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Grants for the dictatorship of the unions

March 26 2009

During the crisis, took heart from idleness mayavshiesya leftist opposition movements. Their leaders argue that the Russian government can not cope with the consequences of the global financial crisis, but because it shifts the focus to "the working people, old people and young people." Rights defenders working people a voice in the sabotage organized rallies on the occasion, and gladly publish on the Internet under the control of resources from the horror of life oppressed working class. True to recent opposition are irrelevant.

For several years in Russia There's a so-called Institute for Collective Action, headed by a citizen of France Karine Clement. As follows from the manifest ICD, it includes "the activists of various social organizations - the Left, labor, environmental, and youth." Including, apparently, and acting in Astrakhan Union of Workers Trade Unions of Russia "Protection", which, according to the official information "does not hide its political orientation," speaking "against capitalist exploitation and bureaucratic." Founder of "protection" is a Duma deputy from the "Just Russia" Oleg Shein. He is unmarried with Karine Clement.

Combines these two structures are one: and ICDs, and "Protection" is a family business. A sort of Russian-French joint venture on the fair weaning money from Western grants.

Astrakhan journalists for a long time wondering: why do create a "protection"? On the one hand, he has virtually no membership base, being a dwarf in scale. On the other - it is not funding and employers, as no real threat to them it is not.

Also on the topic: "Deputies" Just Russia was accused of political extremism "

As follows from the statutes, registered with the Ministry of Justice, in order to "protect" and "ICD" is to support the labor movement, coordination of social, trade union and political organizations to help citizens affected by violations of the labor, civil, political and other rights of the individual.
So the "protection" is not so much a union as an organization for the general support of the trade union movement and the protection of labor rights of its citizens, regardless of whether they consist in a union or not. Under this pretext of "protection" was able to attract funds from outside, including from abroad, where Karine Clement enjoys popularity and influence, wrote Astrakhan "the Tribunal".

The publication notes that speaking with oral Initiative on the left and the labor movement, Oleg Shein for the full year are not introduced any of the State Duma a draft law aimed at protecting labor rights, explaining that the "United Russia", they say, anyway do not miss anything. On the other hand, the media created the image of a fighter who needs urgent help.

And help came. In late October 2008 he received a large grant from the Soros Foundation (USA), Foundation for Democracy "(Russia, funded by the U.S. Department of State) Foundation. Boll (Germany), Foundation for Civil Liberties (USA, founder of Boris Berezovsky), etc. Total anti-crisis draft Oleg Shein agreed to support 11 international and two domestic funds.The total project funding $ 64 million dollars that should go to support companies operating in the cell independent trade union organizations, funding and coordination of actions of protest organizations, assistance to political prisoners, the provision of financial assistance to pensioners and low-income students, the unemployed and migrant workers. According to the text of the grant agreement, any citizen who lost his job in the period from January 1, 2008, or seeking it, as well as not working in the specialty, etc. may qualify for financial assistance from the Crisis Fund Social Solidarity.

But here's what strange. To this day in Astrakhan has not been publicly announced the launch of the Fund, although the reports provided by donors, fund started on 1 January. The office of the deputy Shein told "the Tribunal" also failed to clarify exactly when the Fund will provide assistance to Astrakhan in overcoming the crisis, restricting ourselves to stating that at the moment we are working with documents. The publication explains the strange delay that Oleg Shein, anticipating the devaluation of the ruble, keep your money in the Fund's accounts in foreign banks. That is only to exchange the difference between capital stock increased during this period by 700 million rubles. In addition, according to the "Tribunal", now goes unspoken sign up to receive material aid goes to the members of the Fair Russia party, activists and sympathizers of friendly NGOs.

By the way, Oleg Shein always says that every day helps the poor and disadvantaged. Thus, in his own words, only the first half of March, he gave asylum 32,000 rubles from his parliamentary salary . Another 60,000 are allocated to member of the Institute of Collective Action ". According to Oleg Shein, a total budget of ICD. On the other hand, having behind him the support of Western foundations, MP can really afford to do charity work fine.

As practice shows, such activities may say so politicized trade unions is maximal, and rarely has to address the interaction of worker and employer. The only measure of workers 'struggle for their rights are now considered profbossy' strike, blocking roads and office buildings, business takeovers, tent cities and mass rallies and protest marches. " And if the reports on the activities carried out such actions is quite suitable, then succumbed to the blandishments of the modern "priests Gaponov" workers receive only a donut hole. Or, at most, tyschonku or two rubles from the suffering of the workers' cause deputy.

Arseniy Stepanov

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