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Sochi 2009: neskandalnye elections

April 27 2009

Results of mayoral elections resort city of Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympics will not bring sensations. Expected, by far rivals the victory they won a United Russia, Anatoly Pakhomov. He had received 77% of the votes (the data after processing 80% of ballots) silenced even opposition-minded skeptics. Chief troublemaker, self-promoted, Boris Nemtsov, unexpectedly even to himself received 13.5% of the vote. But the candidate of the Communist Yuri Dzagania even more unexpectedly dipped - 7% of the vote. The other candidates were unable to recruit and one percent of the vote.

Attitude to the elections the mayor of Sochi residents themselves of this pre-Olympic cities, politicians and experts, as well as the Russians - quite ambiguous. On the one hand, municipal elections are a priority for residents in one particular city. It is not surprising that according to opinion poll, two-thirds of Russians do not know anything about the election campaign for mayor of Sochi, just a quarter of respondents "heard something" and only 9% more or less informed.

On the other hand, in 2014 in Sochi will host Winter Olympic Games, but because the status of the head of City Hall is definitely increasing. Strictly speaking, it is this circumstance was due to an influx in Sochi Moscow Vikings - from porn star, and retired banker to the political party leaders, who decided against the backdrop of the Olympic rings to earn a little political gesheft.

And here is extremely bad luck certainly the leader of the marathon election, Acting Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov. If, for example, opposing each other, Boris Nemtsov, and Elena Berkova would look better than organically, then called rivalry economic planner Pakhomov and sedokudrogo Nemtsov buffoon language, no one would be turned.

And their election campaign the two candidates built differently. Anatoly Pakhomov, having a period allotted for campaigning for more than two hundred meetings with citizens, spoke more about the roads, sewerage and housing, and insisted that the 2014 Olympics to be held exactly in Sochi.

Boris Nemtsov, on the contrary, more and more talked about the problems of freedom of speech, democratic values and vowed to do everything possible to cancel the Olympics, which will bring Sochi residents only trouble. However, the reasons antiolimpiyskoy activity Nemtsov explained as a hypothetical desire of certain political forces to cast doubt on the possibility of holding the Olympic Games in Russia, and quite a human desire to boost its budget by representatives of the Korean diaspora, who promised to finance the election campaign Nemtsov, if he continues to insist on the cancellation of the Sochi Olympics.

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With regard to the Olympics, by the way, the view Sochi residents completely coincided with the opinion of most Russians, who consider the Olympics, our country will be able to spend on a decent level. The people of Sochi, in addition to general national pride for their country, which had won the right to make the Olympics, and was his own, as they say, selfish interest.
Construction of sports facilities and infrastructure for the upcoming Olympic Games planned to invest about 12 billion dollars. This is not only modern stadiums, ski slopes, etc., but also hotels, highways, modernization of municipal infrastructure ... A word that never pull any municipal budget, and that he could return to the status of Sochi, the resort is truly world class.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> Obviously, Sochi, journalists were more interested in the campaign Anatoly Pakhomov, and hunt up scandals, federal and foreign media followed Nemtsov. Sochi residents priorities were reflected in the ongoing sociological research, according to which Nemtsov was the highest antireyting, and victory seemed Pakhomov unconditional. On the sidelines of attention of voters were even representatives of the regional offices of registered political parties, whose popularity has been calculated tenths of a percent. The only exception was the leader of the Communist Party Yuri Sochi cell Dzagania, and he is more likely rival for the second honorary position with Boris Nemtsov than hoped for overall successful outcome of the vote for him. Which, incidentally, was surprised.

After all, if the first secretary of the Sochi city committee of the Communist Party Yuri Dzagania claimed that lives at the same address in Sochi for more than half a century, then, Boris Nemtsov, could boast only the fact of being born in Sochi, from which it left in its infancy. However, the CPRF go bad rumors that the government specifically inflated rating is extremely unpopular Nemtsov, to belittle the Communist Party. The calculation is simple: the Germans after the election would go away and are unlikely ever again appear in the city, but keep it as a major rival Communists won the election with a record low result is more than attractive.

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Election of mayor of Sochi were the last, which was allowed to make the election pledge. And as it turned out, the decision was justified. Participation in the elections of people with big purse, but no electoral support, whose participation in the electoral process is reduced only to samopiaru absolutely does not promote democracy, as we are assured like Boris Nemtsov policy. Rather, people hid from the elections, instead of a serious struggle forced to watch the circus circus. And the lowest, and even the lowly poshiba.

Mikhail Gritsman

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