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Notes from the prison. Diary of opposition

May 26 2006

From start to finish stayed in Minsk jail Russian citizens, activists of the opposition movement "Defence" Oleg Kozlovsky, and Edward Glezin receiving 15 days of administrative arrest for participation in an opposition rally during the presidential election. Russians have become parties to street protests, organized by the Belarusian opposition in protest against the election victory incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko. Opposition tent camp stood on October Square in Minsk a few days after the announcement of preliminary election results. A few days later, on the night of 23 to 24 May the town was eliminated, about 400 of its members were arrested and placed in the "spetsprymalnik-razmerkavalnik" Akrestin.

April 7 arrested were released and went home. "Two months later, I finally reached the hands before the publication of the diary which I kept in detention, - says Oleg Kozlovsky. - Since writing paper there was a deficit, it's more like the memorable scoring: no lyrics, only events from the prisoner's boring life. Publish unchanged, with only a few comments. "

March 24. The first day.

In the 2 nights sleep in a tent. For the first time there was warm. The 3 woke up and heard some disturbing messages (internal radio). At 20 m from the town stood 5 tractors, bulldozers, across the street partying MIB ("Men in Black" - KGBshniki and special forces). Called on the Echo. All of the camp stood in the cordon, forming 2 - 3 rings. Due to the Palace at high speed slipped 9 black truck of them came "astronauts" (commandos in helmets and some strange armor, making them look like robocops). Chanting "We want peace," "The police and the people." I call on the Echo. Sit down. Riot police began to take away people in a car. I call on the Echo. I was being dragged. Near the machine down - especially. Throw in the back, top to throw more people struggling to get on their feet. The door is closed, calling on the Echo, the parents ... Somewhere to go. Next guy is, the person in the blood. Trying to count - 50 people.

Bring on the "Akrestsin. 4:00 am standing on the street near the wall. It's cold. Then draw up a long time, select all items. There is hope (?) That will give a penalty. But then withdrawn behind bars in the corridor. Put in the camera, but soon I was taken to the consul. Along the way I hear chants of "Shame!" Consul useless, says that everything in the legal field, Belarus, and that I only have to be fixed. Ask him to call back to his father.

Soon, all taken away on the court, and 3 aliens - I, Edik and Pasha Salyga - 3-seat chamber. By evening there is converted into an old building, the camera 21 on the 2 floor (I was wrong, it turned out that the third), along with Maryushem - Ex-ambassador to Poland. When we take things to us comes to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and tries to give a lecture.

March 25. Day Two

Evening lead Pavel Sheremet. He was beaten, he had pneumonia. He talks about the massacre near Akrestsin.

March 26. Day Three

Made from bread crumb chess.

March 27. Day Four

Went to court six players (two polkas). When leaving the "Akrestsin" We rented a camera. The cops were afraid: "Right on the camera's go! Illuminate! Demanded the presence of a witness - ment - and a lawyer. Ment was not ("on mission"), and especially to help counsel failed - 15 days. Then a few hours the four of us spent in the chamber 1.5x1.5 step, waiting for the rest of the sentence. We were told that translate into "Zhodino, but returned to the chamber 21 to" Akrestsin. Sheremet had already gone home. Evening infused Podrabinek.

p align = "justify"> March 28. Day Five

We were still moved a Russian citizen of Armenian descent living in Belarus (Samvel Saghatelian). We were taken in for questioning KGB or MVD, were recorded on camera. Then he went into the shower, where I had left on the wall marked "Defense. Moscow - Minsk maidan '06."

March 29. Day Six

Nicholas came Zboroshenko and Russian Vice-Consul, gave warm clothes and products. In his pocket found a note ... Evening Maryusha Mashkevich taken "to hospital" and, apparently, he returned to Poland (in fact, he spent before the end of the hospital under police escort). But the ordinary citizen has offered Russia - student named Sergey (Baranov). He accidentally got here: go to the store and was caught by cops. He was given 10 days.

March 30. The Seventh Day

Evening released a lot of people. All prison rejoiced, shouted "Long Live Belarus", were talking between the chambers.

March 31. Day Eight

Happy released Sergey Baranov, five of us left. Then he went into the shower. WC portraits plastered Luke, Putin, Milosevic, Karimov, Hu Jintao, Turkmenbashi and Castro.

April 1. Day Nine

Evening talk on ventilation with neighboring chambers.

April 2. Day ten

Malyavu sent to another cell (put a shovel in a bucket). Evening out the Pole Peter gave us a cake: it was the d / p. Remains of cake given to neighbors, the Belarusians.

April 3. Day eleven

Night released Samvel Saghatelian, we have left 4. Received a new transmission. In the evening, tried to transfer into the next chamber 22 meals (they have nothing left), but we were not allowed. Made from bread bones.

April 4. Day twelve

In my name came from the transfer of Samvel. Promised Vodka was not there. Pasha met with the consul.

April 5. Day thirteen

The duty officer discovered the pictures on our toilet, cursing. Said that the soul of us never see. Then there was a jail shakedown: took sharpened spoon, bowl, mug. Then everything went well in the shower. Sasha received a transmission from a friend of human rights defenders.

April 6. Fourteenth day of

Me, Pasha and Edik caused some Snezana (element) and said that we were expelled from Belarus for a year to ban the entry. Was given notice of expulsion (or rather, the beginning of removal proceedings). Then we all gave the transmission of NAL (BAJ), and Sasha has called the prison and asked how long stretch Luke. Ukrainians expressed their protest in Belarus, so that the Pasha could be deported before.

April 7. Fifteenth day

We drove to the Moscow Police Department - was shot on video (№ 38) and fingerprinted. Was given notice of the deportation order (this is the decision). Back riding on the "goat" vvosmerom. Spring. Pasha will be sent today. Came Mashkevich, goodbye, invited to Poland. Handed over the remains of food, etc. etc. in the chamber and thus the normal guards.


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