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George W. Bush 'drown in a sewer

June 26 2008

Living in San Francisco came up with an original way to immortalize in people's memory for action by President Bush. Organization called the Commission on Presidential Memorial offers be named after U.S. President wastewater treatment plant Oceanside.

Is believed to members of the "Commission" sewer construction will be a worthy memorial to the political course of the outgoing president. Renaming is proposed to carry out simultaneously with the inauguration of the new head of state. In addition, activists offer to escort the renaming action "mass discharge", thereby to send a memorial to the newly appeared "gift." Moreover, as the authors say the initiative, its implementation does not require substantial budget expenditures - will only need to change the sign structure.

Activists have already managed to gather in support of his ideas more than 8500 signatures, and more than enough (the law requires the provision of at least 7,168 signatures) for bringing the matter to a vote in November - along with the presidential election.

The idea of Americans completely entry in Guinness Book of Records for its originality. At least, nobody has occurred so that's an extravagant way to express their attitude to the head of state. With this may be compared only appeared in the sale there were amusing souvenirs - Toilet Brush made in the form of figures of political leaders George W. Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton. On the head figurines are bristles, which should be washed a toilet. A series of brushes Bowl Buddies is packaged in rectangular cardboard boxes with caricatured images of politicians and costs about $ 20.

Generally, in honor of heads of state often referred to as children, street, city, fighting ships, airports, etc. But sometimes such a fashion takes a very specific form.

A Chinese businessman has decided to use the name of the same U.S. president to name a new brand of diapers. The thing is that the language of the Celestial surname president means "always dry" and "not wet."

In Singapore, in honor of heads of state to visit the country, called the new varieties of orchids, considered the national flower of Singapore. But sympathy Netherlands agronomists to the first lady of France Carla Bruni found less sophisticated incarnation - her name was called a new variety of potatoes - "Carlita" (that's right, Nicolas Sarkozy calls his wife). In this selhozugodniki gave the following description of their product: "early maturing variety of potato with a thin large round tubers.

Winemakers Transcarpathia were more humane and named in honor of the nine daughters of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko Yushchenko Sophia, the new wine.

Former Russian President Vladimir Putin is very honored in the Republika Srpska. Residents of the village Lubomir built bridge across the brows, which he called "Putin's" (Putin Bridge), determined in such a way to prove his love for Russia and its Russophile sentiments.

In Russia, by the way, the desire to use the charisma of Vladimir Putin in advertising their products are often hit over the edge. For example, to join the president's popularity attempted manufacturers ... Eggplant. True officially canned called "PUIN. But the name akkurat pierces the center of the sword, very similar to the Cheka - the emblem of the organization, and is a stylized letter "T". And in the background of the label also shows the double-headed eagle. It can be seen to enhance the majestic effect.

In Turkmenistan, for two months are named after the late president Saparmurat Niyazov.At the time of Turkmenbashi ordered to rename the months of Turkmen harmony with the fact that their names were talking about historical landmarks in the country's independence and leading past the Turkmen people. The new year begins with the month of Turkmenbashi, and September renamed Rukhnama "- in honor of the name of the holy book of the Turkmen, whose author is Niyazov.

Arina Semenova


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