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"Antikasyanovtsy" celebrated the majority

May 27 2006

The ceremonial meeting of the Central Committee " of the Democratic Party of Russia ", dedicated to the 16 anniversary of the organization, started with embarrassment. Party chairman Andrei Bogdanov suggested not to break tradition and start the sounds of the Russian national anthem. It was 30 seconds. But in the hall continued to reign tense silence.

It turned out that the sound is late, so that Bogdanov had no choice but to breathe and, citing technical difficulties, get down to business. In the meantime, the Bureau gave an introduction, the gallery was in full swing working to correct misunderstandings. "Kasetu come" - hissed angrily at someone a man with a tape recorder, but the film then there somewhere lost, whether pursuant to the anthem was no longer relevant, because party members had much to say to each other.

Started with problems. Deputy Chairman of the Party , Vyacheslav Smirnov alerted the audience that on June 16 knocks year since the last party congress, and on July 10 the Federal Registration Service will check the party in its re-registration. And here is where the problem is still excited and a little cart.

According to Smirnov, to date only about a third of the branches brought into compliance with the requirements of the law, yet one third of the documents filed and is in standby mode, and the remaining third just shows no signs of life. On the other hand, not all that bad in Danish kingdom. As the saying goes, if somewhere something had lost, then somewhere else will arrive. That's the DWP, experiencing difficulties with a number of regions continues to grow with new offices - in Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia and Khakassia.

But vkinuv drop of optimism, Smirnov went further to the problem side of the issue. It turns out that the Party's development is hampered not only the negligence of some leaders, but also the machinations of competitors. In Ryazan, for example, was uncovered a plot against the DWP by the PCA and the "United Russia", in collusion with one single purpose - not to give an opportunity to pass the state registration of the DWP. And in Kursk and worse. As told the crowd Kursk comrade, first governor of the province in each of his speech urged not to vote for the "party Kasyanov, then LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky warned of smoking, so that in no case should not give your vote for the DWP ... In general, only that the bullets did not whistle in over his head.

But cry a little into each other's waistcoat, the members of the main governing body of the party got down to business. Party leader Andrei Bogdanov, reminded the audience that "The Democratic Party of Russia" is not simply one of the oldest parties, but also perhaps the only one of all political structures, never changed its name. Unlike some others, which was removed and inserted into the name of the word "democratic" Given the political situation. For those who do not know, Andrei Bogdanov and the reasons that led the future founders of the DWP out of "Democratic Russia". Scandal, however, does not it. Just a few members of the DR could not tolerate the fact that a person shall be elected from the party, very rarely to be persuaded to meet with party members and report to them about their activities. Based on these and several other reasons, the leader of the DWP concluded: "If the 2007 elections the party will go 03/04 right direction, none of them will not take place. This will be the death of right-wing - said Bogdanov. - Therefore, we have the right to make an offer to merge the rules of the democratic wing. And it has to go below. "After that, and suggested how should happen to form a democratic coalition.

Despite the unfamiliar to the Russian ear the word primaries, the essence of the system is simple and effective. In each village organized by the electoral commissions, political parties nominate their candidates, the people vote for them, then count the votes and is determined by the three leaders. In this case, Bogdanov emphasized that in order to comply with democratic procedures and further charges of fraud, the DWP insisted that the commission headed by representatives of other democratic parties, whether the Union of Right Forces or Yabloko . Then, these three regional leaders gather in Moscow for a Democratic Forum, where, on the basis of party representation would be decided under whose party flag Democrats go to the polls.

Such a procedure, according to Bogdanov, the need for three reasons. Firstly, "we're all tired of this order, when party leaders, sitting in a restaurant, decide which candidate to put where they split the vote, the regional offices ... the voter must decide for himself" - said Bogdanov. Secondly, under the new law on elections to the Duma any coalition and components is prohibited. Thus, the union should be based on one party. But "Yavlinsky, White and Ryzhkov will never agree, under any flag to go, who should be first," - said Bogdanov, explaining that the process of unification, which started a White with Yavlinsky, has long been at an impasse. "This is bullshit, written by students of the culinary college, deciding how to fry an egg - commented Bogdanov recent memorandum issued by SPS and Yabloko." - On the merger they announced last fall, but now say they think of the dialogue useful and promising. "

Democrats liked the idea, but immediately came to light two issues: on how much money do these things and how to deal if someone from political colleagues and competitors do not agree to participate in this process.

With the first issue sorted out quickly enough. According to the leader of the DWP, the party entered into an agreement with the National Democratic Institute, which will help to direct the election procedure itself.

The second problem had to be tricky, because not all participants felt soft spot for neighbors in political field. "SPS and Yabloko, in my and in the national consciousness - it dermokraty - expressed the general opinion is one of the participants. - And we do not need them to unite, because in this case for us will be thinking exactly the same." Leaders of other regional offices have also expressed their views on the possible merger. As you might guess, flattering words addressed to SPS and Yabloko hardly sounded.

But the democratic consciousness prevailed. Andrey Bogdanov said that on the date negotiated by some regional offices unloved depeprovtsmi parties who supported the idea of holding primaries. The leader of the DWP said that the federal leadership, of course, can refuse his offer, but in this case it does not vouch for their fate. "The rank and file unhappy with the actions of the federal government - he said. - And I think that the regional leaders at the next Congress will be asked his leader the relevant issues, that's when I'll see how to wiggle the same White" - ominously added the leader of the DWP and posted on table the remaining trumps, which in his opinion, would have to help the DWP in this operation does not look like whipping boys.

Firstly, a DPR more party members than their potential competitors.So, by the end, the Democrats intend to bring the number of parties to 120 thousand people. Secondly, the DWP is the initiator of the primaries, so that even at this stage takes precedence. And thirdly, we are well aware of how our people work in the field - said Bogdanov. - We have already conducted the election campaign, providing a voice in the same PCA with Yabloko, who still owe us for these elections, "- he said, hinting at the complete political bankruptcy of a potential enemy.

In principle, the strategy of behavior DWP is clear as day - to lure the enemy into a trap and kill it in gently. And the nails in the body of the parties will drive members of SPS and Yabloko, which, unlike the Moscow leadership, like the idea of primaries. And this situation will be more abruptly than absurd rebellion Ivan Starikov of ATP. However, in this situation, "Bogdanov and Partners" perform true peacemaker, suggested to his fellow democratic camp does not break a lance against each other, and for the first time in my life listen to the voice of the people, the voice of their constituents.

Igor Kulagin


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