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"Праймериз" до импотенции доведёт

August 27 2007

On Sunday, activists of the party "Fair Russia" took to the streets of Russian cities to see people's opinion about their own candidates to the State Duma. The people, as usual, was completely unprepared for the action, demonstrating a surprising lack of information about the candidates as well as the existence of this party.

- Gospodaaaa - drawling tugged elderly woman waistcoat with reddish yellow symbolics Just Russia - pay couple minutes your attention for sociological poll. But people silent hurriedly passing pickers signatures. But she not despond and trot out all new and emerging trumps, alternately referring to the apolitical, the electorate is configured as "masters", how to master, then, having exhausted all treatment befitting the era, remembered the unseen "friend." But this argument proletarian brotherhood found no echo in the hearts of Muscovites .

Occasionally incidentally, voluntary assistants Syarhei Mironova succeeded entrap into their sociological network unhurriedly wandering past coeval, react to red apron agitators.

- And it you propose it new party what? So I did then I do not know - a pensioner was clearly in disarray.

- Well, of course! - Reproachfully noticed pickers signatures. - Here Lebedev he mayoral Moscow ran you must his know ... Khovanskaya here ... Mr. Olshansky, you probably do not know ...

- What are you all telling myself yes prompts! - Intervened in the conversation, another retiree, sells flowers at the entrance to the subway. - A woman who did not sign anything!

- You're Th yelling, silly - like Alexander Matrosov the embrasure rushed to protect the downtrodden "justice," Federation Council Speaker ally.

- From the fools I hear it! - Responded immediately, "florist" and walked away just in case.

The conflict was settled, but the voice of the people yet to be heard. "You do not explain, but simply offer to put a tick next to the names that are familiar to them, let them decide - cram" eserka "his co-worker, but did not finish, got distracted by a phone call:" Yes, of course, everything goes very well the people are very active, many have gathered, "- to report it cheerfully into the phone.

People really went very active, but somehow it all past the point of collection of signatures-ticks. In the less than one and a half hours, "hour of justice" managed to persuade five people. The rest either just passed without stopping, either, looking at the lists and the name of the party, refused to take part in the primaries.

Something similar could be observed on most points of the primaries. Yes and primaries this could call with big stretch rather one legitimate Forms agitation for bringing to population about existence installment Fair Russia. Unlikely similar poll could firstly indeed reveal preferences same Muscovites secondly, somehow affect formation lists. Moreover, as we found out, "checkpoints" were far from all districts of Moscow. As reported in the Moscow regional branch of "Fair Russia" below the "primaries" remains the central district. Were in the "flyover" and a few regions. For example, in the list of localities did not have the Samara region, as well as a number of regions, where the branch of the party or have virtually ceased to exist as a Jewish autonomous region, or are mired in the internal conflict.

Wondering incidentally that Moscow townspeople were proposed different voting lists.In some counties from lists of candidates mysteriously disappeared Secretary of the Politburo Just Russia Nikolay Levichev, and in its place inserted a State Duma deputy Natalia Narochnitskaya. It is not excluded that this was a consequence there have been some time ago in media publications about possible links to Mr. Levicheva with the Church of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard . And although the press service of the party has denied these rumors, it seems that Levicheva of harm's way have decided to remove from active political life.

The true aim of the primaries voiced leader of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, "Mironov said. "We know less than half of Russians, this is the main problem to be solved," - he said at a meeting with activists of the youth wing of the party, having his little Seliger Prudkyy near the village in the Smolensk region. Earlier, Sergei Mikhailovich already complaining that people are not aware of the existence of the party due to the fact that he and his cronies do not give out on central television. Apparently, the leader of the Socialist-Revolutionaries "confident that once the Russians see" the unshaven face of socialism ", so once imbued with love and trust to the" Fair Russia ".

Thus, according to Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, the speaker of Federation Council followed the path of creating a television party, believing in such a way TV commercials and populist statements "give everything to everyone and promise" the main component of electoral success. "The meeting was held with Putin. They sit all chapters, all the envoys. I stand and say:" Mr President, you sat next to Mr. Mironov. I just got back from the Lipetsk region, where local elections. With all roads looks at you badly shaven man. I looked closer - it Mironov. Turns he goes into local Duma! You have decided to banish him back or what? "- Half-jokingly says poluvserez Gennady Andreyevich. If the State Duma elections were held today, then, according to sociologists, the Fair Russia would win about 5-6% of the vote. The absence of a clear program, homeliness leaders , the ongoing conflicts in the regional offices did not contribute to the rising popularity of "Socialist-Revolutionaries" in the population. So that Just Russia is really the only hope for TV: perhaps someone and bite on the cheap promises to make people's lives better ... and then, after the election.

Arina Semenova


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