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Skinheads from the "Motherland"

April 26 2006

Rodina did not accidentally called the party of young politicians. The average age of party members - 30-35 years, and in leading roles in the party a lot of young talent. "Young kids, ready to wipe out the party's old guard. The only problem is that the "old guard" is extremely concerned about this fact. In the end, the conflict between the "fathers" and "children" was politically motivated.

In the automotive Togliatti in "Homeland" has always been a problem. The situation changed with the arrival of a party of young Sergei Lektorovicha. Ambition of the novice politician beat a fountain, but, characteristically, were reinforced by quite specific matters. As a student of the Russian Academy of State Service under President of Russian Federation, Sergei parallel is drawn into the political life of the region. Became chairman of the regional branch of the National Sovereign Party of Russia, produces the local ethno-nationalist newspaper "Russian question", and soon organized their own public national-patriotic movement - National Alliance . And if the 2004 elections to the Moscow City Duma, he gained only 41 votes, then a year later becomes a participant and organizer of the most visible and numerous urban protests. And though from time to time cautious Lektorovich breaks in his speeches to "patsanskuyu idea of protection of Russian and speedy solution to the Caucasus issue," it only adds to his popularity with local pensioners.

In spring 2005 Lektorovich even thinking about creating a political party, but his attention was attracted by the leader of the Motherland "Dmitry Rogozin. The head of the National Alliance understands that "homeland" - is his party. The guy wrote an application for membership in the party, in January 2006 he was elected head of the initiative group on the establishment of the local branch of a political party "Rodina" in the Central district of Togliatti, Samara region, and on 7 March, he became its leader.

But he presides long. While Lektorovich met in Moscow with the leaders and members of the "motherland", the Council of the Samara regional branch quickly eliminates Sergei from the party. His haste in making this decision, the department explains that he became aware of the fact that Sergei Lektorovich, first of all, concealed from them certain facts from his biography, and secondly, grossly violated the Constitution Party. Indeed, the past Lektorovicha light will not name. He was seen among the participants of football fan groups do not always reach an understanding with law enforcement, etc. But it's hard to believe that the man whom in Togliatti knows every dog, were not aware of party bosses. And what would happen if the benefactor is not helpful to journalists threw Sergei Lektorovicha incriminating photos, no scandal, and would not be? However, in the field of rumors, photos did not occur by chance, but the governor of the Samara region is strongly demanded from the head of the Samara branch of the Rodina party to resolve the issue with the exception of the leader Togliatti office. In addition, the option is not excluded that the local's leaders saw a young politician dangerous rival backed by the federal leadership, and, after having been dismissed from his post, Dmitry Rogozin, have tried to get rid of the uncomfortable bedfellow.

Situation with the scandal at the Samara branch of the party "Rodina" commented one of the ideologists of the Party, Doctor of Political Science, member of presidium of the party "Rodina" Andrei Saveliev.

How could it happen: a person expelled from the party 10 days after his appointment as head of the office?

- This behavior is wrong, so I think our federal leadership would intervene and restore order here. If you want to submit the head of our regional offices with the governor, as a way to manage our organization, you are seriously mistaken. Indeed, there were tensions between regional organizations and in Togliatti, because they consist of groups that each had hitherto contacts. Lektorovich came to Moscow, I met him, talked in detail, and then he talked in detail with the head of our regional offices. Suppose that between the personal contact is not established, or until established, but it is our associates and we are no one is going to give up.

We are caught in a situation where the pressure across the country was organized with the participation of not only administrative but also law enforcement: prosecutors, police, etc. In addition, the Kremlin-organized anti-fascist hysteria too seriously shaken the organization, as it naturally turned out to people who did not count on it, counting on the more lenient attitude. Lektorovich as a man active, his words would not climb, and often spoke quite sharply. For this reason, a conflict arose.

- We found it interesting politician ... you have feelings?

- I do the same. I think the level that it has today, too, is serious. Now the law has changed dramatically and so many powers of representative bodies at the federal level was transferred to the regional. Not necessarily sit in Parliament, especially in the position of the opposition, when given an indication of any one initiative to the opposition not to miss. I think that regional and local level is not less dear, no less worthy for the application forces a young politician.

- How do you comment on the allegations Lektorovichu in its relationship with skinheads? After all, the newspapers published the relevant pictures ...

- This information must be disposed of in the trash, and work specifically with the man. There is no movement of skinheads in the Russian Federation! There are some hooligan group, mostly related to football fans, but no political skinhead movement does not exist - and I say this with a qualified doctor of political sciences, and the information that I have from different groups, including, or marginalized.

And I do not understand how the photograph can determine the political views of man. Short cropped - is now skinhead? If it's just picture a man in front of other people, it means nothing absolutely, if it does not discriminate against the moment, which is obvious without comment. In this case, as I understand it, the comments were simply invented.

Oleg Artyukov

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