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Oh, if it were not for NBP ...

April 27 2006

Sometimes you want to imagine what would have happened if it were not for the NBP. Perhaps, in the first place, there would be fewer riots, because in addition to various direct actions, not delivering joy and benefit to anyone except the National Bolsheviks, nothing more National Bolshevik Party is not famous. By trying to be her act and lots of other youth movements, trying a little to resemble the NBP. Accordingly, there are a lot Limonov and ideological opponents, who are trying to act against the NBP their own methods. As you might guess, it turns out they have pretty bad.

April 27 in the area of the house number 7 on Butyrsky Val in Moscow there was an unprecedented revival. Around a hundred young people rather shabby appearance, about two hundred police officers and riot? and rushed between them, a dozen reporters, clearly puzzled by local residents and workers, "Russian Space Agency, under the windows of the building is and turned the whole show.

- A Th is this happening? Someone wants to plant again? - Asked the venerable-looking man.

- Who knows - with annoyance replied the other. - To me, so at least let all the jail.

Guess to an outside observer of intent crowd was really difficult. However, even not all journalists really represent a scenario. And the background was so. For over 10 years operating in Moscow, the so-called National Bolshevik Party. As expected, its members dream of taking over a country and impose his National-Bolshevik order. Neither one nor the other of the NBP is not obtained, so that on the other, "limonovskoy" Russia has to dream in damp basements. Occasionally, however, National Bolsheviks are published to make themselves: that an egg in someone throw, then mayonnaise obolyut, and then prick himself handcuffed to the door handle - and give yourself to fight the regime.

Until recently, opponents of the NBP were a dime a dozen. Except for the Interior Ministry and FSB were mostly members of the football fan groups that are not too fond NBP leader Eduard Limonov, and are periodically pressed NBP. And recently, the activities of the NBP became interested students. More accurately, earlier, when there was the fashion for all kinds of underground, Limonov called purely practical interest. Now, Edward Veniaminovich were perceived not only as an outspoken writer, painting intimate scenes with a handsome black, but also politics.

That's activists, "Young Russia", created by students of the Bauman University, having studied the life, "Limonov" came to the conclusion that nothing but harm to society, they do not bring. And therefore, that no one else deceived about Limonov spent several actions against him. The latter, however, ended sadly for "rumolovtsev" - after a fight with the National Bolsheviks in front Tagansky court, some of the students were hospitalized. Resonance of the collision in the press was enormous, so that the declared April 27, shares were waiting for, if not revenge, then, at least, repeat.

And here is to say a few words about the reason for the action, because in the course of its implementation, he got lost somewhere. The thing is that Eduard Limonov (Savenko in infancy) is highly offended by the fact that he was accused of anti-Semitism. One of the submissions of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" was the idea that lemon-de denies the Holocaust. Fair to say that the Holocaust did not deny Limonov, but very much in it doubted that, however, the same thing.

ak here, shocked gross injustice, Limonov set out to recover from the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a tidy sum for pecuniary damage caused to him and sued. The first meeting was held on April 27 and "Young Russia" could not miss the chance to not strike back.

The day before the rally's press office issued a statement on the motion, which indicated that "activists of fascist organization NBP daily killing people on the streets of ethnicity, so that students consider it their duty to defend" the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and personally to the author, neponravivsheysya main nazbols article, Ludmila Aheeva. In response, the National Bolsheviks began to prepare for the rematch, rightly assuming that the fight will still be.

Ah, if only it were so ... In fact, everything turned out quite the opposite. Man NBP 70-80 and 25-30 "rumolovtsev, clenched metal railings and a double by a police cordon. Beginning of the rally was planned at 9 am, but in the end and the National Bolsheviks, and reporters had to wait 40 minutes while protesting youths of the truck would get all their details.

Visual propaganda was struck by its size. The huge five-meter banner, which is very nice lemon, armed with a penknife and frightening form an automaton without a twinge of conscience shoot civilians. Lemon kills children "- the inscription on the poster, explaining the slow-witted sense of what is happening. "Skinte the mask with mouth Volchin" - called on the other, less colorful banner, but, unfortunately, little was seen from behind a police cordon.

All these preparations caused a significant interest in the NBP, welcoming the emergence of each new props approving cries. Finally, on the stump and got a young man, waving his fist to the crowd. "National Bolsheviks" - he shouted and paused. - We used to be respected, but if you want to have your party there, change the leadership and ideology "," - he concluded, and turned to her and began to chant: "rotten lemon, protuh cucumber - Party PID pa ... soon end. " Apparently, the slogans was invented just because the protesters did not immediately remember the words and instead of a friendly chorus heard only cries of discordantly. National Bolsheviks are not confused and feeble attempts to "Young Russia" to convey to viewers the truth sunk in the power natsbolskih sip: "Young Russia, Russia - blue." After a 20-minute pause all the same speaker again risen above the crowd and appealed to his opponents: "National Bolsheviks, why are you selling?" - He asked and immediately attempted to transfer the case to the noise attack slogan "Nevzlin money paid, the NBP itself bought !. But it turned out even worse than last time. Only someone from the "rumolovtsev, whose face graced the mask respirator on hysterically shouted something that in polite society do not speak.

Speaking of masks. According to the organizers shares, masked men were supposed to symbolize the NBP, which kill children, but they somehow feel very sorry for their actions, so they hide their faces. According to another version, they just hide her, disfigured fascist ideology lap-dogs. On a deep philosophical meaning of this performance was not outright guess, but the protesters once took the time to talk with people, so all unanimously decided that it builds a special squad in case of collision with the enemy.

Recently, however, excluded by definition. One of the fighters "limonovtsa" tried to come to a clearing with a proposal to be beaten, but the newfound Peresvet immediately turned back to the policeman, clearly hinting that there is a picket, not a place for debate.After that, "Young Russia" stopped and started the main feature - Extrusion of juice from fresh lemons.

Actually, the whole process was hidden from prying eyes, and only journalists are able to appreciate the quality of the mechanism, cleverly converting lemons natsbolskoy symbols in the dust. Others at this time frankly bored and nervously awaited the continuation banquet. But all was in vain. Having spent the entire stock of lemon, a leader of Young Russia announced the end of the picket. "National Bolsheviks" We're leaving, but soon we'll meet again "- he promised, and a little thought, did a" limonovtsa "an offer they could not refuse. "And like, we'll give you our poster?" - No matter what she never dreamed he asked. "Come on-a-ah!" - Perked up falling asleep from boredom National Bolsheviks. True pass it from hand to hand did not work - police cordon stopped the all attempts to contact with the National Bolsheviks. "Well, we left it there themselves and then will take away" - correct situation "rumolovets" and making sure that nothing is forgotten, along with other colleagues went towards the subway.

"Girls do not go," - cried National Bolsheviks, but it was too late, the opponents do not even look back. "Limonov, however, were slow to release from the cordon, so all nearly ended in tears. By a gust of wind swayed the poster and began to fall, almost burying police officers and a photographer. After that, the delegation of the National Bolsheviks missed a trophy next to which gay, "Limonov's" staged photo shoot.

- Honey, what is it doing here, the movie is that it is removed? - Asked me, an old woman.

- Movie, Granny movies - honest mirth I said.

- Yes? - Dubiously handed grandmother. - And on the poster that says, do not you know?

- I know - I replied - Lemon kills children.

- Is it true or what? - Grandma surprised, but, on reflection, agreed. - Well, probably because it is so.

Oh, if it were not for NBP ...

Oleg Artyukov

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