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Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the proletariat

May 26 2006

The world has gone mad: The best rapper - white, best golfer - black, the tallest NBA player - Chinese, French and British accused the Americans of arrogance, the Germans did not want to fight, and Ksenia Sobchak, creates a new youth movement. Favorite sexually preoccupied adolescents presenter told us that would like to see a new movement was independent, "truly public" to be able to oppose it in such movements as " our "and" Young Guard ". Cute girl that wants to help the politically unfortunate youth, ready to put on the revolutionary charity all his fortune. According to Xenia, the financing of the movement at this stage is only at its own expense. "I even laid the two diamonds," - said Mr. Sobchak. Yes, I almost forgot, the movement is called "All are free," which instantly spodvigli LJ users help Ksusha kretivom.

Merzavec proposed to create a movement, "Thank you all" and combine it with a newborn stable organization name Ksyusha Sobchak "All are free." "... And convert them to block" The war is over "and merge until the pile with the society" Memory "- continues the creative alex_rex . ... and thus make a media circus for two weeks, similar to how infinitely "combined "Yabloko and SPS," - contributes to plutovstvo007 . And if you put these two names be "Thank you all. All are free "- sums up merzavec. But the true secret of motion could reveal only artiom_zheltov : "I got it! this promotion of a new television show "Party!" Round the clock the young leaders will conduct neprervynuyu opaque brbu for power with each other under the TV cameras. "

President's message - in ZhZhizn

While in the camp of politicians are discussing the President's proposals to raise the birth rate, the most important person for Internet policy Natalia Shavshukova reports that her cat Bun exceeded the plan the president to increase the birthrate, in connection with which the editor offers supereksklyuziv sites and - red and black kitten sister. Red kittens Natalia Council called Chubais.

Will be used against you!

Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky admires the work of intelligence agencies. "Every evening after work, I try to read LJ. Still, Learn - a remarkable invention of special services - to use a natural attraction to human communication and finding kindred souls. Just remember Hleb Ye Zheglov:" The operative, who can not get into the soul of a witness, a gift receives a meal ticket! "- he wrote in his blog network, although did not specify which intelligence agencies of countries involved in the creation of a" LiveJournal "

Fashion and Ideology

"Thinking processes at American liberals are arranged in some other way than homo sapiens" - skazanul Rezoner , initiating the discussion on trends in global liberalism. "Not a thing liberals, and stagnation of thought, - the CEMA .- If now fashionable among intellectuals were "right" and not "left" ideas, then those same people would have mowed down the right, not left. "The term" pravizny "is very blurred, so to speak, situationally, many believe "right" (and they themselves so called) only by their rejection of something - such as immigrants, or atheism, or religion, etc. Do you think that "fashion pravizna" is actually often involves some element of socialism, government regulation? But liberalism (in the sense of opposition to socialism), "fashionable" is usually just will not happen? ".

"Maybe this is a specific reason, - the BBB . - Liberalism - intelligent, rational, logical, and in this sense unnatural. How unnatural is a fork, not your hands. Like all human unnatural compared to all animals. Of course, liberals "because of the fashion" do happen, but this is rare and usually very brief. A person can become a liberal "because of fashion" in a situation of ideological vacuum, when a pure coincidence that the first extensive and not completely dishonest ideology to which it encounters turns out to liberal ideology. He grabs her simply as a negation of something wretchedly vile things that surrounded him before. But if he has not completed his liberalism, is not thought about it - that soon he will stumble on the other ideological systems, more "natural "and throw liberalism as something that" dogmatic "and" callous. "Serious liberalism - in a sense, even sad and pessimistic, as is characteristic of intellectual honesty. There is no place the notion of the inevitable, automatic progress, guaranteed a bright future of mankind. Of course, without it all seems much more simple and understandable. "

In thinking about the essence of liberalism dwells with you, Elena Boyko


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