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Simulating sex, or why girls do not trust politicians?

December 25 2006

Horrible booze and public debauchery culminated in "Political debate" in the club "Bilingva." In the latter this year's "Battle" agreed Gary Kasparov and nursing home fire. What they argued, few people understood, because most of the audience awaited the start khalyavnykh banquet.

On receipt of the Public Chamber of the grant to conduct their get-togethers, a spokesman for Yabloko's Sergei Kazakov and leader of "Yes!" Maria Gaidar, not postponing the matter under the carpet, immediately began to absorb the funds allocated for the first time in the history uschestvovaniya project Politdebaty announced its inclusion in the program a celebratory banquet. At the same time, in secret, it was reported that the participants waiting for something grand banquet. Sluht true - in the club "Bilingva" Create something that was not even in the "dark room", the infamous club "The Barracks" in the best years of its existence.

Most of all distinguished young man, as two drops of water similar to the youth leader of Yabloko, Ilya Yashin. It came so quickly to the desired condition that he began throwing extremely ambiguous views on Anton Nosik that pretty shocked even the journalist Anastasia Karimov. Sensing confusion, "Yashin" fled from Nosik and began to stick to a certain dyed blonde who told everyone: "Call me Candy, I now drink a couple of butylki and all will sing hit singer pawns" Becoming a crustacean. "Upon hearing this phrase," Yashin " immediately suggested that the most Kendi demonstrate to the public referred to the position that was recorded ushlymi paparazzi.

"What a nightmare!" Where am I? " - Not without humor, but with concern screamed some sort was obviously tipsy girl, and then scolded the young Don Juan, it was improper to engage in imitation of intercourse, more so inept against the background of bookshelves, which are such a storehouse of wisdom and world bestsellers like " Prospects for Russia "Yavlinsky and Fall of the Empire" Yegor Gaidar. But "Yashin, whose manhood has been brought skillful manipulation of the hands of the aforementioned Candy in working condition and could not otblagadarit girl, at the crucial moment rushing away from the dark cavern.

While in the "bilingual" heard thunder tilting bottles, breakable wine glasses, drop and throw books, and neighing and other sounds for one of the tables comfortably settled lady postbalzakovskogo age and a boy, who from afar could be mistaken for the legendary boy Nikita, a few grown since his summer adventure. Upon closer examination audience found that publicly purring with each other (and not for the first time) granddama inadequate air Evgenia Albats and the largest on the entire highway Zagorodnyj expert on polonium-210 and how it can use Journalist Ilya Barabanov. They said they were sometimes so loud that in the vicinity could hear words such as "Cupid," "their liberal dih", "My Darling". However, nothing particularly vicious, with the exception languid sighs and groans and sighs, and drums Albats not have otherwise.

The next day we came into the club "Bilingva" to see the impressions of the personnel of the past on the eve of "political debate". One of the waitresses, who presented the Victoria told us: "We are all shocked!" We used to have those discussions were very kulturnenko. The people mostly drank beer, well ryumashechku brandy or whiskey a little bit. And now, many ordered Buchloe that even We were amazed. Nazyuzyukalis all much in the toilet someone broke the tank and door locks. I really do not know what happened there ... books dropped and kicked on him in a drunken stupor, looked like. And on the three volumes of speeches and articles by Boris Abramovich someone call three letters written many times felt-tip pen. You understand that this word is not "ATP." And the kid or something, to imp possessed seems to be trying with some black ... or rather ... do not even know how to say ... fuck right on background booksShameless is! Disgraceful! Who are we to say, why give money to these Sabbaths? ".

This issue we are addressing the Public Chamber, which is time to seriously check why the grant money it spent on the obscene revelry questionable in all respects actors.

Recall that the "Foundation for Youth Programs, which is headed by the leader of the youth movement," YES! " (This movement is the direct organizer of the "political debate"), Maria Gaidar took part in a competition among nonprofit organizations involved in the development of civil society in Russia, initiated by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that the political project of Maria Gaidar is the opposition the current government, the state allocated the daughter of the famous economist and reformer 95 000 910 rubles. However, not only Maria Gaidar, has received a grant for the activity. So, a million rubles was known for his intransigence to the Kremlin Committee For Civil Rights ", chaired by human rights activist Andrei Babushkin.

Movement "YES!" promises to use the funds for "training in Moscow and regional civil society activists, to support the social and human rights (the rights of students, conscripts) projects to support the project" Political debate "to ensure the ongoing activities of the movement, - the press release of the motion. As we can see The first training of young civil society activists held more than successful.

Arina Semenova

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