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Ivan Starikov: "Hitler's political strategists could be the president of Israel"

March 27 2007

Gozman and tanks have to drive as soon as possible! So says veteran pro-democracy movement and one of the former leaders of the Union of Right Forces, Ivan Starikov, now collaborating with Mikhail Kasyanov. In his authoritative opinion, ATP failed in the election of 11 March, having only 9 seats in the 4 regions, because of the unscrupulous head of PR campaign headquarters liberals Anton tanks.

- Anton tanks, the chief PR ATP, promised immediately after the election to hold a solemn celebration of the heroes of the campaign. However, this did not happen. Why?

- I do not know. Maybe it's because in fact no party wins, but there is only the successful result of the PR campaign. Or maybe he has mastered all finances, and money to celebrate the victory he was not given.

- That is Bakov appropriated all the money, and promised a ceremony is left?

- Let's just say he was not awarded, and mastered them. And yet now hold the celebration he will not. And the extra money, probably not given. Honestly, I only twice in my life saw Mr. tanks. Give it back, if not respect, the attention to his phenomenal ability deideologized political parties - including those such as ATP. The slogans of the PCA, under which the party went to the elections, nothing to do with right-wing ideology are not. Moreover - this is precisely the opposite spectrum. Meaningless strategic objectives and prospects ATP exchanged in this campaign for sensible tactic. This is a Pyrrhic victory.

- Where did this come from the tanks? He's "United Russia". Since he appeared in the ATP?

- Has his Gozman. Tanks in general, many parties have already managed to visit. There was a party leader Gennady Seleznev, before it was in a left-radical group, "May". He is a man without any ideological filling, which is called "What would you, the customer?". What the customer wants, then he does.

Local election so that you can win, but a federal campaigns to win the tank is impossible. And if the PCA did not understand it, it will be very sad. For example, in Moscow in a particular region Dorgomilovo quarter of the deputies of the Municipal Assembly - Members of the PCA. And they went there without a tank and its PR-technologies. Just need to work with voters, and will be a good result!

I know one of these deputies - Zoya Ivanovna Shargatovu, deputy chairman of the Moscow City Council of the PCA. So, she and her party colleagues went to the polls, not trying to please the voters primitive forms available promises. They suggested that people sincerely, frank talk, which is much better all polittehnologicheskih phantoms.

They did not offer the populist methods of solving those problems, which, inter alia, stand before the residents of their municipalities. The result - a quarter of the seats in local bodies of representative power. Bakovskie same technology - is a dangerous misconception, is blowing in the polling area.

- What is it dangerous?

- Questionable community spin doctors assure us that you can do anything you want. Following their logic, if Hitler was alive, then it using their "skills" could make him president of Israel - only to grow Pace and learn Hebrew. However, history itself, and the modern practice shows that it is not.

People are missing the real politics, not fake, sham, and close. They need a policy that not motivated by money, and ideas. And they, not being a professional political consultant, is a very delicate feel. So vote for the technology they will not.

For his notions Tanks gets good money.But I think they could have been much more effective to use. And at the same time, get results comparable with the result of Zoe Shargatovoy and his party colleagues in Dorgomilovskom district of Moscow.

- Why is the crackdown on activists in the ATP Moscow organization, including - taking part in actions of the united opposition?

- A year ago from ATP excluded Zhavoronkova. Of an absolute disgrace - in the Political Council. They needed only a pretext. Expelled as Sergei because he - my assistant. I deleted it was difficult because I was elected by the Congress. After such a party demarche I was honest - he applied and left PCA.

The fact is that around Nikita Belykh in the Federal Political Council there are people whose primary purpose - to prevent that he went to the opposition. In reality, rather than dummy opposition. But activists such as, for example, Yulia Malysheva, openly and honestly say: "Guys, we're seeing, what you do. Are you running for the Kremlin stenochku, making an agreement there, and we are using us as a kind of" political fodder ". But we do not want to play by your rules! " They know that if the Union of Right Forces, wants to remain in the history and preserved, then the party should declare the real opposition. Not so: there support, and there is not support.

- That is the ATP deliberately displaces some of the Moscow party members?

- In this case the ATP is working against itself. Cleaning out those people who call the ATP to do real politics, and clearly state their positions in relation to power. The top of the ATP is trying to mop up the ranks as possible to ensure that the party actually left without teeth - it is for the individual status persons tend to clean the opposition of the ATP. They want to make the party a toothless crocodile with a mumbling mouth - because he promised that in return they will be in the Duma. Naive people! They are, as always, been deceived. And the elections to the Moscow regional Duma confirmed it.

If the leadership of ATP expelled from the party Malyshev and its adherents, it gives birth once a monster. Hi Nikita White! Probably, it is likely that this will happen. But accurately predict the course of thought the party leadership can not. Just met with Malysheva, but she told me about this issue can not yet speak. I can only say exactly what intrigues in the ATP going. Imaginary opposition trying to oust the opposition real.

- But where Nikita White looks?

- Do not know. Unfortunately, it has little effect on the situation in the PCA.

- What is now necessary to "right-wing forces"?

- Become a real opposition. Gozman and tanks should definitely be removed from cases. It's time! If they will not be at the helm of the party (and better - and generally in the ATP), there will be purification of the Union of Right Forces. Tanks for the ATP - like a suitcase without a handle. And people like Zoe and Julia Malysheva Shargatova need to set guidelines for the place at the federal level.

Interviewed by Elena Leonkova


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