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Revenge of the oligarch: Yavlinsky sent a "black mark"

March 26 2007

Article Ilya Barabanov, "transaction price" , published in the March issue of the journal "The new times" and caused a wave of criticism from officials of the liberal Yabloko party, was ordered by exiled Russian oligarch Leonid Nevzlin, opinions and now in Israel. Such a conclusion was reached by site ", try to understand the scandalous situation.

Read Ilya Barabanov is not necessarily completely, especially since many abstracts, author used material, were announced during the active informational pressure on the "Apple". Enough to read the article adorning the visual side, reminiscent of the scandalous video "Do not vote for Apple! It's rotten!", As well as the final conclusion, more typical of the pro-Kremlin media focus than the liberal media. "Meanwhile, in the" Apple "recognize: the party had almost completely transformed into a party-spoiler, capable of choosing to vote, except that in others (as happened in the elections to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg in March), not having any prospects of their own" - writes Ilya Barabanov.

The press service of Yabloko could not turn to this publication. "19 March, I phoned the department policy of the journal" The new times ", to offer an alternative publication of material about today's" APPLE "to set out the missing material facts - and the public informed. About. Spokesperson Yabloko Andrew Kosmynin. - First to answer Ilya Barabanov, who said that "the magazine - not a place for discussion." Evgenia Albats in response to a proposal to put an alternative material is said that the magazine should not become a platform for internal discussions, but also threatened that in case of repeated calls from such proposals She refuses to communicate with someone from the "Yabloko". The conversation was interrupted on the initiative of Eugene Markovna who threw a pipe. "

Later, Eugene Albats in his blog "Living magazine has again stressed his position regarding the negotiations with the "apple": "Only about a favorite, and nothing more - ashamed to read. As your press secretaries, I am press secretaries generally do not talk. "

In general, democracy and liberalism in one bottle. "And, mind you, after that Albats more than once or twice accusing the regime of former KGB" in the "strangulation" of freedom of speech. But before I trust her attack, it should be remembered - that the so-called "independent and objective" Journal of NT "is not the place for discussion. "It remains to add that this is trouble, trouble when watching such a monstrous manifestation of liberalism on the part of" fighters for democracy. "They could all, while others - no, no. It's so obvious," - wrote

But hope for so habitual temporary insanity Mrs. Albats would be too naive. Eugene Markovna not one of those journalists that constantly commit unjustifiable actions. "An amazing coincidence: shortly before the article in" The new times "to" Apple "in general, and Grigory Yavlinsky, in particular, offended Nevzlin. And after anger fugitive oligarch, on the pages of" independent "publication occurs apple" obituary. "As he said to Comrade Bender: "learn, learn brother Kolya ..." - wrote

In Nevzlin with Yabloko relations went wrong a long time.First, the leader of the youth Yabloko movement, and "Defense" Ilya Yashin, "threw" a fugitive oligarch, pretending to know knows no Nevzlin. "We," defencists, with all his directness of youth declare: we send all the oligarchs and ex-oligarchs - from Sechin to Nevzlin - to hell. " What political consultant Marina Litvinovich sensibly remarked: "You know, Ilya. YUKOS (in this case, Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin) for a long time fed" Apple. "That is Yavlinsky, apparatus, regions, all the activities. Including you and your friends. It is not good , Ilya, kick those who are fed, the more that you need it just for PR. "And then continued" theme Yashin in his Internet blog: "Elijah, all covered with shit around you when you give up your".

And not so long ago myself Grigory Yavlinsky disown Nevzlin. On the question of the correspondent relations with Leonid Nevzlin, the leader of Yabloko, a blue eye, said: "I am familiar with Nevzlin, but our relationship was only with Khodorkovsky - he supported us and a half years."

"I read an interview Yavlinsky. Good interview. Sensible, principled. And catch something than nothing. Except for the fact lies - commented Nevzlin interview Yavlinsky, in their network blog . - The fact that the decision was taken jointly supported Yavlinsky Khodorkovsky and me. Moreover, efforts are distributed so that it was I was responsible for interaction with Yabloko. Ie Yavlinsky had to communicate with me, and MBH. This can be attested by many. For example, Sasha Osivtsi. I know: it is now much more profitable to justify based on the name of MBH and otkreschivayas of relations with me. But the truth of understanding this benefit does not change. It is not clear how serious politician could count on the trust of their voters, not shrinking with the frank lie? "- writes L. Nevzlin . And, addressing himself to the very Yavlinsky, said: "Grisha, if anything, can occur in any non-Russian court. To find out the truth."

For obvious reasons, Grigory Yavlinsky was not going to find out any relationship with Nevzlin. Especially in court. And therefore, Leonid B. could well have contributed to the emergence of the journal aforesaid material. Although not Nevzlin in Russia there are forces who want to somehow influence the proud leader of Yabloko, who does not wish to enter into any coalition.

A few days ago, "Apple" a heap of scandal with Kasyanov . This time the subject of attacks by Yashin and Co. were young Yabloko, who participated in the Progressive Youth Forum, organized by the People's Democratic Union, Mikhail Kasyanov. "Youth Yabloko considers this event as one of the stages of the election campaign of Mikhail Kasyanov's presidential elections in Russia and did not want to take part in it, - said in a statement the three co-chairmen of the youth organization . - Participation of Yabloko in the event we consider as a provocation and causing political damage to the liberal Yabloko party. At the next Federal Council, "Youth Yabloko will be considered to remain in the organization of Yabloko, who took part in the so-called Progressive Youth Forum," the statement said.

ohozhe the duo Yashin, Yavlinsky pretty annoying is not only the opponents of "apple" Democrats, but their potential and apparent allies. After their statements they reduce the activity of the opposition to the clarification of relations with each other. And it is hardly offended by the journalists "The new times", tried to get rid of the disease by surgery.

Dmitry Nosov


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