes a few hundred people.But if tomorrow in Moscow will hold a million - no one will dare touch us with his finger, "- he said, recalling the event 18 years ago, when" hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the White House and did not allow the plotters to take power in the country. "

"Do they not feared then, in 1991? Of course, they were afraid. They were not policemen, and tanks and armed soldiers. And yet, people overcame their fear and stopped the tanks", - said the politician, noting, however, that "if freedom won, we could not keep her." "For this, and pays" - lamenting the young man, ready, apparently, to pay for the mistake of his predecessors his own head.

Olga Nekrasova

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