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Political smuggling: the ex-leader of the Motherland "disguised under the carcass parrot

December 25 2006

Driven to the margins of public life, Russian politicians resemble a parrot from a well-known anecdote, ready to leave the country even in the form of stuffed animals. In an attempt to prove his political viability, the former leader of the party "Rodina" Dmitry Rogozin, far removed from the feathered fauna. About what the story will end with the revival of the "Congress of Russian Communities, where Dmitri Rogozin became chairman, and that generally moves man calling himself as a Russian patriot, the vice-president of the Unity of the Nation, coordinator of the Movement" People's Cathedral "Vladimir Khomyakov .

- I can say authoritatively that Rogozin is trying to restore itself any way in politics. Actually, as you know, the separation of "Russian March" in two parts - the Orthodox and nationalist - is totally incorrect interpretation. It was a division into two completely different concepts of nationalism: the imperial nationalism of community spirit and belonging to the Russian civilization, on which Russia built up and was the last 500 years. This perception of their people who for the Russian spirit, a Russian historical fate, as belonging to the Russian civilization.

The second option - it is an ethnic nationalism, where the principle - his blood. This direction professed people who tried to become ideologues DPNI. DPNI itself - is a body without a head, it is people-level non-commissioned mind, who think only the current problems and not create some kind of strategy does not set themselves goals.

"Russian March" - it was an attempt to put on his head DPNI. Motion Potkina unwound its popularity on the events in Kondapoge on time in the right time in the right place. "Russian march" was originally built so that DPNI tried to ride openly Nazi pagan circles like gentlemen Sevastyanov, Krylov, and with them. Their effect was neutralized at the committee level, but afterwards there including Mr Rogozin, who has rightly judged that to return to the policies he wants to something lean. Need mass. In the "Motherland" is supported by the minority, to create a powerful political movement or party, on this basis would have been useless, so he made a bet on the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, as the infantry. Since the Movement Against Illegal Immigration has its own ideology, Mr. Potkin perceives movement as an excuse to sell it to anyone, so enter yourself in someone's political team. Rogozin has provided the opportunity, which is why at the final stage of the "Russian March" The organizing committee was abolished and its functions were transferred to a certain public committee, which actually led Dmitry Rogozin.

Immediately mark and the guys from the "National Strategy Institute, Mr. Belkovsky and Gorbachev Foundation - Mr. Nightingale is a - which quite frankly urged not to confront turmoil in Russia, and spin it in our country that on a wave of unrest to come to power. It was officially announced at the conference in a hotel Danilovskaya.

Because we were convinced that this path will lead to the disintegration of Russia into an alliance of tribes, we agree to this they could not, as people with imperial thinking, perceiving, not only for its ethnic Russian, but Russian in a broader sense. That is why the split occurred.

The situation is different. Mr. Rogozin, who had once buried "Congress of Russian Communities, is trying to restore it as both his personal advancement to power. Y AOC has no new ideas, there is no ideology, but there are some general allegations that the Russian people in the majority and is at a disadvantage.In fact, if we recall what was said at the congress of CGB, we can clearly understand that on the allegations made at the Conference "National Strategy Institute" on the necessity of building a narrowly national ethnic state, and the desire to forget about the great imperial Russia millennium period, nothing more in KRO no.

This man is trying to make the party. We evaluate them as enemies, because it is misguided men. Unfortunately, the misguided people always use, headless Corps is always looking for a chief. Rogozin, and now performs the role of the chief, because Potkin, for all his organizational skills, above sergeant will never rise.

Rogozin also trying to play a very interesting combination, in which visible contact with the "orange". We know that they are quite loyal react to the "Other Russia", which is clearly in opposition power. "People's Cathedral" do not like too much of what is happening in Russia, of what makes the power. But we are well aware that we must engage in course correction power, and not the destruction of statehood. Otherwise it will end up repeating the events of 17 th century, or 1917. Therefore, we oppose any Russian inflation troubles.

But Mr Rogozin is not considered sufficiently high price confusion in order to return to politics. There is an anecdote. We leave the Jew from the Soviet Union and among other things carries a parrot. The officer explained to him that the fauna can cross the border of the USSR only in two forms: carcass or effigy. - Boss - said the parrot. - I agree. The carcass or effigy - still have to throw away!

That's Mr. Rogozin, who is willing to at least a carcass, even chuchelkom, but to return to politics. For this it is ready for anything. I am calm enough for him attitude, but his fraternization with the "orange", with natsbola annoying.

I am confident that the new prospect for KRO. We believe that the fight can only be "yes", "no" to fight can only be because something interferes fight "for". We are fighting for something and then something, "something" prevents this, so we are fighting against this "something". They continue vymeryayut purity of blood in one form or another. And although, for example, are trying to disown Demushkin, "black males can not wash white hot". And sooner or later, all these guys are in a heap, that shout "Glory Perun!".


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