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Antifascists with Brokeback Mountain

October 26 2006

Domestic opposition still found an excuse to unite, hastily patched the banner of anti-fascism. However, despite the assurances of unprecedented breadth of anti-fascist front, it definitely no place to Orthodox organizations. Yes, and anti-fascists of the left defenders still viewed with suspicion.

October 26 members of the Coordination Council of Russian Anti-Fascist Front, created last summer in Moscow, announced the launch of an anti-fascist rally on November 4. This rally, held under the motto "For Russia without fascism" should, according to the organizers, to become not merely a response to the intervention of nationalist organizations under the banner of "Russian March", but also a kind of alternative for those who are next Saturday to choose from 17 rallies , requests for which have already been submitted to the Moscow mayor's office.

This year, by the way, the strategy of opponents of the "Russian March" has changed. If in November 2005, they demanded that the Moscow authorities ban the march of nationalists, now remembered that the Nazis are people too, and would be unconstitutional to deny them the right marching through the streets of the capital of Russia. But lest anyone should suspect anti-fascists in passivity, they decided to play with their opponents in the tug of war: one of them cool, and be able to gather more people. According to the chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseeva, they filed a request for a meeting with up to 2 thousand people, but expect much more of their supporters. Lyudmila, interestingly enough, at first called a slip and a much smaller number - 200. But then corrected his mistake and explained that, say, 200 people are said to picket in memory of Anna Politkovskaya, in which, according to her, it's several thousand people. Thus, at the coming Saturday's event, they hope to see at least 10 thousand of his supporters.

In response to his creative genius's idea to create a step DPNI of Duma deputies and the heroes of Russian Public Committee "Russian March", human rights activists, anti-fascists also decided to bring to his rally status of persons. "We want people of power, with influence in society, supported the anti-fascist action" - said the leader of the SPS Nikita White, adding that the organizers of anti-fascism have sent letters to the deputies of the Moscow City and the State Duma and the mayor of Moscow to take part in their event, and the White signed the exact same letter to the parties involved in the Anti-Fascist pact. The only exception was the LDPR, which is proposed to be cleansed of fascism, excluding from its ranks the State Duma Deputy Nikolai Kuryanovich, acting with racist slogans.

By Kuryanovich general were a lot of claims. Lyudmila Alekseeva, by her own admission, not reading websites fascist organizations, yet honored their attention online resources "Slavic Union" Dmitry Demushkin and personal website of Nicholas Kuryanovich. And as it turned out, not in vain. About its contents, Lyudmila concluded that after Anna Politkovskaya, he has every chance to become the next victim. "After the murder of Nikolai Girenko I looked at the site of" Slavic Union ", and saw a banner: crossed-out picture of Nikolai Girenko, and next to mine, - says Lyudmila Alekseeva. - And then on the site Kuryanovich I saw myself among the enemies of the Russian people." According to human rights defender Anna Politkovskaya in this list is in the end, but the gallery of "enemies" was accompanied by the caption: "it is important not sequence is important fact of liquidation." "I am proud that ended up in this company," she emphasized Alekseev.

other matters, the well-known human rights activist colleagues seriously concerned about its fate. Party "Union of Right Forces has asked the Attorney General's Office to check for extremist Internet sites that posted the lists of" enemies of the Russian people, the more so on the website are details of people who, according to the creators of web resources, must be eliminated: addresses, date of birth, contact phone numbers. "Prosecutors should understand that they contain extremist appeals on this site, should it in any way prosecuted or punished," - said N. White.

But it seems clear up anti-fascists and their ideological adversaries have much earlier. October 25 in Moscow have already been clashes between activists of the Left Anti-Fascist Front "and radical groups of skinheads. Left-wing anti-fascists from AKM, the Revolutionary Workers' Party, RCWP, LGBT communities and anarchists took to the Humpback Bridge, which some wits have been renamed to "Brokeback Mountain" to express their attitude to the Russian march. Posters of "Stop fascism" and "World Color, but not brown, apparently caused by the disproportionate reaction of some young people" is characteristic of the supporters of the "Russian order" appearance, "wrote an anarchist website, stressing that the assailants were observed a "notorious Slasher from the" Format 18 "- this group of" famous "homeless killings in Moscow in order to cleanse the" Russian nation ", filmed and sent to the television."

Members of the Russian Anti-Fascist Committee also fear that during their meeting possible incidents involving nationalists. "We know that the Nazis are preparing an ambitious action" - said Lyudmila Alekseeva, responding to the question of whether the anti-fascists are not afraid of attacks. - From Anti-Fascist Committee, we sent a letter to the mayor of Moscow, which stated that there is danger of collision, and we urge the authorities to do everything to maintain order, "- said the head of MHG. However, Lyudmila Alekseeva not hesitate to add that the anti-fascists ready to Moreover, to block the path of the Nazis. And it seems that this will be done by the hands of activists of leftist organizations, from which the defenders are trying to distance themselves.

Speaking about cooperation with the Left Front antifashistkim "Gentlemen human rights activists and right-wing politicians was somewhat embarrassed. On the one hand, they fully share their position, on the other - underscore the independence of their actions. Chief editor of "Daily Journal" Alexander Ryklin unequivocally stated that the collision is unavoidable. A human rights activist, Chairman of the Committee "For Civil Rights" Andrei Babushkin shouldered all the blame on the prosecutor's office, half-hearted actions which provoke left-wing activists in the not quite legitimate methods of solving the problem.

Andrei Babushkin, incidentally, was the only one of all participants Anti-Fascist Committee, who is somehow trying to establish a dialogue with representatives of nationalist organizations, dividing them openly fascist and fundamentally orthodox. In particular, commenting on the differences between members of the organizing committee of the "Russian March" had led eventually to the exit of some participants of the march, a human rights activist said that he believed would do well to engage in dialogue with the Orthodox organizations, but, unfortunately, he is the only member of the Committee who are ready for such a conversation.

In short, would be better, but it turned out as always. Speaking of anti-fascism, the representatives of parties and social movements tend not to overlap with each other, stressing their own identity.Even if there is a Russian Anti-Fascist Committee, then he would not cooperate with the anti-fascist ideology alien to the Left Front. Yes, and Orthodox and patriotic organizations for liberal movements are all on one person: If the orthodox, that is exactly extremist.

With the Communists in the defenders also did not get to be friends. Last year, he passed the first anti-fascist march, attended by right-wing parties, but on the Communist Party either forgotten, or simply decided not to invite. The same thing happens this time. Neither the members of the Anti-Fascist Committee, said not a word about the Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, nor, who conducted his press conference an hour before the event defenders, though, and said that the Communist Party does not support the extremist antics, referring to the "Russian March", nevertheless did not wish to join the defenders. "We officially declare that we do not support any extremist outbursts, and we believe that the friendship of the peoples to our holy, - said Gennady Zyuganov. - I'm for it, so we gathered under the common banner, but not on the fictional events, which were not in history . November 4 - this is the Mother of God of Kazan - patron saint's day "- he said Thursday at a press conference in" Interfax ". In addition, according to the leader of the Communist Party, "attempts to play the nationalist card with all sorts of heinous methods are not only dangerous, but extremely provocative." "I am opposed to speculating on the nationalities. I have great respect for all peoples, but also want to reckon with the Russian people, which was the most disadvantaged in the world" - Zyuganov said, promising that definitely pick up this topic at the events marking the anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution.

Igor Kulagin


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